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California Cold Cases

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California Murders

California murders are much more common than most other states in the United States. This is seemingly due to its extremely high population and densely populated cities. If you’re interested in learning more about the statistics and data surrounding the number of murders in California by year, there are multiple law enforcement agencies that offer reports and statistics on their websites as well as within their archives. Additionally, the Federal Bureau of Investigation releases a Uniform Crime Report every year which shows, in detail, the crimes, crime rates, and locations of crimes in every state, county, and city, and is organized by law enforcement agency.

According to Project: Cold Case, there are almost 41,000 California cold cases dating from 1980 to 2019. The number of currently unsolved California murders is absolutely shocking. Looking further into this, according to the same report, from 1965 to 2019 there were roughly 128,787 murders in California alone. Over the years, roughly 79,967 of those murders were solved, leaving more than 48,000 unsolved murders in California. Some of the unsolved murders in northern California include the 2018 murder of Angela McConnell, the 2011 murder of Vanthoeun Som, the 2002 double murder of brothers Anthony and Albert Dawson, and the 2001 murder of Andrew Witherow,as well as the 2018 disappearance of Khadijah Britton. Some unsolved central California murders includes the 2009 murder of Jerry Lee Greer, the 1997 murder of Georgia Lee Moses, the 2013 murder of Pauly Reyes Silva, and the 2009 suspicious death of Mitrice Richardson, among many others.

Some unsolved murders in Sacramento, California, and unsolved murders in Sacramento County, California, include the 2012 murder of Jessica Funk Haslam, the 1979 murder of Kathy Harlan, the 1970 murder of Nancy Bennallack, the 1970 murder of Judith Hakari, the 2011 murder of Joga Kahlon, and the 2012 murder of Juan Rangel-Villanueva, among many others.

Unsolved California Murders

According to Project: Cold Case, there are roughly 41,000 California cold cases dating from 1980 to 2019. The number of unsolved California murders is absolutely shocking. Some of the many northern California unsolved murders and unsolved murders Sacramento, California, include the 2018 murder of Angela McConnell, the 2011 murder of Vanthoeun Som, the 2002 double murder of brothers Anthony and Albert Dawson, and the 2018 disappearance of Khadijah Britton, among many others. Other California unsolved murders included in the long list of cold cases are the many east California unsolved murders. These include the 1981 murder of Jenny Claire Campbell, the 1976 murder of Lee Hassler, the 1981 murder of Debney Lynn Lobanoff, the 1974 murder of Nancy Easton, and the 1992 murder of Brandon Widener, among many more, which remain unsolved to this day.

Although it seems there are more unsolved murders in California than we can count, some of the biggest unsolved murders in California are often the most talked about and reported on, even if they have remained cold and unsolved for decades. Some of these famous unsolved murders California include the 1981 murder of actress Natalie Wood, the 1947 murder of Elizabeth Short (also known as “The Black Dahlia”), and the many potential victims of serial killers who called California home, some of which have been caught, and others, such as the “Zodiac Killer,” who are yet to be identified.

Joseph Smedley
Joseph SmedleySuspicious Death, 2015
Asha Degree
Asha DegreeMissing, 2000

Consider this

More than 200,000 unsolved cases have gone cold since 1980, and murder clearance rates continue to drop. With equity for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other underserved victims not prioritized in the true crime community—together we can do better.

Famous California Murders

Even though it seems that there are more unsolved murders in California than we can count, some of the most famous California murders are usually the most reported on and talked about all across the country, even if they have remained cold and unsolved for decades. Some of these famous murders in California include the 1981 murder of actress Natalie Wood, the 1947 murder of Elizabeth Short (also known as “The Black Dahlia”), and the many potential victims of serial killers who called California home, some of which have been caught, and others, such as the “Zodiac Killer,” who are yet to be identified. Although it does not seem like there is one complete and accurate list of murders in California or any single list of California murders that includes all murders in California, the cases listed above, as well as a few other mysterious cases, such as the 2009 suspicious death of Mitrice Richardson, are almost always included in these lists of infamous California murders as well as lists that focus on some of the biggest, or most famous, true crime cases around the globe.

Homicide Rate in California

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Report that was published in 2019, the violent crime rate in California was 867.1 per 100,000 residents. Violent crime is defined by the FBI as murder, nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. The same Uniform Crime Report further explains that the homicide rate in California is 4.3 per 100,000 residents. This California murders rate means that roughly 4 to 5 individuals per 100,000 residents of the state of California were murdered in 2019. Although we don’t have a direct answer to how many murders in California 2021, we do know based on a Uniform Crime Report published by the state of California that there were 1,679 murders in 2019.

So, why is California’s crime rate so high? One potential answer to this question could be dependent on the sheer size and population of California. California’s total population is over 39.5 million as of 2019, making it the most populated state in the United States of America. Sacramento is the sixth largest city in California, with a population of over 500,000 residents. The violent crime rate in Sacramento, California, as of 2018, was 656.56 per 100,000 residents, meaning that almost 657 individuals per 100,000 were directly affected by violent crime in Sacramento in 2018 alone. So, to answer how many murders in Sacramento, California, 2021, the city has released a similar Uniform Crime Report for year to date, showing that there were 12 murders from January through March of 2021, their latest update as to how many homicides in Sacramento, California, 2021.

Sacramento County Murders

Sacramento County has a population of over 1.55 million residents, which is over twice the population of the entire state of Wyoming. Knowing this and taking a quick look at the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office’s cold case investigations website, it is clear that the number of Sacramento County murders reflects its size. In 2019, there were 36 murders in Sacramento County, and law enforcement was able to solve 32 of them by the end of the year, making their homicide clearance rate 88.9%.

