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California Cold Cases

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California Murders

California murders are much more common than most other states in the United States. This is seemingly due to its extremely high population and densely populated cities. If you’re interested in learning more about the statistics and data surrounding the number of murders in California by year, there are multiple law enforcement agencies that offer reports and statistics on their websites as well as within their archives. Additionally, the Federal Bureau of Investigation releases a Uniform Crime Report every year which shows, in detail, the crimes, crime rates, and locations of crimes in every state, county, and city, and is organized by law enforcement agency.

According to Project: Cold Case, there are almost 41,000 California cold cases dating from 1980 to 2019. The number of currently unsolved California murders is absolutely shocking. Looking further into this, according to the same report, from 1965 to 2019 there were roughly 128,787 murders in California alone. Over the years, roughly 79,967 of those murders were solved, leaving more than 48,000 unsolved murders in California. Some of the unsolved murders in northern California include the 2018 murder of Angela McConnell, the 2011 murder of Vanthoeun Som, the 2002 double murder of brothers Anthony and Albert Dawson, and the 2001 murder of Andrew Witherow,as well as the 2018 disappearance of Khadijah Britton. Some unsolved central California murders includes the 2009 murder of Jerry Lee Greer, the 1997 murder of Georgia Lee Moses, the 2013 murder of Pauly Reyes Silva, and the 2009 suspicious death of Mitrice Richardson, among many others.

Some unsolved murders in Sacramento, California, and unsolved murders in Sacramento County, California, include the 2012 murder of Jessica Funk Haslam, the 1979 murder of Kathy Harlan, the 1970 murder of Nancy Bennallack, the 1970 murder of Judith Hakari, the 2011 murder of Joga Kahlon, and the 2012 murder of Juan Rangel-Villanueva, among many others.

Unsolved California Murders

According to Project: Cold Case, there are roughly 41,000 California cold cases dating from 1980 to 2019. The number of unsolved California murders is absolutely shocking. Some of the many northern California unsolved murders and unsolved murders Sacramento, California, include the 2018 murder of Angela McConnell, the 2011 murder of Vanthoeun Som, the 2002 double murder of brothers Anthony and Albert Dawson, and the 2018 disappearance of Khadijah Britton, among many others. Other California unsolved murders included in the long list of cold cases are the many east California unsolved murders. These include the 1981 murder of Jenny Claire Campbell, the 1976 murder of Lee Hassler, the 1981 murder of Debney Lynn Lobanoff, the 1974 murder of Nancy Easton, and the 1992 murder of Brandon Widener, among many more, which remain unsolved to this day.

Although it seems there are more unsolved murders in California than we can count, some of the biggest unsolved murders in California are often the most talked about and reported on, even if they have remained cold and unsolved for decades. Some of these famous unsolved murders California include the 1981 murder of actress Natalie Wood, the 1947 murder of Elizabeth Short (also known as “The Black Dahlia”), and the many potential victims of serial killers who called California home, some of which have been caught, and others, such as the “Zodiac Killer,” who are yet to be identified.

Joseph Smedley
Joseph SmedleySuspicious Death, 2015
Asha Degree
Asha DegreeMissing, 2000

Consider this

More than 200,000 unsolved cases have gone cold since 1980, and murder clearance rates continue to drop. With equity for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other underserved victims not prioritized in the true crime community—together we can do better.

Famous California Murders

Even though it seems that there are more unsolved murders in California than we can count, some of the most famous California murders are usually the most reported on and talked about all across the country, even if they have remained cold and unsolved for decades. Some of these famous murders in California include the 1981 murder of actress Natalie Wood, the 1947 murder of Elizabeth Short (also known as “The Black Dahlia”), and the many potential victims of serial killers who called California home, some of which have been caught, and others, such as the “Zodiac Killer,” who are yet to be identified. Although it does not seem like there is one complete and accurate list of murders in California or any single list of California murders that includes all murders in California, the cases listed above, as well as a few other mysterious cases, such as the 2009 suspicious death of Mitrice Richardson, are almost always included in these lists of infamous California murders as well as lists that focus on some of the biggest, or most famous, true crime cases around the globe.

Homicide Rate in California

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Report that was published in 2019, the violent crime rate in California was 867.1 per 100,000 residents. Violent crime is defined by the FBI as murder, nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. The same Uniform Crime Report further explains that the homicide rate in California is 4.3 per 100,000 residents. This California murders rate means that roughly 4 to 5 individuals per 100,000 residents of the state of California were murdered in 2019. Although we don’t have a direct answer to how many murders in California 2021, we do know based on a Uniform Crime Report published by the state of California that there were 1,679 murders in 2019.

So, why is California’s crime rate so high? One potential answer to this question could be dependent on the sheer size and population of California. California’s total population is over 39.5 million as of 2019, making it the most populated state in the United States of America. Sacramento is the sixth largest city in California, with a population of over 500,000 residents. The violent crime rate in Sacramento, California, as of 2018, was 656.56 per 100,000 residents, meaning that almost 657 individuals per 100,000 were directly affected by violent crime in Sacramento in 2018 alone. So, to answer how many murders in Sacramento, California, 2021, the city has released a similar Uniform Crime Report for year to date, showing that there were 12 murders from January through March of 2021, their latest update as to how many homicides in Sacramento, California, 2021.

Sacramento County Murders

Sacramento County has a population of over 1.55 million residents, which is over twice the population of the entire state of Wyoming. Knowing this and taking a quick look at the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office’s cold case investigations website, it is clear that the number of Sacramento County murders reflects its size. In 2019, there were 36 murders in Sacramento County, and law enforcement was able to solve 32 of them by the end of the year, making their homicide clearance rate 88.9%.

