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Unidentified Person

2008 Gunsight, Arizona John Doe

Can you help identify this John Doe?

  • Last updated: March 22, 2023
  • Gunsight, AZ
  • June 24, 2008

Overview of 2008 Gunsight, Arizona John Doe

The decedent's decomposed remains were located by US Border Patrol along a dirt road that runs south from State Route 86 near mile marker 56 on the Tohono OÂ’odham Reservation. The name on the health clinic receipt has not been verified by the Mexican Consulate. Fingerprints later matched remains to an unidentified male apprehended by the border patrol on August 14, 2000.

Estimated Date of Death: Up to 2 weeks prior State of Remains: Not recognizable - Decomposing/putrefaction Cause of Death: Unknown

Dentals: Available. Tooth #10 - single pontic flipper type removable denture; #11 - bridge attache for #10; #14, #30 - large caries. Fingerprints: Available. DNA: Available.

Clothing: Black T-shirt with "Fast Mo Fo" on the front, shirt (soiled, unknown color), light blue Lee denim pants (made in Costa Rica), purple athletic shorts with "NYS" on the front left side, a brown leather belt, and black and red soccer shoes. Jewelry: A yellow metal bracelet, a cloth bracelet, a brown cord necklace with charm, a yellow metal ring with clear and green stones, and a yellow metal ring with clear stones. Additional Personal Items: A cell-phone case, an MP3 player with head-phones, a clear crystal cube, a pair of scissors, nail clippers, a flash drive, bus tickets, and a receipt from a health clinic in Hermosillo, Sonora dated June 4, 2008 with the name “Junio Joel Ruiz.”

The Doe Network Case Number: 2330UMAZ


  1. Date Found:June 24, 2008
  2. NAMUS Number: 4924
  3. Race:Hispanic / Latino
  4. Gender:Male
  5. Height:5'4"
  6. Weight:Unknown
  7. Hair Color:Brown with tinges of red and/or blonde
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