In some murder cases, detectives are able to collect enough Sacramento County murders evidence to charge someone with the crime and bring them to a Sacramento County murders trial. Evidence that is often included in Sacramento County homicide trials is completely dependent on the crime itself. For example, evidence can range from blood, saliva, semen, skin cells, or other DNA evidence, to cell phone pings, to gunpowder residue, and most often includes Sacramento County murders crime scene photos, to show the jury the environment surrounding the crime as well as show the potential ferocity of the crime.

Sacramento, California Murders

Due to its large size and population, in Sacramento, California, murders are seemingly more common than in many other cities in California. Many of the recent and decades-old murders in Sacramento, California, have not been solved, or remain cold, and law enforcement continues to investigate their homicides, even if tips have slowed, and new information is no longer being found. As expected, until these murders are solved, Sacramento murders discussion will continue on social media platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, and Websleuths, where individuals speculate and share information regarding Sacramento murders pictures, Sacramento murders crime scene photos, and Sacramento, California, murders autopsy photos, which are most often not released even after a case is solved.

In recent years, DNA technology has led to hundreds, if not thousands, of decades-old cold cases being solved, and California is definitely not the exception. Some cases where Sacramento murders DNA was used to solve or bring new information to light in recent years include the 1980 murder of Robin Brooks and the 1981 murder of Mary London, among many others in the rest of California, where investigators spend all of the time and resources that are available to them in order to attempt to solve the many cold cases in California.

California Serial Killers

California is commonly known for its beaches, wine-growing regions, TV/film industry, and being the state with the highest number of serial killers. Although the reason why is unknown, California serial killers are often considered to be the most notorious. Some of the most famous California serial killers can be found on any Top 10 or other form of serial killer list, including a list of serial killers in California and California serial killer list.

These famous serial killers who are known for terrorizing residents of California include Joseph James DeAngelo, who is also known as the “Golden State Killer;” Lonnie Franklin Jr., who is also known as the “Grim Sleeper;” Charles Manson and the Manson family; Richard Ramirez, also known as “The Night Stalker;” William Bonin, also known as “The Freeway Killer;” and Randy Steven Kraft, also known as “The Scorecard Killer.” Other California killers who are considered to be serial killers who have not yet been identified are “The Doodler” and the “Zodiac Killer.”

Crimes in California

If you’re interested in learning about the statistics surrounding crimes in California, multiple law enforcement agencies release annual reports, which can be found on their websites, that show the crimes in that area. Also, the Federal Bureau of Investigation releases a Uniform Crime Report every year which shows, in detail, the crimes, crime rates, and locations of crimes in every state, county, and city, including a report for crime in California.

Tragically, it seems there will never be an end to the number of California homicide and true crime stories in California, despite law enforcement’s best efforts. One reason why this may be the case is the staggering number of unsolved murders in California being added on to recent and future murders. According to Project: Cold Case, from 1965 to 2019 there were around 128,787 murders in California alone. Over the years, roughly 79,967 of those murders were solved or saw a conclusion, leaving more than 48,000 unsolved murders in California alone. Despite this, the many different law enforcement and investigating agencies in California will never stop trying to solve all of California’s true crimes, no matter how long it takes.

