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Unidentified Person

2001 Pima County Jane Doe

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  • Last updated: March 13, 2023
  • Coldfields Village , AZ
  • May 29, 2001

Overview of 2001 Pima County Jane Doe

Decedent was found in remote desert area, near Rt. 19, MP 8, under a tree using her purse as a pillow. Birth certificate found in context with the decedent bears the name "Anna Maria Del Rosario Gonzalez Ortiz", and date of birth "August 25, 1952".

Estimated Date of Death: Weeks prior to being found State of Remains: Not recognizable - Decomposing/putrefaction Cause of Death: Unknown

Dentals: Available; Two pink acrylic dental plates with plastic teeth. Upper plate: a vertical gold-colored metallic strip was placed between two upper central incisors; upper left lateral incisor exhibits a false gold crown with a "natural face"; right lateral incisor exhibits a small stainless steel full crown added to the plate. Lower plate: pink acrylic and plastic teeth, exhibits a repaired complete fracture of the right side of the denture in the area of the first premolar; the old fracture line split the prosthetic tooth. Fingerprints: Available DNA: Available

Clothing: Blue short sleeved button-up denim shirt Denim pants. Dark colored shorts with white pattern around legs. Jewelry: Unknown Additional Personal Items: Black and white athletic shoes, White socks, Black purse, dentures, yellow metal crucifix, yellow metal wrist watch, white metal pocket watch with chain, calculator, sunglasses, American currency.

The Doe Network Case Number: 747UFAZ


  1. Date Found:May 29, 2001
  2. NAMUS Number:7149
  3. Race:Hispanic / Latino
  4. Gender:Female
  5. Height:4'10"
  6. Weight:156 lbs
  7. Hair Color:Brown
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