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Arizona Cold Cases

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Arizona Murders

As of December of 2020, the number of murders in Arizona by year was increasing drastically. Murders in Phoenix, Arizona, specifically, were up almost 20% from 2019. It seems Arizona murders are statistically high and only seem to be rising, while the overall crime rates in Phoenix have been steadily falling over the past few years.

Maricopa County is one of the largest counties, population wise, located in central Arizona. The county includes some of the biggest cities in the state, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, and Glendale. There are more murders in Maricopa County, Arizona, than there are in most, if not all, other counties in the state. Some of the unsolved central Arizona murders in this area include the 2001 murder of Brian Coney Adams, the 1991 murder of Nicole Molly Aguilera, the 2015 murder of Henok Woldu, the 2003 murder of Stephone Wickware, and the 1999 murder of Richard Tapia, along with other cold case disappearances, such as the 1988 disappearance of Myron Timell Traylor. Some of the most famous murderers in Arizona include Jodi Arias, Robert Fisher, Jason Derek Brown, Valerie Pape, and many others, including serial killers.

Unsolved Arizona Murders

Unlike many local and state law enforcement agencies that fail to offer clear information on cold cases in their area, the City of Phoenix has a complete list of all of the unsolved murders Phoenix, Arizona. Some of these Phoenix, Arizona, cold cases and unsolved Arizona murders include the 2001 murder of Brian Coney Adams, the 1991 murder of Nicole Molly Aguilera, and the 2004 murder of Bertha Altamirano, among many others. This website also includes resources regarding missing people and how families of victims can stay in contact with law enforcement as their case progresses.

Coconino County, which is located in the northeastern portion of Arizona, is one of Arizona’s largest counties by area and is home to over 141,000 residents. Coconino County has its own list of unsolved murders in Arizona, including most of the northern Arizona unsolved murders and east Arizona unsolved murders. Some of these cold cases include the 1971 murder of gas station and diner owner Merrit McCalister, the 1987 murder of Ina Langstaff, the 1997 murder of Penny Rodriguez, and the 2003 murder of Darwin Sheppard, along with many other cold case disappearances, such as the 1988 disappearance of Myron Timell Traylor.

Although many of the biggest unsolved murders in Arizona often remain unsolved for decades, it is vital to recognize the hard work and long hours put in by investigators who work tirelessly to solve these cold cases. Some Arizona cold cases that have been solved in recent years, or have at least resulted in arrests, include the 1978 murder of Fernando Calleros, the 2001 disappearance of Alissa Turney, the 2010 murder of Luis Victor Mendoza, and the 1978 murder of Dean Thoms, among many others. Unsolved murders Arizona are continuing to be solved, some at a faster pace than others, but it is at least important that we collectively see progress being made.

Joseph Smedley
Joseph SmedleySuspicious Death, 2015
Asha Degree
Asha DegreeMissing, 2000

Consider this

More than 200,000 unsolved cases have gone cold since 1980, and murder clearance rates continue to drop. With equity for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other underserved victims not prioritized in the true crime community—together we can do better.

Famous Arizona Murders

The state of Arizona is home to many notorious Arizona criminals and has been the location of many famous Arizona murders. From Jodi Arias, Robert William Fisher, and Valerie Pape, to lesser-known serial killers, the state is filled to the brim with infamous Arizona murders. Quick Google searches for “list of murders in Arizona,” “all murders in Arizona,” or “list of Arizona murders” will result in not only these lists, but also a handful of famous murders in Arizona such as those listed above, but also other Arizona famous murders, such as Robert Benjamin Smith, the first copycat mass murderer in the United States; the abduction and murder of Isabel Celis and Maribel Gonzalez; and Mark Goudeau, also known as “The Baseline Killer.”

Homicide Rate in Arizona

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Report, in 2019, the homicide rate in Arizona was 7.3, meaning that in 2019, 7.3 per 100,000 residents of the state were murdered. The violent crime rate in Arizona as of March of 2021 was around 455.3 per 100,000 residents, and the violent crime rate in Phoenix, Arizona, the state’s largest city, as of 2019 was around 732.57 per 100,000 residents.