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Harris-ZmudkaRobert HarrodLoren HarveyJustin HaseltonDoreen HashimotoGeorge HassingerWilliam HatterSean HawkinsMilton HawkinsMarion HawkinsEdward HawkinsThomas HawksJackie HawksRobert HayJeremiah HayesLarry HaynesLynda HaynieRafaela HaysKurt HaywardPaul HeadCarrie HeathAdam HechtJacob HeckartSaeed HedgepethBeau HellerMary HelmRahimulah HelmandiWilliam HendersonStanley HendersonTimothy HendersonMark HenkelJudy HenneWilliam HenryGeorge HenryKeyon HenryWilliam HenryDuke HeringerJoana HernandezJennifer HernandezUsbaldo HernandezMinor HernandezRemigio HernandezDaniella HernandezJorge HernandezMarcos HernandezMario HernandezAustin HernandezElvia HernandezGeorge HernandezEsteban HernandezMarisela HernandezAna HernandezMaria HernandezBernardo Hernandez LopezAlexis Hernandez-RepolletMaria Hernandez RojasJohnny HerreraDeisy HerreraMarta HerreraJohnnie HerreraCarlos HerrifordPatricia HertellJeanette HerumKarena HickmanEssie HiettAshley HigginsJames HigginsWilliam HigginsJohn HighamStarr HillCraig HillNeal HiltonJack HiltonGregory HinzJitsuro HiramotoBrian HirschPaul HobsonMichelle HochmanAidan HodgeDaniel HofferGus HoffmanMary HoglandCharles HollingsworthAlvin HollowayJames HollowayJenaa HolmesLillian HolmesJohn HoltSheryl HoneGwendolyn HooserKerry HooverJacquelyn HopperJustus HoptonJames HornAnthony HornerJoseph HorrevoetsJoshua HosmerRichard HoughlandNorma HoughlandThomas HoughlandArlene HouleBryce HouptShannon HouseJeremy HowardNasim HowardBrenda HowellGregory HowellsPing HuangDeborah HubbertJohn HuberMary HudginsElizabeth HuffmanKenneth HughesCrishtian HughesThomas Hull JrPeggy HumberDavid Humpal-LamagnaMichael HuntJorge HurachaDavid HursellLeopoldo Hurtado, Jr.Dustin HustonAndre HutchisonNhi HuynhEileen HynsonAllan IbarraJose IglesiasJoanne IllerichJeffrey ImmelJose InacioJohn InmanDoris InzunzaGeorge IordacheMichael IsaacsYuri IsarevKevin IshamChelsey IsraelAlexander IvanovVelva JacklinKianna JacksonTineshia JacksonSammy JacksonJanel JacksonPeter JacksonScott JacobsSusan JacobsonRuth JacobusDouglas JacquesAdan Jacquez HernandezEverardo Jaimes-LopezValeria Jaimes-LopezThomas JamesAngelique JamesMaurice James IIJacquelyn JanisMaria JansenRenel JanvierLeiolni JarboeGabriela Jasso-CornejoSalvador Jauregui-CatalanNigel JayChiu JeanAngela JeffAnita Jensen-KendrickArun JesraJonathan JimenezHugo JimenezAlbert JimenezJavier Jimenez HernandezVictor Jimenez JuarezSeptember 27, 1980 Los Angeles, CA John Doe1972 Orange County John Doe1980 San Diego County John Doe1968 Huntington Park, CA John Doe1968 Mariposa County John Doe1971 Los Angeles County John Doe1936 San Bernadino County John Doe1951 San Mateo County John Doe1953 Orange County John Doe1973 Los Angeles County John Doe1952 San Mateo County John Doe1956 Los Angeles County John Doe1960 West Sacramento, CA John Doe1960 Bryte, CA John Doe1961 Yolo County John Doe1962 San Mateo County John Doe1962 Yolo County John Doe1963 Yolo County John Doe1964 San Bernardino County John Doe1965 San Bernardino County John Doe1966 Yolo County John Doe1967 San Diego County John Doe1968 Los Angeles, CA John Doe1979 Shasta County John Doe1968 Humboldt County John DoeMarch 1969 Yolo County John Doe1969 Marin County John Doe1970 Alameda County John Doe1970 Whittier, CA John Doe1970 San Bernardino County John Doe1970 West Sacramento, CA John Doe1971 Newhall, CA John DoeSeptember 26, 1980 Los Angeles, CA John Doe1976 Los Angeles, CA John Doe1971 San Bernardino County John Doe1976 Santa Monica, CA John Doe1975 Santa Cruz County John Doe1971 Orange County John Doe1975 Fresno County John Doe1977 Orange County John Doe1975 San Bernardino County John Doe1978 Trinity County John Doe1975 Riverside County John Doe1976 Colusa County John Doe1976 Marin County John Doe1973 Yolo County John Doe1930 San Bernardino County John Doe1973 Clarksburg, CA John Doe1977 Agoura, CA John DoeDecember 28, 1980 Los Angeles County John Doe1974 San Bernardino County John Doe1979 Bell, CA John Doe1974 Orange County John Doe1981 Kings County John Doe1977 Sacramento County John Doe1974 Marin County John Doe1981 San Bernardino, CA John Doe1978 La Puente, CA John Doe1981 Torrance, CA John Doe1979 San Dimas, CA John DoeFebruary 1981 Los Angeles County John Doe1969 San Joaquin County John Doe1972 Los Angeles County John Doe1977 Fresno County John DoeMarch, 15 1978 Los Angeles, CA John Doe1977 Los Angeles County John Doe1978 Seal Beach, CA John DoeMarch, 25 1978 Los Angeles, CA John Doe1977 Santa Monica, CA John Doe1978 Santa Monica, CA John DoeApril 1978 Los Angeles, CA John Doe1978 San Mateo County John DoeApril 1973 Wilmington, CA John Doe1975 San Mateo County John Doe1976 Stanislaus County John