In some murder cases, detectives are able to collect enough Sacramento County murders evidence to charge someone with the crime and bring them to a Sacramento County murders trial. Evidence that is often included in Sacramento County homicide trials is completely dependent on the crime itself. For example, evidence can range from blood, saliva, semen, skin cells, or other DNA evidence, to cell phone pings, to gunpowder residue, and most often includes Sacramento County murders crime scene photos, to show the jury the environment surrounding the crime as well as show the potential ferocity of the crime.

Sacramento, California Murders

Due to its large size and population, in Sacramento, California, murders are seemingly more common than in many other cities in California. Many of the recent and decades-old murders in Sacramento, California, have not been solved, or remain cold, and law enforcement continues to investigate their homicides, even if tips have slowed, and new information is no longer being found. As expected, until these murders are solved, Sacramento murders discussion will continue on social media platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, and Websleuths, where individuals speculate and share information regarding Sacramento murders pictures, Sacramento murders crime scene photos, and Sacramento, California, murders autopsy photos, which are most often not released even after a case is solved.

In recent years, DNA technology has led to hundreds, if not thousands, of decades-old cold cases being solved, and California is definitely not the exception. Some cases where Sacramento murders DNA was used to solve or bring new information to light in recent years include the 1980 murder of Robin Brooks and the 1981 murder of Mary London, among many others in the rest of California, where investigators spend all of the time and resources that are available to them in order to attempt to solve the many cold cases in California.

California Serial Killers

California is commonly known for its beaches, wine-growing regions, TV/film industry, and being the state with the highest number of serial killers. Although the reason why is unknown, California serial killers are often considered to be the most notorious. Some of the most famous California serial killers can be found on any Top 10 or other form of serial killer list, including a list of serial killers in California and California serial killer list.

These famous serial killers who are known for terrorizing residents of California include Joseph James DeAngelo, who is also known as the “Golden State Killer;” Lonnie Franklin Jr., who is also known as the “Grim Sleeper;” Charles Manson and the Manson family; Richard Ramirez, also known as “The Night Stalker;” William Bonin, also known as “The Freeway Killer;” and Randy Steven Kraft, also known as “The Scorecard Killer.” Other California killers who are considered to be serial killers who have not yet been identified are “The Doodler” and the “Zodiac Killer.”

Crimes in California

If you’re interested in learning about the statistics surrounding crimes in California, multiple law enforcement agencies release annual reports, which can be found on their websites, that show the crimes in that area. Also, the Federal Bureau of Investigation releases a Uniform Crime Report every year which shows, in detail, the crimes, crime rates, and locations of crimes in every state, county, and city, including a report for crime in California.

Tragically, it seems there will never be an end to the number of California homicide and true crime stories in California, despite law enforcement’s best efforts. One reason why this may be the case is the staggering number of unsolved murders in California being added on to recent and future murders. According to Project: Cold Case, from 1965 to 2019 there were around 128,787 murders in California alone. Over the years, roughly 79,967 of those murders were solved or saw a conclusion, leaving more than 48,000 unsolved murders in California alone. Despite this, the many different law enforcement and investigating agencies in California will never stop trying to solve all of California’s true crimes, no matter how long it takes.

