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Robert Spellman

Do you know what happened to Robert Spellman?

  • Last updated: April 4, 2023
  • Sherman Oaks, CA
  • April 13, 2005

Overview of Robert Spellman

Robert Spellman was last seen in April 2005 at a family member's residence in Sherman Oaks, California. His family grew worried when he didn't visit them as expected the next day and went to his home, which was found in disarray. Spellman was not there, and he has not been seen or heard from since.

At the time of his disappearance, Spellman was living on Alhama Drive in Woodland Hills, California, where he was renting a house with plans to buy it. However, the deal fell through, and he was served with an eviction notice the day he went missing, reportedly due to non-payment of rent. He was also sued by his landlord, who was a friend of Spellman's business partner.

According to his family, it was unusual for Spellman to leave without warning, and they described him as a charismatic aspiring actor who enjoyed working out and spending time with them. They believe he may have met with foul play and that he may have traveled to the Las Vegas area after his disappearance, although this has not been confirmed.

Spellman may be driving a blue 1998 Lexus GS400 with a rear spoiler or a green 2004 Porsche 911 convertible. Some agencies give the place of his disappearance as Los Angeles, and the city's police are investigating his case. Despite a lengthy lead sheet, authorities have yet to gain any real traction in the case. If you have any information, please contact the Los Angeles Police Department.


  1. Date Missing:April 13, 2005
  2. Age at Incident:27
  3. NAMUS Number:MP1203
  4. Race:White / Caucasian
  5. Gender:Male
  6. Height:5'8"
  7. Weight:165-175 lbs
  8. Hair Color:Brown
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