Doe1976 Industry, CA John Doe1978 Irvine, CA John DoeFebruary 1979 Sacramento, CA John Doe1979 San Pedro, CA John Doe1979 Perris, CA John Doe1927 San Bernardino County John Doe1979 Mount Baldy, CA John Doe1957 Orange County John Doe1979 North Shore, CA John Doe1969 Los Angeles County John Doe1979 Hinkley, CA John Doe1979 Baker, CA John Doe1980 Castaic, CA John Doe1979 Sacramento County John Doe1979 Arcadia, CA John Doe1979 Santa Ana, CA John Doe1979 Santa Cruz County John DoeDecember 21, 1979 Sacramento, CA John DoeDecember 30, 1979 Sacramento, CA John DoeJanuary 17, 1980 Sacramento, CA John DoeJanuary 26, 1980 Sacramento, CA John Doe1980 Sutter County John Doe1963 Riverside County John Doe1970 San Joaquin County John Doe1915 San Bernardino County John Doe1980 Oakland, CA John Doe1980 Malibu, CA John Doe1980 Riverside County John DoeMarch 1980 Los Angeles County John DoeApril 1980 Sacramento, CA John Doe1979 Gormon, CA John Doe1980 Orange County John DoeJune 1980 Torrance, CA John DoeJuly 1, 1980 Los Angeles, CA John Doe1955 San Bernardino County John DoeJuly 1980 Torrance, CA John DoeJuly 1980 Los Angeles County John DoeJuly 30, 1980 Los Angeles, CA John Doe1980 Littlerock, CA John Doe1980 Newhall, CA John Doe1981 Sierra Madre John DoeMarch 1981 Los Angeles County John Doe1981 San Diego County John Doe1968 Catalina Island, CA John Doe1970 Santa Monica, CA John Doe 1970 Fresno County John Doe 1971 Marin County John Doe July 1969 Yolo County John Doe 1974 Santa Cruz County John Doe 1969 Kern County John Doe 1970 Marin County John Doe 1970 Broderick, CA John Doe 1974 Ventura County John Doe 1974 Pacifica, CA John Doe January 23, 1971 Carson, CA John Doe 1January 23, 1971 Carson, CA John Doe 2Paul JohnsonDeborah JohnsonElizabeth JohnsonClifford JohnsonDeretha JohnsonMark JohnsonMichael JohnsonSheila JohnsonJessica JohnsonMary JohnsonLELAND JOHNSONWilma JoinerEvelyn JonesJuliandra JonesCort JonesBrian JonesDerrick JonesJemal JonesOdean JonesRachel JonesThomas JonesGladys JonesCharles JonesCurtis Jones JrElton JosephJeffrey JosephDonna JouSumi JuanMargarita JuarezGeorge JuarezBonfilio JuarezGilberto JuradoScott KahlKimberly KahlerTobias KaiserJeannette KamaheleNoriya KanemotoKimberlie KantonenAdam KaplanJohn KapusiSpencer KarasAryan KarkiDawud KarriemJuliah KarwithaLucas KasprowiczMark KauerAi KaungSotirios KavirisKazimierz KazmierskiMark KechelyThomas KeeslerJeffrey KeidserLouis KelemBarbara KelleyDale KelleyDale Eugene KelleyCory KelleyarmerAdam KellnerKelly KellyDavid KempkerGlen KentSandra KerbyJohn KerbyAtinui KevorkianSteven KeyesDebra KidwellLarry KieferRyohei KikusuiMark KilnerPaul KimMichael KimKwang KimJason KimAllan KincaidTimothy KindelanNeal KingChristopher KingCrystal KinneyKeith KirbySteven KirbyRichard KirchmannChad KirkendallKyle KirkpatrickChristopher KishMarina KissingerDikran KnadjianCarl KnightLisa KnoxRon KnutsonEddie KochNavlin KohliKeisuke KoizumiSteven KojolaAshley KollerAndrzej KosmakskiMark KotlarzIrene KouameMarlane Koue CastanedaVincent KovashJulia KozickiMatthew KraftBrandi KrajewskiJames KravetsKristi KrebsAsha KreimerBruce KremenAloys KrostMichał KrówczyńskiBrianne KruseRonald KruskaManih KsorAlice KuWalter KuchannyRobert KuhlmanRichard KulaYashaswi KulshreshthaHemangini KulshreshthaJason KumpRaymond KungGary KunsRosemary KunstSean KuwadaJerzy KwitJason KylesRebecca KynePeter LaanRaven LabitGeorge LachanceJann LactawenDouglas LakinElisa LamKathryn LamadridSierra LamarErik LambergLinda LamontJames LampmanRichard LamsonPaola LandaverdePaul LandisDanny LandmanGeorge LaneJoseph LaneThomas LaneConnor LangeChristine LangfordCraig LangfordChristopher LangilleMichael LangleyCheryl LanierRobert Lapergola JrValerie LarkinMonica LarsonStephen La SpinoBryce LaspisaDonna LassJulian LathamSteven LatipowBilly LauMei LauRogelio Laurel-MolinaRonald La ValleyAnn-Marie LawrenceDuane LawrenceAngela LawrencePaige LawrencePatricia LaxerTina LaytonMitchell LazorTroy LeJoseph LeachMark LeachWilliam LeachRuth LeamonLinda LebeauSylvia LeeDustin LeeDebbie LeeJoyce LeeMark LeeseLinda LehmannElaine LehtinenAlexander LengheimerJose Abel LeonJoe LessleyRoger LevellOscar LeveringstonWendy LevicoffRonald LevinVesper LevyDon LewisYrael LeyvaEsmeralda LeyvaAdam LiJin LiZhi LiaoDiane LimaEmmanuel LimasCarlos LimasFernando LimasErika LimonJennifer LinRobert LinaresMona LincolnMarjorie LinehanRichard LinseRichard LintonHans LippunerRosa LisowskiGary LiuDanielle LizarragaNoppajan LoDonald LoarSteve LoboBetty LobushNefretarie LockleyMercedes LodgeWanda LoeCarlos Loera CarrilloDiana LoewenSteven LombardWinifred LongHarvey LongGeneva LongMary Jo LongAngelica LongoriaSheila LopesJesus LopezYolanda LopezJose LopezCitlali LopezKimberly LopezMarie