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Sanchez-RojasMartin SandovalLarry SchaferJoseph SchedlerWilliam SchmittJohn ScialabbaVincent SclafaniIlene ScottEdgar ScowDolores SeguraSavang SengalouneWennie SenicaShinho SeoEric SermonJesus SerranoMaria SerranoMarvin ShahanAshour ShamoonRobert ShawPeter ShawChristy ShoreDoloris SiddallAbraham SiliezerDawn SinclairGuranditta SinghBimlesh SinghGary SizemoreMonte SkalskyAaron SloanHarold SmithJudy SmithMark SmithDarren SmithJordan SmithKacie SmithChristopher SmithJohn Smith JrDaniel SpangleDanyel SparpanaKeith SparrowKamelia SpencerSandy SpencerJohn SpinaWilliam SpinradLisa SpragueRandy SpringDwight StallingsRyo StanistreetCharles StanleyGary StillmanJurgen StockburgerTerence StonePaul StooksberryPaul StormRichard StrehlePatrick StruttonJoseph StuartFannie StuartJessie StuartPaul StuartPatrick SturbaumRobert SturgillQizhao SuBrandi SummersAdagio TaliferoPascual Tambriz IxtosAndrew TanPhillip TateAnthony ThayerMichael ThomasRobert ThomasGregory ThompsonRussell ThompsonTimmy ThompsonWilburn ThompsonJessica ThompsonNorman ThurberArnold TittelKayoko TomoikariKaren TompkinsGesus TorresChristian TorresAshley TorresLarry TrevathanNguyen TrinhJuan TristanThomas TrotterJohn TroyerJahi TurnerJa'Men TurnerSteven TurulaLorenzo UribeJavier UribeLani UribesCarlos UrruelaMaria ValdovinosByron ValdryAngelica ValenzuelaJaime VasquezWallace VaughanChad VeldhausJennifer VelebitAlicia VersluisNicholas VigilElissa VillaAtenojenes VillaMaxine VillaIsmael VillalpandoTomas Villalva CastilloLourdes VillanuevaAbraham VolkerRandal VossJames WalkerMary WalkerJohn WaltersLorie Walters-PopeAnna WatersDaphne WebbGeorg WeberSetina WeddlesRen WeddlesManfred WeggelCory WeissWilliam WellsBetty WhitakerCharlene WhiteLydia WhiteHana WildeLaurin WilliamsElizabeth WilliamsAshley WilliamsWayne WilliamsSusan WilliamsLarry WilliamsRasheeyda WilsonJames WilsonRussell WilsonEdward WinansTiffany WiseDennis WoodsAnthony WrightPatrick WrightJennie WyckoffRobert YandellRene YanezPaul YotterJason YoungSteven YoungmanMirko YugLisa ZahariasChristopher ZahariasSusan ZahariasKristina ZaitsevaAdalberto ZamoraCithlali ZamoraMartin ZapaidoValerie ZapataWarren ZappelliPhilip ZarbaJorge ZavalaMarjorie ZeilengaRachel ZiselmanAmir AbdouMohammed AbdullaGhanem AbdullaTeresa AbejaMauricio AceroLucia AdamsMark AddisonBrittany AdkinsJazibi AgapitoEsmeralda AguilarFrederick AlbertEvelin Alcantara LegorretaMaximo AlegreDiana AlejandreKhrystyna CarrenoJonathan DanielsOracio De SantiagoScott DitchfieldRyan DownesSean HawkinsAidan HodgeClifford JohnsonHeide MansourMuhammad MelchizedekMatthew PattonRonald PorterSilvia SanabriaRobert SnakardGabriela VidalOrrin WestOrson WestAlicia GriffinRonald SalleeThora ChamberlainMichael WallaceEdith BonhamWilliam CordesMary HelmJose AnguloVirgil BonhamKarina GarciaMarta MichelKristal StevensonJoshua CoeEric GammelgardStuart GarbowitzMichaelene MahaffeyErna MartinKimberly StewartSharon DanielMaria SanchezVictor Sanchez-JimenezHector AlvarezKaya Marie CentenoMark ThorntonFrank BrunelKamron MorrisAntonio Solano BarriosLong ZhaoVincent KovashRichard LintonJohn TullChristine GreggAngelica UballeMichael FraunzJohn ConstantineChristopher LangilleShani EstesDesiree BoulangerSherry RoachCynthia RobisonDaniel ShrockMarilyn BergeronHarry ChinenBonny CrossanStanley HendersonEmily RichardsRodolfo MorfinNancy BjorkLaura CerdaDerrick JonesGregory OrrNazario VailScott CampbellDorcas DavisJames HollowayPhillip MunozDaniel SouthersSteven WilsonDorothy BoltonLoral "Eddie" RyanCassanova BurnettGabriela EscobarJuan ParedesAmada AbundezDavid BrownSanford DelanoLeonard DuguayMichael FranzAngelo GattiMichael GoveTigist HailuLinda LebeauSandra LoweDuane MasherGarrett MedinaNahid NassabiTroy NelmsCarol RileyRoberto SylvaMiljko TodorovicAlfonso TorresWade BorthwickKenneth HughesAmber WeaverSandra GuerreroBeth SnyderJohnny BurgieJose GonzalezJeffrey ImmelKatherine TruittJoseph WalterBilly LauMatthew GreenePaul MichelAnthony HornerChelsey IsraelMatthew KraftLuis MexicanozDakota DuboisRosendo Alba MenaConnie MinchacaElizabeth PulidoSasha BishopMichael DelliplaineCraig ReeseHelen ChenGabriel Fonseca-GarciaPatrica Van BuskirkDiane LimaRhiannon SmithMaria MedinaPatricia GriffinMichał KrówczyńskiGregory MackPaul NoelBlanca RomeroDavid RuizJarrett ChodorowGeorge JuarezRobert TharpRobert CanonJesus RamirezSantiago Alcala RamirezOmer