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Pauline Robbin Burgette

Who killed Pauline Robbin Burgette?

  • Last updated: July 6, 2023
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • April 12, 1978

Overview of Pauline Robbin Burgette

Pauline Robbin Burgette was only 16 years old at the time of her death. Those who knew Robbin describe her as outgoing, a great sister and, friend. At the time of her death, Robbin was living in an apartment with her mother and brother.

Robbin was last seen by her friends on April 11, 1978. She was home alone but her neighbors recall seeing Robbin earlier that day. The next day on April 12, 1978, her family found Robbin murdered inside their apartment. DNA evidence was collected at the scene, but there have been no matches. Investigators believe that at least two people were present when the murder occurred.

Pauline's case remains unsolved. The Pheonix Police department is providing a $1,000 reward for anyone who comes forward with information that leads to an arrest. If you have any information regarding Robbin's murder, please contact the Pheonix Police Department Homicide Cold Case Unit at 602-495-5883.


  1. Date Found:April 12, 1978
  2. Birthday:February 23, 1962
  3. Age at Incident:16
  4. Race:Caucasian / White
  5. Gender:Female

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