LopezIsabela LopezDevin LopezOscar LopezMario LopezHugo LopezRuben LopezBenjamin Lopez JrHector Lopez-RuizSteve LosoncziSaiun LotusRobert LoveWesley LovellJohn LoveringSandra LoweJeffrey LoweryJesus LozaJose LozaMary LozanoMaurice LozeCarol LubahnTodd LucchesiStephanie LuceroEzra LuiLance LuiEugene LuiNorman LumRichardo LupercioArturo Lupian GarzaCathryn LuquinLynn LurayJohn LusherBassel LutfiDennis LuttroppStacy LydeckerRonald LyeLara LykiardopoulosStacey LynchThomas LytleNancy MacDuckstonCelso MacedoJose Ramon MachadoOscar MaciasAugustine MaciasJose MaciasGregory MackKentaya MackAllister MackenzieMargarita MacNeillBunmi MacullayMichael MaddenRoger MadisonErnestina MadrigalFrancisco Madrigal MartinezChristianna MaesJerome MaethAbril MagdalenoMichaelene MahaffeyAlexandra MahviRobert MaillouxCynthia MaineGraciela MaldonadoShirley MallapreRose MallenKim MallonTravess MaloneRobert MaloneMirian ManciaAnthony ManghelliTessie MangohigGerrold ManiaciWayne ManleyRyan MannHeide MansourAndrew MantheiyVictor ManzaresRaul ManzoMaricel MarcialMary MarcumNick MarichDavid MarkoGayle MarksHilaria MarmolejoIgnacio MarquezRicardo MarquezRosa MarquezRose MarquezAmalia MarquezVictoria MarquinaVanessa MarrufoSir-Kristopher MarshallAyellah MarshallTiana MartinErna MartinRay MartinAllen MartinHarold MartinDustin MartinPhillip MartinManuel MartinesElias MartinezMichelle MartinezAngela MartinezTheresa MartinezTilsia MartinezFrancisco MartinezYvonne MartinezCarlos MartinezAylin MartinezFrancisco Velasquez MartinezJamie MartinezDaniela MartinezRamiro MartinezEmely MartinezGabriela MartinezRuben MartinezSavannah MartinezSebastian MartinezVeronica MartinezDolores MartinezGabriel MartinezPedro MartinezMariano Martinez PalominoLeslie Martin-PorterMark MarvinGodofredo MasangyaMichael MasaoayDuane MasherGordon MasonAaliyah MasonRichard MassaroBrookes MathewAisha MathewsAllen MathewsClaudia MathieuClemmie MathisRadivoje MaticViolet MatoryVernon MatthewsGary MatthewsonSteven MattsEric MaxwellAmir MayorgaDiana MazariegosRandy McBeeCheryl McBeeAsante McCallaLatisha McCarterBryan MccarthyRichard MccarthyShelley McClendonRobert McclurePeter McCollMelinda McCollomAngela McConnellMelissa McCormickDebra McCoyMary McCullarTyree Mc cunePatrick McDermottLindsay McDougallWilliam McDougleFrankie McdowellRobert McdowellEvelyn McDowellMickey McgeeMel McGregorDaniel McGuinessDena McHanAlexandra McintireNoah McintoshMichael McIntyreTimothy MckernanTeresa McKinleyRobert MckinneyArchie McKinnonThomas Mc LaughlinBenjamin Mclaurin-JohnsonFrederick McleanCaitlin McManusJohn McmeelRonald McNuttOlga McquinnLonny Mcquiston-DavisCraig MeadowsAileen MedinaVanessa MedinaMarissa MedinaAntziri MedinaMaria MedinaGarrett MedinaDebra MedinaPablo MedranoGerardo MedranoRicardo MedranoJeannine MehlhaffDwight MeierDonald MeinhardtJorge MejiaDaniela Mejia-CabreraMacario Mejia SonTed MelanconHarold MelchingMuhammad MelchizedekJavier MelchorThomas MelendezTheadore MelendrezCarlos Melgarejo NabliJerry MelinisCindy MellinPatrick MelloRosendo Alba MenaFlorence MendezJuan MendezJohn MendezVictor MendezVictor MendezBaldemar Mendez LopezAlexandria MendozaJesus MendozaFlorencio MendozaMichael MendozaSilvia MenendezAngel MenesesJoy MercadoAntulio MeridaKarin MeroPaul MerrillNancy MeseraullRadhouane MessaoudiLuisita MettersLuis MexicanozWilliam MeyerCornelia MeyerMolly MeyerMario MezaLexis MezaElisa MicallefMarta MichelPaul MichelAlex MiddleswartMicaela Miguel-JosePenelope MilbournWilliam MillardLinda MillerRebekah MillerTasha MillerLogan MillerMichael MillerRobert MillerJackson MillerSamuel MillerCynthia MilsteadWilliam MinasianConnie MinchacaHarold MincherRobert MinoDonel MinorJesse MinottTomas MirandaMichael MirandaIlene MisheloffKaren MitchellPamela MitchellRoy Mitts JrCecile MochKristen ModafferiAmal MohamedJeffrey MondragonMaria MonreanElias MonroyLuis Montana AlvarezBrian MontelAriel MontesKatrina MontgomeryPhillip MontoyaJohn MontoyaRosario MontoyaCarl MoodyChristine MooreElijah MooreSarah MooreEsmeralda MoraGuadalupe MoraYuritza MoralesHenry MoralesMiguel MoralesChristian Morales-SandovalRosario MoranMorris MoreheadAugustine MorenoRafael MorenoHenry MorenoGiselle MorenoAzucena MorenoescaleraRodolfo MorfinDavohnte MorganLaura MorganJack MorganJohn MorganChe MorinMichael MoroniKent Morrill JrTheodis MorrisRobert MorrisTeddy MorrisJimmy MorrisShalonda MorrisTerry MorrisRolenia MorrisKamron MorrisGlenn MorrisDavid MorrisonRay Morrison IvHammam MosallamMiguel MoscosoGeorgia Lee (Leah) MosesRichard MossAaliyah MotonSheri MuhlemanJames MulleyPhillip MunozFrancisco Munoz RomeroDiana MunyonFreddy MurguiaAshley MurilloSeamus MurphyKieran MurphyPatrick MurrayKevin MurrayJorjanna MurraySusan MuskettMubarecat