AllenBrenda Allen-SzaboCarrie AndersonWesley BillingslyHilarion CalderonJoseph Canul Jr.Rolando CebrerosDaniel ChoRonald CoulombeBenjamin CurrinDavid DanielLe DinhAntonia GarciaAbraham GutierrezKerry HanrahanBernardo Hernandez LopezJoseph HorrevoetsJeremy HowardLucas KasprowiczTroy LeRosa LisowskiThomas Mc LaughlinSamuel MillerRobert MillerLow NamBill NeyeneschAdolfo Ortega-HussongJose Ortigoza MartinezLance PerkinsDavid ProvostDebra PuenteFrancisco QuinonesGerald RabournLeeRoy RazoJavier ReynosoJohn SaderEfren SandovalRussell Scotton Jr.Phouvuiay ThetsombandithDat TranArturo VasquezValerie VelasquezCloudia WellsLarry WoodKassandra ZaragozaDouglas DavisJames HornYvonne MartinezDenise VasseurVernon ErnoMichael CausleyKelli AbadMaria Hernandez RojasCarl MoodyElsa WindMarie AndrusEdward CopelandJose Gonzalez-CortezChristina RamirezJoni DiserensAmir MayorgaCarlos HerrifordErik ArellanoJose EstradaFred ComstockEverindo Perez VasquezCraig MeadowsDanny CruzLuis GarciaLeopoldo Hurtado, Jr.Shelli PrinceDouglas SmithDanny LandmanMelissa McCormickChristian Morales-SandovalDavid MorrisonBrandon WilliamsJohn OgleJoni DiserensElisa MicallefElisa RileyEric RobicheauEdrel PierceBetty LobushJudy SmithsonBenjamin BurgessAnthony FoxMaurice LozeHarold MartinMaria PlaczMichael StephensonDavid WatkinsJustin WoodruffTracee CarterMary WatkinsChe MorinLouis SandovalLance LuiDavid DuenasJaime DazaNathan FlorenceDonna SholbergCarol SpargoRoosevelt SpikesTerry YingstRemigio HernandezMarcos VelezRobin GrahamAlicia StokesGeorge CarpenterRafael Chavez GonzalezGreer CourseyJanet DeFeliceJorjanna MurrayNestor Osuna VegaGail CooksonDebra PscholkaSocorro RodriguesPaul CosnerJoshua CotaSteve SkyJonne BoeVelva JacklinGuadalupe MoraCarlene TerryBruce BannermanAna HernandezRyohei KikusuiDennis ScottBruce BoughtonRyan DellingerTeresa McKinleyJose GarciaWilliam ElgenCarl KnightAllen MartinBreck PhelpsTammy RippePatricia TolhurstManuel OliverasSandra DudleySheerah EricksonGeneva LongGeorgina Nevarez-HurachaFroelan RosalesScott KahlClaudia ReyesOscar CabadaDonald CavanaughThomas ThurstonGeorge PencaWilliam CierzanLuciana Dominguez-RodriguezAnn DuncanMolly MeyerRichard WestRoberto CamachoMiriam CavalloFaith GonzalezLaura PinonVictor AbregoJorge AcostaCheri ArakulSuzanne ArbellJesse BalerdiWilliam BlancoHerold BockRichard BoldonOscar BonillaWilliam BradfordAnthony BrightKathyren BurgessKenneth ByramJeannie ChavezGiovani CocMichele CostantinoJacinto DeJacintoMichael EddyShai GitlisUsbaldo HernandezMirian ManciaFrancisco Velasquez MartinezFreddy MurguiaAnita ParkerJuan PerezLouis PiattDel PruittRoman RodriguezStefan SamorskiRoger SchwermanKevin SmithSam TavakolRosalind VenableComalita Wallace FinneyMichael ChienJoseph LaneSuzanne SkiminaMohammad ShiraziPatrick TanouyeRobert AndreottiJonathon AujayWilliam BleakleyTiffany FelkyCamille AlbinRobert LoveHannah ZaccagliniJohn MorganTanner SharpMatthew WastrodowskiJUANITA CARROLL-STRUNKJonathan JimenezChristopher ProwsAnesi SautaGary PattonJennifer VallandinghamMichelle DuncanPamela SchiltzWilma VermaasCharles JonesOscar MaciasSally SchneiderRachel AguilarJeffry Almaraz-LariosMaximillian AmadorGeorge AwahmukalahBetty BalasDiane BlackJohanna BrightonGary BrownMary CarrollKeith ChauJoshua CohenApolino ContrerasWillie CorbinJusto CortezDenise Coultas-ParkerClair CoxPeter DavisCathern DavisHagop DerohannesianNora DizaKevin DonaldsonBenjamin EricksonBrian FernandezWilliam FieldsKyung FutheyNicolas GarciaDiego GarciaDavid GrahamAna Guevara ValdezFonya HarrisGeorge HernandezAlvin HollowayJustus HoptonDouglas JacquesThomas JamesMary JohnsonRachel JonesJeffrey JosephJuliah KarwithaAi KaungMichael KimRichard KirchmannChristopher KishConnor LangePatricia LaxerDebbie LeeJoe LessleyRobert LinaresAmalia MarquezIgnacio MarquezGabriela MartinezEric MaxwellPablo MedranoMacario Mejia SonSilvia MenendezTasha MillerSergio NoriegaClayton OnosakiElvia OrtizZev PattAlma PerezAmalia PerezEbrahim PouldarLinda PressgroveBenjamin PueblaSalvador QuintanillaJohn RaffertyWilliam RobertsonFrancisco SanchezDonald SchambersChristina SmithAlmeta SyedMichal SzkodzinskiHoward TokarskyMarie WadeJohn WardWilliam WeatherallMatthew WeaverMichael WintersBunmi MacullayDung NguyenVictor Jimenez JuarezSteven KirbyCristina ParodiSue CrawfordLina BorgesMary BostonJamal EssayahMargaret RuckerLucas ArduiniDaniel BlackwellJessie BraddockBryan BrawnerBrian ButlerTimothy