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New York Cold Cases

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New York Murders

Multiple local and state law enforcement and investigation organizations publish statistics on the number of murders in New York by year on their websites. In addition to local and state organizations, the Federal Bureau of Investigation posts an annual Uniform Crime Report which primarily focuses on outlining the kinds of crimes and crime data figures for most cities and counties within every state, in addition to several different sorts of information per state. In addition to the FBI, local law enforcement agencies in New York provide several similar resources, and Project: Cold Case provides the public with a comprehensive page on the unsolved homicide statistics in each U.S. state, as well as a growing database with the basic information for nearly 25,000 cold cases.

As previously mentioned, in recent years, Project: Cold Case partnered with the Murder Accountability Project in order to create a comprehensive list of unsolved homicide statistics for each state in the U.S. According to this report, from 1980-2019, there were around 77,534 homicides in New York. Since then, approximately 47,218 of those murders have been solved or seen some form of resolution, currently leaving the state with around 30,316 unsolved murders in New York as of the data’s latest update.

Along with the database provided by Project: Cold Case, there are several additional lists and databases for unsolved homicides and missing people in New York. Some examples of the many unsolved murders in northern New York which can be easily found within numerous databases/lists include some unsolved northern New York murders, including the 1984 murder of Dawn Andrea Svocak, the 2007 murder of Linda Holgerson, and the 1976 murder of Carol Ann Ingham, among others. Other examples of cases that are often included are unsolved central New York murders, which include the 1985 murder of Kristin O’Connell, the 2018 murder of Tonya “Kita” Harvey, the 1999 murder of Suzanne “Sue” Pitcher, and the 1984 murder of Robert Darling, Jr., along with many others.

The 2014 murder of the Chen Family, the 1959 murder of Ruth Ann Whitman, and the 1991 murder of Edward “Mitt” Croley, as well as the 1998 disappearance of Suzanne Lyall and the 1981 disappearance of William “Willie” Woolheater are examples of unsolved murders in Albany County, New York, and unsolved murders in Albany, New York, that you may also find within the same lists or databases.

Unsolved New York Murders

Project: Cold Case’s website isn’t just home to a database with nearly 25,000 cold cases, it is also home to an entire unsolved homicide statistic webpage which has proved to be an amazing resource that was put together with the help of the Murder Accountability Project. The information shown on this page contains the number of homicides that occurred in each U.S. state from 1980-2019, the number of homicides that remain unsolved as of the website’s latest update, and each state’s homicide clearance rate. In addition to the resources provided by Project: Cold Case and the Murder Accountability Project, several local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies offer resources on their own respective websites, showing details about unsolved New York murders and disappearances.

A few of the many northern New York unsolved murders that are occasionally included within lists on several law enforcement websites as well as other databases are the 1984 murder of Dawn Andrea Svocak, the 2007 murder of Linda Holgerson, and the 1976 murder of Carol Ann Ingham, along with others. As for the few unsolved murders Albany, New York, you may also find the 1991 murder of Edward “Mitt” Croley, as well as the 1998 disappearance of Suzanne Lyall and the 1981 disappearance of William “Willie” Woolheater among some of these lists. Also, additional examples of the seemingly countless number of unsolved murders New York which are frequently included within the lists of cold cases are the numerous east New York unsolved murders. These include the the 1993 murder of Betty Conley, the 1996 murder of Wilbert Corona, the 1983 murder of Robert Gutkaiss, the 1987 murder of Deborah Koenig, and the 1997 murder of Richard Anderson, among many others.

More specifically, is seems as if a majority of New York’s unsolved murders have occurred in the New York City and Long Island area. Examples of unsolved cases from this region of New York, which you can find fully visualized on Uncovered.com, include the 1980 murder of Eve Wilkowitz, the 1984 murder of Laura Parker, the 1982 murder of Tina Foglia, and the 1985 murder of Jacqueline Martarella. In addition to the countless unsolved murders in this area, there are also many unsolved disappearances. These include the 1984 disappearance of Kelly Morrissey, the 1989 abduction of Shane Walker, the 1989 abduction of Christopher Dansby, the 1970 disappearance of Denise Sheehy, the 1969 disappearance of Cynthia Constantine, the 1990 disappearance of Norine Higuchi Brown, and the 1981 disappearance of Janice Fullam.

Joseph Smedley
Joseph SmedleySuspicious Death, 2015
Asha Degree
Asha DegreeMissing, 2000

Consider this

More than 200,000 unsolved cases have gone cold since 1980, and murder clearance rates continue to drop. With equity for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other underserved victims not prioritized in the true crime community—together we can do better.

Famous New York Murders

Many of the cases listed above are some of the most famous New York murders, and can be found within any specific list of all New York murders. Several other cases are included within the list of unsolved New York murders that may be found on various law enforcement websites, some of which also include notorious New York criminals who are still on the run.

A few of the most infamous New York murders which currently remain unsolved which you can find fully visualized on Uncovered.com include the 1980 murder of Eve Wilkowitz, the 1984 murder of Laura Parker, the 1982 murder of Tina Foglia, the 1985 murder of Kristin O’Connell, the 2018 murder of Tonya “Kita” Harvey, and the 1985 murder of Jacqueline Martarella.