MussaMatthew NaafDonald NaderLow NamMichael NangleRaymond NaranjoArnel NarvaizNahid NassabiSiji NavarroJohn NealMichael NegreteJared NegreteApril NeiderKatherine NeitzkeTroy NelmsKevin NelsonJonas NelsonHerbert NelsonJuanita NelsonLorenzo NeriRoger NesheiwatGeorgina Nevarez-HurachaCecilia NewballFloyd NewmanLaurel NewquistBill NeyeneschPeter NgTham NguyenBach NguyenAndy NguyenDung NguyenJohnson NguyenBenson NguyenDan NguyenJames NigraJacob NilssonFrancisco Nino-VasquezMyoung NoahPaul NoelHugh NolanSergio NoriegaArmando NoriegaWilliam NorthCarol NortonBarbara NortonAhmad NourzaieBarbara NunezJohn NunezKenneth ObeltonBarry ObrianPhyllis O'Brien CarsonRolando OcampoRoger OcampoEmanuel OcampoBriana OchoaMindy OchoaTania OchoaMarisol Ochoa SanchezLaurie O'ConnorTerrence O'DonahueJonathan OgawaJohn OglePhilip OhleTimothy O'KaneHans OkelsrudWesley OldburyAlan OldsAlbert O'LearyAlexander OliveManuel OliverasFairy OlmsteadAngela OlmsteadKristina OlsenGloria OlsenKenneth O'NeilClayton OnosakiDouglas Ordones MarroquinWilliam OrellanaSantana OrnelasJoseph OroscoAlejandra OrozcoMiguel OrozcoGregory OrrAdolfo Ortega-HussongJose Ortigoza MartinezFernando OrtizElvia OrtizOphelia OrtizJose Ortiz ZunigaJohn OsanitschFranklin OsborneJan OstromFidelis OsuchukwuDavid O'SullivanNestor Osuna VegaConner OswaltNgamjit OudomugsornMitchell OwensDeborah OwensJimmy OwensCarlos PachecoIsrael PachecoStephen PackardJose PadillaJesus PadillaMichael PageByron PageEliesa PahuluElida PalaciosLoresly PalaciosTiamanja PalazzoPatricio PalmaLauralyn PalmerDennis PalmerPeter PanaitNileshKumar PanchalPatricia PapagniNorman PappasJuan ParedesElaine ParkAnita ParkerTawnya ParkerCristina ParodiEddie PartidaYolanda PatlanZev PattJames PattersonNicholas PattersonRebecca PattersonDuane PattersonGary PattonMatthew PattonBill PaulsonJohn PavlatLouis Payne JrFlori PazWilliam PearCarmen PearcyDwight PearsonGeorge PeaveyPamela PedroJohn PenaDebbie PenaLauren PenaGeorge PencaBridgett Pendell-WilliamsonThoeun PengDouglas PengilleyNancy PennerClifford PeranteauJennifer PerdomoGeorge Pereira JrDeborah PerezEdith PerezAlma PerezYesika PerezStephanie PerezAmalia PerezFlorencio PerezMaria PerezLarry PerezShane PerezFrancisco PerezYasmen PerezJuan PerezAbsalon Perez-AlvarezIsmael Perez-GomezDionisio Perez HernandezRene Perez JrDaniel Pérez RomeroEverindo Perez VasquezLance PerkinsJohn PerrinRobert PerruquetDona PerryTimothy PerrymanJeffrey PeskinTom Peterman IvJames PetersJessie PetersJanel PetersLarry PetersenDiona PetersonJeremiah PetersonSkylar Peterson TosicAndonios PetroutsasPatrick PfeifferDu PhamDuy PhanSean PhelanBreck PhelpsJeffery PhillipsShaliegh PhillipsJack PhillipsJohn PhillipsLouis PiattJaime PicazoMichael PickeringSherry PickleEdrel PierceDiane PierceJavier PimentelCarlos PinaBriza PinaJesus Piña VegaFrancisco PinedaDana PinedaKarla Pineda-HernandezRobert PinkertonLaura PinonPearl PinsonRafael PinuelasMaria PlaczHeidi PlanckRichard PlechnerHannah PoburskyNickolas PogoneysDan PogueRobert PolitteArmando PonceChristina PonceStacey PoolGary PoolePaula PopeBrandon PortRonald PorterKimberly PortilloStanley PostEbrahim PouldarCinque PowellShailesh PrabhuEduviges PradoLuis Prado PerezEileen PragerStephanie PraszkerLily PrendergastWilliam PrescottWendie PressLinda PressgroveDavid PrestonSusan PriceRamona PriceBianca PrietoShelli PrinceRobert ProughDavid ProvostChristopher ProwsStefan PruettDel PruittHoward PryceDebra PscholkaAdam PuchkoffBenjamin PueblaDebra PuenteRalph PuentesElizabeth PulidoBlake PursleyVolker PuschkeitFrederick PutziAnh QuachIsabel QuairLariah QuarelesFrancisco QuinonesSalvador QuintanillaJulian QuinteroJorge Quiroz AgrasanchezAnita QvistGerald RabournAnne RaczCharles RadiceJohn RaffertyTheresa RainsJon RamageDavid RamirezJocelyn RamirezChristina RamirezVictor RamirezSocorro RamirezFederico RamirezLaticia RamirezAnayeli RamirezJose RamirezYvonne RamirezSoccorro RamirezJesus RamirezJosue Ramirez RamosRosa RamosEladio RamosKatelyn RamosLeticia RamosLucrecia RamosRudolph RangelJuan RangelJuan RanjelBrian RankenOwen RascoeBeau RasmussenChelsea RasmussenMary RawlinsonCindy RayTerri RayburnLeeRoy RazoPatrick ReanoThomas RectorDonnis RedmanCarl ReedPeggy ReedRobin ReedMichael ReederCraig ReeseKonrad ReichenbergerJennifer ReidyWalter ReinhardDouglas ReisCameron RemmerChen RenJose RenteriaMartin RenteriaJohn RescorlBenny ReubenLeopoldo ReyesClaudia ReyesJacinto ReymundoBrianna ReynosoOscar ReynosoJavier ReynosoGerald RhineRachel RhodesJames Rhodes IiiBeverly RibleyThomas RicardoTodd RiceMatthew RichWallace RichardsEmily RichardsKayja RichardsonMitrice RichardsonJuan RicoDavid RicoMary RicoRamon Rico GarciaRichard RideoutAlexander RiffenburgSamara Rigano-DooleyJustin