CamarilloDavid CurranStratis ElmoreJesus GaonaLuis GarciaJames GloverJose GonzalezEssie HiettDustin HustonDavid KempkerElaine LehtinenWanda LoeWinifred LongRamiro MartinezBrookes MathewLogan MillerLorenzo NeriArmando PonceMatthew RichJason RyanJose Sandoval-RodriguezRosalyn SaxsenmeierDoris ScandalisJoseph TeneLing ZhengCheryl CarterSarah TokierBenny ReubenRene RoofMark AllenKarena HickmanJavier Jimenez HernandezDavid SerealAmador GarciaMaria MonreanMaria PerezValerie LarkinZenobia Collins-WilliamsEric DayMichael DesmetGerrold ManiaciDonald MeinhardtJoan TaylorJoseph Wilma, Jr.Mark BurleighOllie CaderCody ConoboyChristopher GiauqueSumi JuanMarie SpannhakeMary StuartRobert TennisonAnthony BryantLELAND JOHNSONAsha KreimerFrank SingerMarlene GonzalezRoger SheltrownDavid WilliamsJason ErthalCharla GhostJesus RiveraClarence EugenePatricia GentleDoris InzunzaMarjorie LinehanDiana LoewenBao SunDaniel YuenEdwin FloresMaria GravesTesla CarrollAndrew EwingFredrick Gouveia Jr.Cort JonesRichard LinseJoy MercadoYien SaechaoAshley HigginsPatrick ReanoJames CooperTiffany ClarkJerhon ByrdDavid CarteauxMark JohnsonCynthia MaineJose Dominguez AguileraJoshua HosmerMark KilnerTamara RummelManuel FloresJose SanchezJorge MejiaGerardo MedranoBrianne KruseJohn ButlerRicardo MedranoEddie GonzalezCarrie HeathRakesh GopiNileshKumar PanchalEdward SteinertTeresa HammonJohn ThompsonAdam KellnerAndy NguyenJoyce WalcottJames HigginsAnthony SalmeriLisamarie CancholaNhi HuynhAlex MiddleswartJulie SoraccoGraciela MaldonadoAranda BrionesLarry PerezWilliam BuntainMickey GuidrySpencer KarasSandra KerbyMary McCullarMichael ReederMarilyn WaltzWilliam AlleyCraig HillJann LactawenNenita TorresHeather BushCelso MacedoNancy PennerGilbert ChavezJoanne IllerichSusana VelizMendozaStacey ArrasAbraham ApodacaDesiderio CastilloMichael DelaneyGregory GrossMichael LangleyLatisha McCarterCharles ShelleyDawn YoungKarissa SchellFoster CookseySteven BronsonTami SeymourMelody TurnerNichole DillardMinor HernandezTina LaytonMartin BurlesonRhonda YocomMichael McIntyreJonas NelsonJuliana TaesaliElton JosephBrian GordonRandy McBeeRonald YocomPeter NgDavid StandishFidelis OsuchukwuManuel VasquezJeffery BohlTegree BrownHeriberto GarciaRonald HamiltonMel McGregorElaina RiveraMarco De La CruzCaitlin McManusKristina OlsenCindy CakeWalter ReinhardNaziha DuelaMichael SanigaJacqueline CooperGustavo DuenasTenisha SimonLinda WildmanBryce HouptJoaquina AguilarMichael HuntJose MaciasDonald NaderHannah RowellRobert SchaafDaniel GallardoJamie MartinezRobert PolitteKevin MurraySylvia CarlsonDerran RogersSteven ClarkLinne DominelliShirley FrewNicholas GonzalesErika LimonLynn LurayTerri RayburnRichard RideoutAnne RobinsonDiana RojasEvan SniderCharles SudduthLaura MorganAngela JeffKhymbrly ScruggsJuan GuevaraJonathan CurrierKatherine NeitzkeKimberly KahlerHeather BloomJason BriceJason KumpJuan Galeana-MadrigalLuis Velasco RomeroHector GonzalezJohn NunezShaliegh PhillipsDaniel SiordiaBenjamin Lopez JrPatricia SchneiderDavid YoungRichard BirkmayerAndrea HallJacquelyn JanisKimberly EvansDikran KnadjianJesus SalazarJustin RiggsFlorencio MendozaRobert MaloneJanie CoeWilliam HatterJose InacioCharles BillingsEdgar Diaz-EstradaThomas KeeslerMariano Martinez PalominoJason TheisBarry VedderJohn WhiteGregory ArnoldLahta DesilvaVictor ShinWilliam WatsonJack WallerGabriela Jasso-CornejoThomas JonesJuan MendezJames PattersonDaniel RodriguezAndrew StetlerDavid Humpal-LamagnaMonte BoltonElizabeth ByronRonald ColeDebra KidwellPeter LaanVanessa MedinaVictor MendezAaliyah MotonFrancisco PerezDona PerryFrancisco PinedaStanley RoblinKathy SilveriFlora TorralvaCecil TrampotaErika Vasquez AntonioPatricia HertellJeraldine ClemonOscar CoronadoStacey SmartGarret RobertsPatricia ToliverEarl AtkinsonJoseph CaponettiRosa GonzalezGus HoffmanJuan GalindoAlfonso Flores-RoblesCorrine HaglerAshley DodgesJenaa HolmesCindy MellinDavid BoykinCindy FawcettMichael NegreteCharles RadiceDora SilvaJames DennisNeal KingSamara EspinozaEsmeralda MoraCrystal KinneyDon LewisJavier VegaClaire CoffeyIrene KouameVenus RobinsonJose ValenciaAsante McCallaBenjamin ButlerGregory HardingStacey LynchSue CarrilloSonia CassiaRicardo CastilloFidel CastroJose DiazReyna GironSeferino Gomes-ReyesBalvina GonzalezAaron HallPaul HeadSheryl HoneMonica LarsonAngela LawrenceManuel MartinesDaniel McGuinessBaldemar Mendez LopezJesus MendozaBrian MontelMiguel MoralesJimmy