You may find yourself asking, “Why is Arizona’s crime rate so high?” Well, Arizona’s total population is over 7.2 million, so the crime rate is bound to be somewhat high due to the crowded population in big cities. Not much can be said as to how many murders in Arizona 2021 or how many murders in Phoenix, Arizona, 2021 quite yet, but based on the Phoenix Police Department’s Uniform Crime Report for 2020, there had been over 187 homicides. Arizona murders rate seems to be worsening year by year, as law enforcement officials try to fight against it, hoping they’ll be able to at least raise the clearance rates, but more importantly, lower the homicide rate.

Maricopa County Murders

Maricopa County is the county with the highest population in Arizona, with over 4.3 million residents as of 2020. Maricopa County is home to some of the most populated cities in the state, including Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Glendale, all of which have a population of over 247,000 residents. Maricopa County murders are frequent, and often go cold and remain unsolved for extended periods of time. Due to the large number of murders and cold cases in Maricopa County alone, you can find Maricopa County murders trial information and Maricopa County murders evidence in some cases easily. Other cases do not have much information, such as Maricopa County murders crime scene photos, which are often saved for the trial.

Phoenix, Arizona Murders

Unsurprisingly, Phoenix, Arizona, murders rate is the highest mainly due to its dense population and size. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Report, in 2019 there were 131 murders in Phoenix, Arizona. Many of these Phoenix murders bring about constant Phoenix murders discussion online via social media sites and online forums. Although it may be extremely difficult to find Phoenix murders pictures, Phoenix murders crime scene photos, and Phoenix, Arizona, murders autopsy photos for most unsolved cases, there is plenty of detailed information regarding solved cases online.

Sadly, the Phoenix Police Department has a backlog of almost 2,400 unsolved murders, which they describe as cold cases because they have not received any new leads in at least a year. Although this seems overwhelming, many of these unsolved murders, even those which have remained unsolved for decades, are being solved using new and improved DNA technology. Phoenix murders DNA evidence was used to solve many cases in recent years, including the 1984 murder of Aimee See, the 1989 sexual assault and murder of Laura Hundling, the 1987 murder of Marilyn Johns, and the 1998 murder of Habib Raies, among many others.

Arizona Serial Killers

Among the many Arizona killers that have resided in Arizona over the years, there is a small list of serial killers in Arizona. Some of the lesser-known Arizona serial killers include Robert Danielson Jr., who killed 7 people; John Martini Sr., who killed 6 people; and James Gregory Marlow, also known as “The Folsom Wolf,” who killed 5 people.

Another Arizona serial killer list, which is easily found with a quick search, includes some of the most famous Arizona serial killers. The first in this list is Mark Godeau, also known as “The Baseline Killer,” who was convicted of murdering 9 people, kidnapping 11, and sexually assaulting 15. Another one of the Phoenix, Arizona, serial killers is Cory Morris, also known as “The Crackhead Killer,” who admitted to killing at least 5 sex workers. Finally, Dale Shawn Hausner, also known as “The Serial Shooter,” was convicted for killing 6 people between 2005 and 2006.

Crimes in Arizona

According to Safewise, the rate of violent crime in Arizona in 2021 remains at around 4.6 per 1,000 residents, and the rate of property crimes in Arizona is around 24.4 per 1,000 residents. Although this number seems extremely high, keep in mind that the population of Arizona is over 7.2 million residents. Also, the closer you live to more populated areas, the higher, it seems, the Arizona homicide and overall crime rate will be.

Arizona true crimes are similar to many other states, especially within higher populated areas. True crime stories in Arizona cover pretty much every angle, from The Scottsdale Murder Spree to gang violence shootings and serial killers. Briana Whitney and Serjio Hernandez, two journalists from Arizona, have a podcast titled True Crime Arizona, where they cover both solved and unsolved true crime cases in Arizona.