RiggsJoseph RileyJames RileyCarol RileyElisa RileyJoseph RinconSergio Rincon SolisCorey RingerEnrique RiosTammy RippeRobert RiveraJavier RiveraValerie RiveraJosephina RiveraElaina RiveraHector RiveraJesus RiveraAmanda RiveraJose RiveraMonserrat Rivera-RomeroWesley Rivera-RomeroAlejandra Rivera-RomeroJacob RiversSherry RoachNick RobbinsGarret RobertsJohn RobertsBrooke RobertsTiffany RobertsWilliam RobertsonEric RobicheauVenus RobinsonAnne RobinsonLuke RobinsonCynthia RobisonMaria Robles-GarciaStanley RoblinEstanislao RochRobert RockKathleen RodgersKristine RodrigoSocorro RodriguesHernan RodriguezRyan RodriguezSonia RodriguezEdith RodriguezKeily RodriguezDaniel RodriguezKevin RodriguezAngel RodriguezJesse RodriguezRoman RodriguezRaymond RodriguezDenise RodriguezJose RodriguezVictor RodriguezFernanda RodriguezHenry RodriguezJordy RodriguezRebecca RodriguezJonathan Rodriguez MarinaJuan Rodriguez RodriguezAngela RodriquezDerran RogersBeth RogersWayne RogersTom RogersErinn RogersGloria Rogers-KingRoxana RojasAdriana RojasHumberto RojasAlejandro RojasDiana RojasRichard Rolund, Jr.Jose RomanAnibal RomeroBlanca RomeroFausto RomeroZulema RomeroRene RoofAlma RootKayla RosaFroelan RosalesSargon RoseMichael RoseJordan RoseBarbara RosemarkNiles RosenbergJared RosenblumJoan RosenthalJason RossMary RossPatrick RossCharlene RosserPaul RouanetHannah RowellSherwin RubinMargaret RuckerLoren RudenConrado RuedaTanya RuizDavid RuizRafaela RuizTamara RummelRuthanne RuppertMichelle RussVito RussoJason RussoJaimee RussoHumberto RuvalcabaMartin RuvalcabaLoral "Eddie" RyanEamon RyanRichard RyanJason RyanTimofey RybalkoStacy SabalBeverly SaboGrace SabotsDeanna SacconeJohn SaderYien SaechaoMarie SagastaHenry SagastumeAmber SageJuilo SagredoMoses SaizCesar SalasMaria SalasRosalio Salas JrAndres SalazarLouis SalazarJesus SalazarEsperanza Salazar-RodriguezKatherine SaleebyLaila Salinas-ErazoRonald SalleeAnthony SalmeriAriosto SalomonMitchel SalomonStefan SamorskiDennis SamstagSilvia SanabriaLuis SanchezMaria SanchezFrancisco SanchezAugustine SanchezMartin SanchezJose SanchezGabriela SanchezFelix SanchezDawn SanchezVictor Sanchez-JimenezAlejandro Sanchez RamirezNazario Sanchez-RojasMartin SandovalLouis SandovalEfren SandovalJose Sandoval-RodriguezPushpinder SanghaMichael SanigaMarilu SantizoIsidoro Santos-CabreraChristopher SaquicTamara SaschnewIlma SaucedoAnesi SautaRosalyn SaxsenmeierJoan ScaggsDoris ScandalisRobert SchaafLucinda SchaeferLarry SchaferChristopher SchaferDonald SchambersJoseph SchedlerKarissa SchellPamela SchiltzMichele Schlick-HarrisWilliam SchmittPatricia SchneiderSally SchneiderTanner ScholtenBrian SchulerDavid SchwarzschildRoger SchwermanJohn ScialabbaVincent SclafaniDennis ScottIlene ScottEvelyn ScottJoseph ScottRussell Scotton Jr.Edgar ScowKhymbrly ScruggsJohn SearsDerek SeehausenOlga SegalDolores SeguraLulaida SejalboJames SellarsSavang SengalouneWennie SenicaShinho SeoRicardo SepulvedaDavid SerealEric SermonMaria SerranoJesus SerranoWilly SetyadiChristine SextonTami SeymourMarvin ShahanAshour ShamoonObaidullah ShamsTanner SharpRobert ShawKristal ShawPeter ShawCharles ShelleyRoger SheltrownCecelia Shepard Russell ShigeuraVictor ShinMohammad ShiraziMarizel ShirazyDonna SholbergMichael SholesChristy ShoreWendy ShortDaniel ShrockJesus SicairosDoloris SiddallSean SidiRomeo Sierra-PortilloVsevolod SigalAbraham SiliezerEvangeline SilvaDora SilvaDiana Silva-GarciaKathy SilveriTaniya SimienMary SimmonsJames SimmonsTenisha SimonDawn SinclairFrank SingerSandeep SinghBimlesh SinghGuranditta SinghDaniel SiordiaGary SizemoreMonte SkalskyGail SkeltonSuzanne SkiminaSteve SkyLakeithia SlaughterCurtis SloanAaron SloanStacey SmartKristin SmartCharles SmithDarren SmithGregory SmithJordan SmithRhiannon SmithChristopher SmithChristina SmithVerna SmithDouglas SmithVanessa SmithHarold SmithKacie SmithMark SmithAshleigh SmithIsabella SmithJudy SmithTera SmithKevin SmithAustin SmithJohn Smith JrDaniel Smith JrJudy SmithsonRobert SnakardEvan SniderRobin SnyderBeth SnyderFernando SolanoAntonio Solano BarriosNicolas SondereggerYung SooJulie SoraccoNarcisco SosaRobert SoteloCristian Soto-SanchezDaniel SouthersDaniel SpangleJean SpanglerMarie Elizabeth SpannhakeMarie SpannhakeCarol SpargoAustin SparksDanyel SparpanaKeith SparrowVictoria SpecialsRobert SpellmanTerry SpencePamela SpencerKamelia SpencerSandy SpencerRoosevelt SpikesJohn SpinaRolando Spinozo CalderonWilliam SpinradLisa SpragueRandy SpringShannon StaalDwight StallingsDavid StandishSylvia StandleyRyo StanistreetCharles StanleyTom StarkelPaul SteeleEdward SteinertMichael StephensonAndrew StetlerKristal StevensonTracy StewartKimberly StewartDonald Still, JrGary StillmanPaul StineJurgen StockburgerDana StoicaAlicia