MorrisRobert MorrisStefan PruettLaticia RamirezDavid RamirezJosephina RiveraJose RomanFernando SolanoNarcisco SosaEllias TrianaSue VaglesAndres VillaRobert WillisMichaela WomackAlex ZavalaGabriela SanchezMichael VanZandtSteven VoegtliEugene WalderTerry MorrisJason AtteberyLeonard BranzuelaMichael CampbellAnthony Daniels JrGary DinkerDenise DorfmanJosh GreysonMark HallNoriya KanemotoJulia KozickiKristi KrebsMei LauAdam LiMichael MendozaMatthew NaafRichard RyanMartin SanchezMichele Schlick-HarrisDana StoicaMichael TiltonDaniel UrbachOphelia OrtizAnthony CastilloMarvin GrahamJohnny HerreraFernando OrtizLewis WelchAlejandro DiazDaniel Galicia-AguareAshleigh SmithJuan AguilarElijah MooreEnrique RiosLeticia RamosBetty ToepferManuel AlvarezLynette BrewerArmando CanoRonald ChevezGeorge Eberhart, Jr.Sean KuwadaJerzy KwitOscar LopezAugustine MaciasAbril MagdalenoAisha MathewsAllen MathewsFlorence MendezMicaela Miguel-JoseTomas MirandaMubarecat MussaKenneth ObeltonNgamjit OudomugsornEliesa PahuluYvonne RamirezRaymond RodriguezRichard Rolund, Jr.Rafaela RuizJames SellarsNathan TrudeauRichard WilliamsJesus ZapataMark DantcheRebecca KyneDonna JouJana GauldingJoshua BarbosaEugene LuiQuesta BurnsKenneth HaleyCarol LubahnJames MulleyTiamanja PalazzoBeverly HarringtonJesse BalluffLuis Prado PerezSugey Argueta-LopezJohn Geppert, IIIDonald GregoryAnthony TelloMoises UribeDwight PearsonFallon WiddisBradly AielloScott AlexanderLawrence BallarinFrank BennettRodney BowsmanBruce BurgessBruce CaputoHeidi ChicoCandido ChocquitChristopher CicioVictoria CottonPatricia CrandallNorman CreechJose Crespo VenegasChakara DavisMark FretwellMatthew GaleDavette GauntCorazone GialonSandra GutierrezRuby GuzmanSaeed HedgepethMichelle HochmanRenel JanvierBonfilio JuarezKimberlie KantonenSteven KeyesLarry KieferDennis LuttroppGodofredo MasangyaShelley McClendonTyree Mc cunePatrick McDermottJerry MelinisPaul MerrillHammam MosallamSiji NavarroTerrence O'DonahueAlejandra OrozcoNorman PappasDionisio Perez HernandezJaime PicazoJesus Piña VegaRafael PinuelasRosa RamosBeverly RibleyHector RiveraEstanislao RochMary RossCesar SalasChristine SextonKen TranLinh TranGilbert TrujilloArlene TsujiBobette UlrichMike UngJesus Valenzuela ReyesLuz VelazquezMichael WakeGregory WaskelWilliam WeinischkeAndrew WillisLeopoldo ReyesDaniella HernandezZulema RomeroYesenia ValenciaKevin VargasJason DiesSelena EdonFernando Fernandez RamosVicente GaonaJosephine VargasBryan MccarthyBrian WilsonHeather CameronWilliam McDougleGerald TaliferoCheryl WyantRosemary KunstKimberly GillespieApril NeiderJani ThompsonRobert SoteloJohn CastleAngelina SuLeonidas FloresSteven LatipowSherie GravesJennifer HernandezKristal ShawZhi LiaoJohn DellaToni ClarkGina EllisonDeretha JohnsonJose EspinozaGuillermo FloresSean PhelanOscar LeveringstonMaricel MarcialTamara SaschnewNancy BranchMaria CuttsAniyah FloydKelly KellyJeannette KamaheleJose VazquezJeanette EspeletaPing HuangKazimierz KazmierskiJulian LathamHilaria MarmolejoHarmony WealthTracy ZandstraJoana HernandezJosue Ramirez RamosChristopher BlaisdellChristopher CogginMark MarvinMairen CervantesDominic AldersonJohn DeriJose GavinoWalter KuchannyNorman LumRonald LyeLara LykiardopoulosBach NguyenFairy OlmsteadIsrael PachecoAlfredo AguinaldoJackie HawksCrystal DanleyValerie GlennJanel PetersEileen PragerMichael MillerFrances GrovesDonnis RedmanEver AcostaMarshall CashMichelle ChanJeffrey ComphelNavlin KohliPhillip MontoyaJose ZunigaVerna SmithJohn MontoyaJacqueline GasperianJorge Zaldivar SerranoNancy MeseraullStacey PoolRosemary GonzalezDoreen HashimotoJohnson NguyenMolly FranquemontWilliam HenryGregory TackettBaylee DespotTheodore GoldHugo LopezChristian BoldtDaniel EssesTilotilo FoaoSteven SulgerDonald Still, JrUriel CantuLeonna DeLeonJorge HernandezShane PerezJohn SearsJesse ValenciaSandeep SinghRonald TorresEfren ValdezNigel JayRobert MinoElmer BoothArmando ArregoinRobert BrusstarEvelyn Cruz-OroSteven DelgadoChristopher GuerrieriSonia RodriguezHenry SagastumeJesus Cota MendozaMiguel Cazares-FabelaJose DominguezJuan Cartagena-VasquezKevin NelsonTroy AndersonGwendolyn HooserSheila JohnsonWendy ShortGary MatthewsonJeanine Harms-SanchezDena McHanJennifer WallisRon GoldbergRobin Appel HerringMichelle ValadezDeborah JohnsonIvan BarelaPamela PedroClaude Fleurichamp IIJohn NealMaria BoisaCarlos Loera CarrilloHernan RodriguezBrian AmaralDebra VowellDaniel GilchristNellie