Myron Timell Traylor

A 13-year-old boy goes missing; his mother's boyfriend is the prime suspect.

Missing July 27, 1988 • Last updated: March 28, 2021

  • LocationPhoenix, Arizona
  • Date MissingJuly 27, 1988
  • BirthdayOctober 1, 1974

Myron was walking to his grandparents' house with his mother in Phoenix, Arizona on July 27, 1988. His grandparents' residence was located on east Pecan Road.

Myron stopped at OK Fish-N-Chips, which was located on 16th Street and Southern Avenue, to purchase a soft drink while his mother continued ahead. He was last seen at approximately 6:00 p.m. outside the stand after purchasing a soda.

Myron was carrying a plastic bag full of dirty laundry at...

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