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Unidentified Person

2009 Pima County John Doe

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  • Last updated: March 22, 2023
  • 17 miles north of Sasabe, AZ
  • April 6, 2009

Overview of 2009 Pima County John Doe

The decedent's cranium was found by the U.S. Border Patrol in an Arizona desert. The initial assessment of the remains indicated the decedent's sex was female, but DNA results indicated the decedent was a male.

Estimated Date of Death: 2006-2009 State of Remains: Skeletal. Only the cranium was recovered. Cause of Death: Unknown

Dentals: Available - X-rays and photographs. Right maxilla and mandible not recovered. #12, root remnant present. #15 - postmortem fragmentation on facial surface. Fingerprints: Not Available. DNA: Available.

Clothing: Iceberg Jeans denim pants, size 36; Fat Albert and the Junkyard Gang shirt fragment; JG DXTS short-sleeved shirt; White leather belt and buckle; White Adidas hat; GBX brown leather shoes, size 7.5 Jewelry: Unknown Additional Personal Items: Unknown

The Doe Network Case Number: 1977UMAZ


  1. Date Found:April 6, 2009
  2. NAMUS Number:6351
  3. Race:Hispanic / Latino
  4. Gender:Male
  5. Height:Unknown
  6. Weight:Unknown
  7. Hair Color:Unknown
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