TibbittsRobert DavieTimothy HendersonBrian JonesOlga SegalCheryl HallArturo Lupian GarzaNicolas SondereggerBrian HirschGrace SabotsIsabel QuairConner OswaltJuan RangelPamela Dyson (AKA Marsh)Erinn RogersEmma ByrnesEdward AmadorJose Antunez MendezRamaru AumirNahomy Banegas-BanegasWarren BarnesAmado BojorquezRose ColeMarilyn DennisJillian GonzalesStephanie GrantJemal JonesWendy LevicoffGabriel MartinezClemmie MathisJohn GonzalesWilliam MillardPhilip OhleGerman Chavez MorenoKevin IshamYasmen PerezRyan GraterDaniel Smith JrJames LampmanMary Jo LongGregory SmithBahram AhaninCynthia AlonzoJeffrey BorthwickSalvador CejasBun ChewKa ChiuDeborah DubsGabriel DuenasMaria EvangelistaBetty FlurryJustine FlynnKeyshia GrahamRobert HayKeisuke KoizumiRichard KulaAnn-Marie LawrenceDevin LopezJerome MaethAntulio MeridaCynthia MilsteadJohn PavlatStephanie PraszkerChristopher SaquicYung SooJerry TangWesley Terry, JR.Rosa VillatoroYue YipRaven LabitLinda LehmannBarbara NunezCharles AndersonDante ByrdJohn ChesleyMary HudginsSalvador Jauregui-CatalanArchie McKinnonGloria OlsenDeborah OwensKathleen RodgersBeatrice WilesRose MallenStovan FletcherWilliam HendersonSherwin RubinRobert HarrodRichard Arena IIIMatthew DarnellLatoya ThomasJitsuro HiramotoCheryl McBeeJose ArriolaAhmad NourzaieJoan ScaggsSalvador AvilaPatricia GomezJaymie WestJose CortezDavid DamronChad KirkendallRonald McNuttMark CowardinKenneth DelanoTomas ColonSherry PickleTanya RuizBeverly SaboRosa MarquezAnna FernandezShannon StaalDaniel CarverMonique FigueroaElvia HernandezMark LeachCharles DennyMichelle ChafinDonald EwaltElizabeth JohnsonChristopher KingTawnya ParkerLindsay WellsRogelio Laurel-MolinaDolores MartinezAlexander ChuanMarilu SantizoAndrew MantheiyLouie TaylorWilliam WilsonVincent FaulknerTera SmithAustin SparksDustin LeeCornelia MeyerTimothy CrissRegina GarciaJeffery ChisholmBlake PursleyJavier Guerrero-BaldenegroJose Ramon MachadoDonald AndersonGregory Bryan, JrJohn CashAtinui KevorkianStephen EdingThomas LaneSantana OrnelasPeter JacksonKhanh TrinhJaimee RussoGladys JonesChristopher GatelyLillian HolmesEddie KochDu PhamDouglas EdwardsLucinda SchaeferRefugia AcostaDeanna BrooksRicardo SepulvedaGerber Zainos BeltranDavid HursellPaige LawrenceJacob RiversGeorge HassingerSusan MuskettMoses SaizIrene GarciaDuane LawrenceMary RicoPaul KimAzucena MorenoescaleraAnita QvistThomas RicardoRodney TexeraRobert BeachGary LiuPaul SteeleFidel TellezJohn GoodmanAryan KarkiTimothy GerenJacquelyn HopperRebekah MillerLynda HaynieDavid DeanJuan GonzalezJuan Rodriguez RodriguezVictor CamposAndre HutchisonRamon Rico GarciaAlejandro Sanchez RamirezMichael AndersonLinda LamontJaelynn ThomasMarina KissingerJustin YetterViolet MatoryKonrad ReichenbergerAriosto SalomonAndrew CoronaStarr HillVictoria SpecialsDavid BurnsideDavontae DavisRoxana RojasLouis SalazarJames SimmonsCorey RingerHumberto RojasJose VillalobosMercedes LodgeEsmeralda LeyvaJared NegreteLarry HaynesRobert RiveraKristin BlassWilliam EwaskoChristine MooreRussell ShigeuraMark CelestineBeau RasmussenTanner ScholtenJames DavisDavid BooneGlenda EldredPeggy HumberBridgett Pendell-WilliamsonMartin RuvalcabaRoderick CateAretha ChismRobert DowdWallace RichardsLuke RobinsonDennis SamstagBrian SchulerDominic ThomasMichael TroyerMichael UdowRochelle WhiteJennifer WilsonJoseph Booth-MetwallyAngela FullmerJesse GableTineshia JacksonDonald TobinBassel LutfiMichael FiceryJeremiah HayesPenelope MilbournMichael VogelKatie WantzLong DuongRobert BishopJohn ButlerTerry CollierDenise FagotFrancisco Nino-VasquezIlma SaucedoLakeithia SlaughterJerald WilliamsHipolito AngonMaria EstradaConrado RuedaThomas RectorGerald RhineJonathan OgawaBrandon PortLoren RudenLoresly PalaciosPatrick PfeifferCynthia YeungSteven HaddadVsevolod SigalNicholas ButtleDavid CambrayGina GarciaJuliandra JonesSotirios KavirisJeannine MehlhaffTerry SpenceJuan VillanuevaAnthony BarelaLana CoronadoNorman DeVoreJose GonzalezGary KunsWesley LovellRichard MassaroTheodis MorrisJames NigraRichard PlechnerAnibal RomeroDeanna SacconeSylvia StandleyKenneth CroweDarren CaseJanice Chai Hsi LoCynthia ColemanSteven GeislerLaurel NewquistRobert ProughGuadalupe DaileyKeyon HenryKristen CunninghamKevin GaleJose GuillenTodd LucchesiOwen RascoeJose RodriguezPushpinder SanghaObaidullah ShamsJesus SicairosCurtis SloanLisa ThomasAndrew ToriiMadeline BenitezJoseph ChaconWarren HagyardAnne RaczRaymond