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Unidentified Person

1936 San Bernadino County John Doe

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  • Last updated: March 24, 2023
  • Parker Dam, CA
  • February 3, 1936

Overview of 1936 San Bernadino County John Doe

The decedent was one of seven men who perished in a dormitory fire early on the morning of February 3, 1936, at Parker Dam. He had arrived in Parker on Saturday, February 1st, reportedly by bus from Riverside, California via Blythe. He was attempting to get bus passage to Las Vegas. He carried a suitcase with various items for sale (pills, bottle openers, razor blades) and may have been a peddler or traveling salesman. He may have given his name as "W.C. Laugtz" (same document notes "A.A. Seattery") and stated he last lived in Denver, Colorado. He claimed that he wrote articles about his travels, which were published in the Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City but this was denied by the city editor. He also claimed to have been a Railroad Station Agent (Boston-Main Railroad, 1929?) at one time in North Hampton, Massachusetts. He stated that he was a member of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen. No photographs, fingerprints, or dental records were obtained. The investigating agency is considering exhuming the body to attempt to gather a DNA sample.

Estimated Date of Death: Same day State of Remains: Burned Cause of Death: Accidental fire

Dentals: Not available. Wore dentures. Fingerprints: Not available. DNA: Not available.

Clothing: Blue suit and black hat. Jewelry: Unknown Additional Personal Items: Glasses, which he wore on the tip of his nose.

The Doe Network Case Number: 2403UMCA


  1. Date Found:February 3, 1936
  2. NAMUS Number:8366
  3. Race:Caucasian / White
  4. Gender:Male
  5. Height:5'11" to 6'1"
  6. Weight:175 to 185 lbs.
  7. Hair Color:Unknown
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