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Arizona John DoeOctober 1999 Phoenix, Arizona John Doe1999 Gila River Reservation, Arizona John Doe1999 Chandler, Arizona John Doe1998 Maricopa County John DoeSeptember 1997 Phoenix Arizona John Doe1998 Phoenix, Arizona John Doe1997 Mesa, Arizona John DoeAugust 1997 Phoenix, Arizona John Doe1998 Yavapai County John DoeJuly 1996 Phoenix, Arizona John DoeAugust 4, 1995 Phoenix, Arizona John DoeJuly 1995 Phoenix, Arizona John Doe1995 Rio Verde, Arizona John Doe1992 Mesa, Arizona John Doe1992 Phoenix, Arizona John Doe1991 Maricopa County John Doe1990 Maricopa County John Doe1993 Coconino County, Arizona John Doe1989 Phoenix, Arizona John Doe1995 Gila Bend, Arizona John Doe1989 Salt River, Arizona John Doe1992 El Mirage, Arizona John Doe1997 Fountain Hills, Arizona John Doe1994 Aguila, Arizona John DoeAugust 11, 1995 Phoenix, Arizona John DoeDecember 1996 Phoenix, Arizona John DoeNovember 18, 1994 Phoenix, Arizona John Doe1990 Phoenix, Arizona John Doe1996 Tempe, Arizona John Doe1994 Laveen, Arizona John DoeNovember 30, 1994 Phoenix, Arizona John Doe1996 Coconino County John DoeFebruary 1996 Phoenix, Arizona John DoeMay 1996 Phoenix, Arizona John DoeAugust 15, 1995 Phoenix, Arizona John Doe #1August 15, 1995 Phoenix, Arizona John Doe #21985 Maricopa County John DoeNovember 1988 Phoenix, Arizona John Doe1986 La Paz County John Doe1985 Gila Bend, Arizona John Doe1988 Coconino County John DoeNovember 1987 Phoenix, Arizona John DoeMarch 1988 Phoenix, Arizona John Doe1987 Queen Creek, Arizona John DoeFebruary 1986 Maricopa County John DoeJuly 1987 Phoenix, Arizona John Doe1987 Gila River Indian Reservation, Arizona John DoeMarch 1986 Maricopa County John Doe1988 Maricopa County John Doe1984 Maricopa County John Doe1985 Sentinel, Arizona John DoeJune 1988 Phoenix, Arizona John Doe1988 Pima County John DoeJuly 1986 Maricopa County John Doe1958 Coconino County Jane Doe1977 Maricopa County John Doe1933 Coconino County John Doe1973 Maricopa County John Doe1976 Coconino 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GarciaKarla Serna DavilaDaniel Serna GarciaFausto Sevilla AntonioJose Solis AltamiranoEfren Soto SotoJasar SuazoPedro SuazoBegonia Tapia MartinezJose Tellez ColinNoe TorresJorge Torres GomezJulio Traslavinia GonzalezRafael Trevedan BarrerasDiego Tum CotiyJulio Valdes BacariciaJesus ValdezRolando ValdezJorge Valdez CarrilloManuel Valdez PerezCarlos ValenzuelaJose ValenzuelaAgustin Vasquez HernandezGregorio Velasquez QuijadaReyna Verdugo MoralesRomulo Villa RoblesVernette WesterJavier Yanez MarinLucas ZavalaSalome Zequeida CastilloEstelle Soto-CarliniTimothy BorgerHerminio MartinezJesus Palomino - PonceAgustin Verde - ReyesEsequivel MoraJames DixonAmy YachimecEtta KovalyDouglas CrumEduardo Cruz GarciaMark DunneGabriel San Juan CruzJaime GutierrezAdrian PoleahlaRosibel Aranda-DemesaMaria Jesus Mazon-MartinezLuis Franco-ArredondoManuel Inzunza ValdezRosario Pacheco-FloresManuel MolinaTerrance YazzieJose Palafox CorralesRaymond PorteeDean ThomsRene LayjaJennifer PetersRamona FelixPaul TomassoLaverda SorrellAussie BinfordDiane Van ReethMichael ZiehlerTerasi NiholimbeleGilberto GonzalezKathleen FedeleReinhard KirchnerWilliam OttTravis RiddleDonald ShelenbergerArthur LevarioMarion BowersJose Garay GarayLaurie SmithPeter Thomas JrLacy MorenoLawrence Outah Jr.Niko InfantiJavier Diaz RamirezMiguel ServinRicardo Lopez LopezIsaac CarlosAlvaro Guerreo-LavanderEldy Lopez PerezJason SaulJames HendricksonPamula FurgesonAngel GutierrezJose Reynoso RamirezCynthia LeslieCesar Aguiar VargasLuis