StokesTerence StonePaul StooksberryPaul StormRichard StrehleWalter StrongPatrick StruttonMary StuartJoseph StuartJessie StuartFannie StuartPaul StuartLucille StuckertPatrick SturbaumRobert SturgillQizhao SuAngelina SuCharles SudduthSteven SulgerBrandi SummersCynthia SumpterDeling SunBao SunTami SussiChristopher SwansonAmber Swartz-GarciaAlmeta SyedRoberto SylvaChristopher SylviaMichal SzkodzinskiBinh TaGregory TackettJuliana TaesaliGerald TaliferoAdagio TaliferoPascual Tambriz IxtosMaura Tambriz-TzocAndrew TanJerry TangPatrick TanouyePhillip TateVictoria TatroSam TavakolJoan TaylorLouie TaylorChandra TaylorRobert TellezFidel TellezAnthony TelloJoseph TeneRobert TennisonCarlene TerryWesley Terry, JR.Rodney TexeraRobert TharpAnthony ThayerJason TheisPeter TheriaultPhouvuiay ThetsombandithRobert ThomasLatoya ThomasJaelynn ThomasLisa ThomasDominic ThomasJohn ThomasMichael ThomasGertrude Thompkins SilverJohn ThompsonGregory ThompsonDesiree ThompsonTimmy ThompsonJessica ThompsonWilburn ThompsonJani ThompsonRussell ThompsonCharles ThompsonMark ThorntonNorman ThurberThomas ThurstonNellie TibbittsMichael TiltonArnold TittelDonald TobinJames ToddMiljko TodorovicBetty ToepferHoward TokarskySarah TokierBarbara TolbertPatricia TolhurstPatricia ToliverKayoko TomoikariKaren TompkinsAndrew ToriiFlora TorralvaAlfonso TorresRonald TorresNenita TorresAshley TorresChristian TorresMiguel TorresGesus TorresCecil TrampotaKen TranTuan TranLinh TranDat TranRobert TrappTheresa TrappLarry TrevathanEllias TrianaNguyen TrinhKhanh TrinhJeremy TriplettJuan TristanThomas TrotterMichael TroyerJohn TroyerNathan TrudeauKatherine TruittGilbert TrujilloRodney TrumboArlene TsujiJohn TullSergei TurinJahi TurnerMelody TurnerJa'Men TurnerSteven TurulaCrystal TymichAngelica UballeMichael UdowBobette UlrichMike UngGabriele UralliDaniel UrbachLorenzo UribeMoises UribeJavier UribeLani UribesCarlos UrruelaSue VaglesNazario VailArturo ValadezMichelle ValadezEfren ValdezMaria ValdovinosByron ValdryYesenia ValenciaJose ValenciaJesse ValenciaRomelia ValentinAngelica ValenzuelaJesus Valenzuela ReyesJennifer VallandinghamDonald VallecilloMarcos Valle ZunigaPatrica Van BuskirkMichael VanZandtKevin VargasJosephine VargasArturo VasquezManuel VasquezJaime VasquezErika Vasquez AntonioDenise VasseurWallace VaughanJose VazquezBarry VedderJavier VegaElvis VegaLuis Velasco RomeroBenito VelasquezValerie VelasquezTaurino VelazquezLuz VelazquezChad VeldhausJennifer VelebitMarcos VelezSusana VelizMendozaRosalind VenableRobert VendrickWilma VermaasAlicia VersluisGabriela VidalDawn ViensNicholas VigilRichard ViglizzoAtenojenes VillaElissa VillaMaxine VillaAndres VillaJose VillalobosIsmael VillalpandoTomas Villalva CastilloJuan VillanuevaLourdes VillanuevaRosa VillatoroSteven VoegtliMichael VogelChristopher VogenAbraham VolkerRandal VossDebra VowellMarie WadeWillie WagonerMichael WakeJoyce WalcottEugene WalderTeri WalkerMary WalkerJames WalkerMichael WallaceComalita Wallace FinneyJack WallerJennifer WallisJoseph WalterJohn WaltersChristine WaltersLorie Walters-PopeMarilyn WaltzKatie WantzJohn WardJames Washington Jr.Gregory WaskelMatthew WastrodowskiAnna WatersDavid WatkinsMary WatkinsWilliam WatsonHarmony WealthWilliam WeatherallMatthew WeaverAmber WeaverDaphne WebbGeorg WeberJoseph Weber IVRen WeddlesSetina WeddlesManfred WeggelWilliam WeinischkeCory WeissLewis WelchWilliam WellsLindsay WellsCloudia WellsSydney WestJaymie WestOrson WestOrrin WestRichard WestBetty WhitakerJohn WhiteLydia WhiteCharlene WhiteAndrea WhiteRochelle WhiteJessica WhitleyMatthew WhitmerFallon WiddisHana WildeLinda WildmanBeatrice WilesDavid WilliamsBrandon WilliamsElizabeth WilliamsLarry WilliamsRichard WilliamsJerald WilliamsLaurin WilliamsWayne WilliamsYolanda WilliamsSusan WilliamsAshley WilliamsKim WilliamsAndrew WillisRobert WillisJoseph Wilma, Jr.Jennifer WilmerSteven WilsonWilliam WilsonBrian WilsonJennifer WilsonJames WilsonRasheeyda WilsonRussell WilsonMark WilsonNoah WilsonEdward WinansElsa WindMichael WintersTiffany WiseMichaela WomackLarry WoodJustin WoodruffDennis WoodsJames WordJesse WorkAnthony WrightPatrick WrightCharles WrightCheryl WyantJennie WyckoffRobert YandellRene YanezJustin YetterCynthia YeungTerry YingstYue YipRonald YocomRhonda YocomPaul YotterDawn YoungJason YoungDavid YoungSteven YoungmanDaniel YuenMirko YugHannah ZaccagliniSusan ZahariasLisa ZahariasChristopher ZahariasGerber Zainos BeltranKristina ZaitsevaJorge Zaldivar SerranoAdalberto ZamoraCithlali ZamoraTracy ZandstraMartin ZapaidoJesus ZapataValerie ZapataWarren ZappelliKassandra ZaragozaPhilip ZarbaJorge ZavalaAlex ZavalaMarjorie ZeilengaReyna ZepedaLong ZhaoLing ZhengHeng Yu ZhouRachel ZiselmanLuis ZunigaJose ZunigaTravis Zwieg