Khadijah Britton

A woman abducted by her ex-boyfriend is still missing, but charges were dropped.

Missing February 9, 2018 • Last updated: June 8, 2021

  • LocationCovelo, California
  • Date MissingFebruary 9, 2018
  • BirthdayApril 22, 1994

Khadijah graduated Round Valley High School in 2012, which was no small feat. The reservation suffered from a statistically low graduation rate, but Khadijah defied the odds and had hopes of going to college and pursuing a sports-related career. Her family was sure she could do it. However, after graduation, Khadijah's life took a turn and she started partying, using drugs on a regular basis, and spending time with people older than her. 


Featured SourceEpisode 144: Khadijah BrittonEpisode 144: Khadijah Britton

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