Arellano RicoAlberto Arreola CaroBaltazar Atondo VegaMargarito BuendiaFrancisco CastenedaVictor Chavez - LagardaZayda CruzGerald Currier Jr.Francisco DojaquezRosario DominguezHector Esparza MariscalLorenzo Espinoza - FernandezArmando Felipe - OrtizCarlos GonzalesSamuel GriderJonathan HemerJ Francisco Herrera RiveraJose Lizarraga SalazarJorge Maldonado - MontellanoJesus Monijo CarrilloVictor Munoz PrietoJesus Pacheco-RabagoLuis Quezada GallegosGuillerno QuinteroJavier RiveraJose Romero CuenCesar Sanchez LopezMary SloanLeobardo Torres - MontellanoRandy ChadburnPatricia CoronaAlbert CrawfordSamuel Cruz AudeloJohn DavidsonJames DiamondRuth DossKevin DycusErnest FortnerHoward HarrisPablo HernandezShelley HokeCookie JacobsonLisa JamesonMary JarrettLuis Jimenez-VillalobosPaul JohnsonJames JohnsonPamela JonesLeland JonesJohn KozmaIda LeeJackie LeslieKari LindMarco LopezTerance LynchMaria MartinezElizabeth MathewsCarl MauMaria MauricioDavid MillerTroy MoncriefCynthia MoralesLaverne MorrowLuis MuruaGene PayneJeffrey PetritzIsrael Quintana, Sr.Jesus RamirezLawrence ReissJulien Rios QuinonesRichard RodriguezMaria RuthlingAnn SanchezHeather SilverWilliam Sisco, Jr.Luther SmithEddie SmithGilman TaylorRobert Urton Sr.Diana VicariDennis WassonMark WellerJennifer WictorRosario ZazuetaMark BerumenCharles BretzmanMichael BruceMiguel CortesWilliam DavcevNancy DennisDelfina EsiquioAntonio FazariDaniel GarciaPhillip GilliamOscar Gomez-GraciaJune GoodmanVincent GormanClaudia GuillenLeslie HaynieJose Henriquez-DiazMerry HonomichlKeith KingJulian KirchoffJeffrey KoldenJohn KueperCatherine NelsonFrancisco Noriega-VerdugoGuillermo PerezJoseph PolidoroManuel QuintanaTomas Rodriguez-RomeroJoan SheltonLisa SnelgroveBenjamin TallmadgeDucong TrinhKimberly VarelaMiguel Alcala MaldonadoJuan AvalosOrlando Delfino-SalinasHarlan DennisRoy EtsittyRicardo Maguino OrizolaRobert MoralesErick Salguero FrancoMichelle SeguraShaun StewardMichael TapleyLuis VillafanaMichael DuhaimeAdela Guzman-MendozaKevin HardyMarlana McElvaineCameron SequeiraBruce EvansRickie OutlawNestor Cabrales ValenzuelaDaniel EspinozaMonico HernandezWyatt JuanCody LavarniaChristopher Aguayo-FelixJeffrey AlvaradoAlyssa AndersonOscar Avita RuizMichael BracamonteVictor Carillo-GamezJose Carrillo TapiaEdward CoxCristin CrableKeely CulverLuis DominguezAyana DunbarAmadeo FigueroaHarmony GonzalesAxel Emerson Guzman-LaynezEmily HieberBrian HistandJason JohnsonPatrick KennedyDrake KramerLuis Lopez OchoaJavier MartinezSachiko 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AragonJose Barrios AlcantaraYesica Becerra GomezHugo Bermudez SanchezSujey Caballero de RiveraJavier Campos RamirezLuis Carbajal AlvaradoElias Casillas LozanoCarlos Castellano AguileraReyes ChagalaVictor Colin RojasJavier Coronel ValdezJuan Cortez RamosIrma Cruz MonzonJeremias Cuellar ZunigaJean Carlos Da Cruz GomesBlanca de HernandezBertha de Jesus DionisioAbraham de Jesus MerinoEnrique de la CruzSalvador de los SantosJulio Encinas GrivalvaDaniel EstradaManuel Estrada DiazNarciso Ezequiel Lujan Tobon-DiazJesus Flores FloresJuan Gallardo ChavezAlfredo Gallardo GaytanEniceforo Garcia LunaJuana Garcia MirandaJuan GomezDaniel GonzalezMateo GonzalezLuciano Gonzalez LiraJulio Hernandez AnestosoRamon Hernandez LopezHoracio Hernández SolGenaro Ibarra RosasJose Jimenez JimenezAdela Lara LemusLeonardo Leyva BeltranJose LizamaJuan Lopez GaxiolaJose Lopez RamirezEzequiel Lopez SolisRodolfo Lopez VillalpandoJuan Lux MonroyRafael Maceda MendezGenaro Martinez MartinezBrenda Martinez MendezMelvin 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