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Julian Quintero

A 20 year old man is shot and killed at a house party by uninvited guests

  • Last updated: October 14, 2022
  • Castroville, CA
  • January 22, 2017

Overview of Julian Quintero

Julian Quintero lived his life like Captain America, even in the end.

Julian grew up in Castroville, CA, where he attended North Monterey County High School. He played and lettered in football, track, and basketball, and was even voted Prom King his senior year. At the time of his death, Julian was attending Monterey Peninsula College, but had hopes to transfer to a four year university. He loved music, always brought happiness to a tough situation, and loved Captain America.

Julian Quintero
“My little brother was universally loved,” he said. “He was always smiling, he was very happy, very vibrant. Julian is probably the only person I’ve ever met I could never be angry at. He did everything great, he was good at sport, popular at school, extremely good looking. He was just a perfect kid.” - Gilbert Quintero, II, Julian’s brother.
Julian Quintero
“He liked what Captain America stood for. Captain America stood for people.” - Lupe Calderon, Julian’s mother.

On January 22, 2017, Julian left his home with a friend to go to a nearby houseparty.

Before leaving his home, his mother, Lupe, reminded him that he can call her if he needed a ride. After arriving at the house party located on Knollwood Court in Castroville, CA, Julian assumed the role of a bouncer, standing at the door to make sure only those who were invited are allowed into the party.

Julian was shot after a scene was caused by uninvited guests.

Shortly after arriving at the house, several uninvited guests showed up at the home and tried to get past Julian and into the party. When Julian refused to let the men into the home, they caused a scene, and Julian was shot three times in the back.

Home where the party was held on the night of Julian's death.

Where the case stands today.

Today it has been over five years since Julian’s senseless death and the individuals involved have yet to be found. Authorities continue raising awareness and looking desperately for answers.

"We have things to work on in this case, we have what people know as leads and we are working on those, but because of that, we do know that there are witnesses that haven’t come forward that haven’t shared with us what they know and we will continue to work on the case,” says Monterey County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy, John Thornburg.

If you have any information regarding Julian’s case, please contact the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office at (888) 833-4847.

Attendees wore Captain America shirts at a vigil to honor Julian.


  1. Date of Death:January 22, 2017
  2. Birthday:April 20, 1996
  3. Age at Incident:20
  4. Race:Hispanic/Latino
  5. Gender:Male

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