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More than 200,000 unsolved cases have gone cold since 1980. Uncovered is the nation’s largest database of information powered by you.

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Uncovered is where the most passionate true crime enthusiasts can learn from and teach others. Dig deeper into the stories you’ve heard before, and encounter many others you haven’t, in ways that actually help. At some point, compassion causes entertainment to grow into a need for activism, contribution, and community to solve the stories of real people.

  • Follow As you find people whose cases speak to you, follow them. You’ll be notified of any updates, and sometimes there are contributions you can make to the cases themselves.
  • Share While solving every case is the ideal, they can take time. Outside of DNA, what breaks cases open is sharing information and using your platform to bring awareness to the cases that don’t get as much attention.
  • Join When you raise your hand, you make a choice to be counted, and counted upon, as part of a movement that calls upon collective impact to uncover answers in unsolved cases.
  • Learn Expand your skills with resources and opportunities to learn from experts, advocates, and others like you.
  • Contribute No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Crowdsource the gaps, join a resource group, and put your true crime knowledge to use.

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  • Photo of police line tapeLimited ResourcesLaw enforcement is constrained by policies, budgets, community dynamics, and antiquated technology. With only 10% of agencies having dedicated cold case detectives, the decision to work on new investigations versus old ones is often made for them.
  • Photo of a microphone and blurred crowdLimited VoiceCases go cold and victims’ families spend years frozen in the moment while continuing to look for answers. Often, this forces them to become their own advocate and learn how to fight a system that seems to be working against them.
  • Photo of a someone with popcorn in a theaterLimited CompassionSociety’s obsession with true crime isn’t new, but when the content diminishes the very people whose stories are told while lionizing the perpetrators in the process, a line is crossed. When the goal is entertainment, it can be hard to remember just how real the victim is.
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