CollinsJonathan GinsburgEvelyn JonesJeffrey KeidserVictor ManzaresMichael PageEdith PerezJohn PhillipsVictoria TatroRodney TrumboElvis VegaClare ChristieCharlene RosserEdward ChampagneTiffany Davis-MarshRuth JacobusPatricia PapagniPamela SpencerJuanita FaulknerStephanie LuceroLeslie Martin-PorterWilliam NorthChristopher SwansonRobert TellezMichael AndersonBenjamin BenaliBelinda BrewsterMary EnhelderRonald FariasDanny FergusonDwain GoodwinTerry GroverMarisela HernandezDeborah HubbertGilberto JuradoHumberto RuvalcabaKatherine SaleebyCharles SmithSergei TurinWillie WagonerJames Washington Jr.James WordHugo JimenezRyan RodriguezJason RossJoseph ScottRichard ViglizzoJustin HaseltonAshley KollerMario HernandezKianna JacksonRaul ManzoAnayeli RamirezDouglas ReisMartin RenteriaTaurino VelazquezShannon HouseSteven KojolaDustin MartinTuan TranCharles WrightSheila LopesMary EvansKeith KirbyVernon MatthewsSteven MattsBenson NguyenLuis ZunigaSteven CrawfordDawud KarriemBarbara NortonKatherine Harris-ZmudkaLuisita MettersLouis Payne JrDwight MeierSusan PriceJoseph FischerDavid BlackKurt HaywardKrista BowmanMary BrenionAlan DuqueHector Lopez-RuizRoger NesheiwatLucrecia RamosBrian HamptonMichael RoseMichael SholesHoward PryceBarbara TolbertSheryl DavenportLucille StuckertRuthanne RuppertDaniel CliffordAlfred GrimesCarol NortonVeronica MartinezTom RogersMaria CoronadoDennis Cyncor-McmillanMiguel ChajJames RileyMichael EnguidanosTracy StewartVirgie BalitonDaniel CastellanoStefania CamposRafael CaballeroAdriana RojasNicasio Fernandez, Jr.Timothy KindelanSteve ConnellyIsidoro Santos-CabreraDiana Silva-GarciaJames PetersKelly AmoreDaniel CepedaLouis KelemStacy SabalAlfredo CastilloCeona AlexanderAda CamachoCarlos MartinezDaniel Pérez RomeroAseanysa AdedatoidleDavid O'SullivanRobert RockKaren CardenasRoy Mitts JrAbsalon Perez-AlvarezJuan RicoAustin SmithLisa CostelloYesika PerezManuel ColioVictor RodriguezDon BakerRosario MoranHarvey LongJessica GarciaJin LiJanet AjegboJames BoyleKiley CrawfordMarie SagastaMark WilsonMichael GriffinTobias KaiserWalter StrongChristopher VogenChristina PonceMelissa EspinozaPedro MartinezJason RussoVito RussoAdolfo Del RioGlen KentChristopher SylviaBeau HellerKim WilliamsAnthony ManghelliMario MezaLaroya BrayPatricia CalatrelloJohn RescorlMaurice James IIJuanita NelsonMyoung NoahRobin ReedJoseph CordovaJohn PenaLoren HarveyJennifer GomezTomas GonzalezDuane PattersonMichael PickeringAugustine SanchezMiguel TorresRomelia ValentinKim MallonDebra McCoyChristine LangfordLinda GrimmLindsay McDougallJohn LoveringRoger MadisonIsabella SmithNancy MacDuckstonJessie PetersSafia FisherMaura Tambriz-TzocDaryl EvansRolando Spinozo CalderonKimberly BeardenAloys KrostJason KylesWilly SetyadiHeng Yu ZhouRobert CoyleJohn FarfanVirdell Green, Jr.Matthew WhitmerJoel ContrerasChristopher SchaferAdan Jacquez HernandezMark KotlarzVictor MendezArnel NarvaizDuy PhanPatrick RossJesse WorkMary SimmonsLourdes DubyakStephen BaileyJoshua BlackwellHugh NolanFlori PazSylvia LeeMarcos Valle ZunigaLynn ConnesGail DahlLillian EstradaGayle MarksAmanda RiveraJose Ortiz ZunigaKatelyn RamosCathalina FonsecaGuillermo GuzmanMarizel ShirazyVanessa SmithMaria CantuaNarmi CastellanosJose AguilarBeth RogersDaniel FosterCharles ThompsonMargarita MacNeillDiana MazariegosKimberly BrandonShalonda MorrisBerania AgapitoReyna ZepedaWilliam OrellanaJacinto ReymundoTaniya SimienAshley BernalJeffery PhillipsGabriela GonzalezMiguel Cosio Jr.Kimberly GonzalezMelinda McCollomFernanda RodriguezEdith RodriguezSantos AndradeOdean JonesJose IglesiasJose RiveraAudrey CoxNoppajan LoYolanda PatlanKevin CurrieIsmael Perez-GomezManih KsorKristine HamiltonManuel EstradaFrancisco Munoz RomeroJohn BeckTania OchoaBriana OchoaMarisol EspinozaKayja RichardsonErnestina MadrigalRafaela HaysJohn ThomasYolanda LopezEduviges PradoDeling SunVictor BalbuenaJana Carpenter-KoklichMaria ChavezTranisa GauffRaymond NaranjoMichelle RussDawn ViensPeter PanaitWendy AgapitoJocelyn RamirezTheresa TrappVahik AvanasCarol AudiorenziWilliam HenryWendie PressCarmen PearcyBenito VelasquezDenis Galvez-HernandezJeremias GomezVictoria GonzalezMarie LopezDebra BuchholzVidal AcevedoSeptember 26, 1980 Los Angeles, CA John Doe1969 Marin County John DoeArturo ValadezElida PalaciosRomeo Sierra-PortilloVirgil Bussell JrRobert Lapergola JrTom Peterman IvKimberly PortilloJorge Quiroz AgrasanchezSoccorro RamirezJames Rhodes Iii