Homicide Rate in New York

With an overall population of an overwhelming 20.4 million people, New York is no stranger to crime, as is shown within Uniform Crime Reports that have been published by the FBI for many years. Looking through these datasets, you can find information such as violent crime rates and homicide rates for many cities and counties within every state in the U.S., making it an incredible resource. According to their 2019 report, the overall violent crime rate in New York was approximately 832.2 per every 100,000 residents of the state. According to the same comprehensive report, the homicide rate in New York was about 8.6 per 100,000 inhabitants, meaning that there were nearly 9 murders for every 100,000 people living in New York.

Albany, the capital city of New York, has a population of approximately 85,000 people, which is, of course, significantly less than the state’s largest cities, including New York City, Buffalo, and Rochester. Several resources including multiple law enforcement agency websites and the FBI’s Uniform Crime Rates, offer a general idea of the current crime rates in Albany. The violent crime rate in Albany, New York, in 2018 was around 395.6 for every 100,000 residents, and the Albany, New York, murders rate was approximately 5.94 per 100,000 inhabitants that year. Even though these resources give us a general idea of the overall crime trends in recent years, there is still no definite manner in which we can determine exactly how many murders in Albany, New York, 2021 or how many murders in New York 2021. The closest we can get to an answer to these questions, based on archived crime reports, is that the homicide rates as well as the violent crime rates in both the city and state are slowly rising as each year passes.

Albany County Murders

Albany County, New York, has a population of roughly 303,000 residents as of the latest population count, still significantly smaller than the largest city in the state. Despite this, we don’t know exactly how many Albany County, New York, murders have been committed in recent years, but we can view archived FBI Uniform Crime Reports to make an estimate on the current crime trends. As mentioned by these reports, there were no murders committed from 2015-2018, and only one in 2019. Based on these reports and statistics, there are not many homicides committed in Albany County, New York, and the homicide rate has remained stable over the past 5 years, with one slight fluctuation in 2019.

Once authorities are able to collect enough Albany County murders evidence, they finally have the opportunity to take their prime suspect to Albany County murders trial. Numerous different categories and types of evidence are included in Albany County homicide trials, but most commonly include crime scene photos. Albany County murders crime scene photos are almost always shown in the county’s homicide trials in order for the state prosecutor to give the jury an accurate representation of the crime scene.

Albany, New York Murders

Even though Albany, New York, homicides seem to occur much less frequently than homicides in New York’s largest cities and most of the recent unsolved murders in Albany, New York, have been solved, Albany murders discussion continues online. The most popular social media platforms for discussions include Reddit, Websleuths, and Facebook, where users gather in order to speculate and share various types of information and theories. These are often home to conversations focused on Albany murders pictures, Albany murders crime scene photos, and even Albany, New York, murders autopsy photos.

In recent years, massive breakthrough advancements in DNA technology have been made, leading to hundreds, if not thousands, of cold cases being solved, or at least opening new doors with new information. The following include examples of cases in which Albany murders DNA or DNA from crimes committed in different parts of New York has been used in order to solve cold cases: the 1980 murder of Helene Pruzynski, the 1976 murder of Evelyn Colon and her unborn child, the 1984 murder of Wendy Jerome, and even the identification of the Mount Vernon Jane Doe as Veronica Wiederhold, a homicide from 1988.

New York Serial Killers

Due to the rising interest in serial killers, multiple websites have included detailed information about the hundreds of serial killers across the United States, including those in New York. Due to its massive population, New York has had to deal with more than enough New York killers and New York serial killers, enough to quickly fill multiple serial killer lists, such as those which may be titled New York serial killer list.

Joel Rifkin, who murdered at least 17 sex workers in New York City from 1989-1993, is one of the most notorious New York City, New York, serial killers. David Berkowitz, also known as the “Son of Sam” or the “.44 Caliber Killer,” who killed at least 6 people in the 1970s, and Albert Hamilton Fish, who killed 3-10+ people from 1924-1939 in New York, include some of the most recognizable, well-known, and notorious New York serial killers who are almost always found among the lists of serial killers in New York. In addition to the serial killers who have been identified, you may find a couple of serial killers whose identities have remained unknown. Among those with unknown identities are the Long Island Serial Killer, also known as the “Gilgo Beach Killer” or “LISK,” who is believed to be responsible for the murder of at least 10 young women and girls from the late 1990s and early 2000s, as well as the individual responsible for the “Alphabet Murders,” which were three murders of young girls with alliterative names, killed in Rochester, New York, between 1971 and 1973.

Crimes in New York

If you would like to read further into the statistics for crimes in New York, various local, state, and even federal law enforcement groups have issued public yearly crime reports on their websites, which outline the categories and frequency of crimes in that region. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, for example, provides the public with an annual Uniform Crime Report that analyzes the type of crimes that have been committed in addition to the crime rates in each state, along with a detailed report on crime in New York.

Although it may seem that the number of New York homicide and true crime stories in New York may be too much for law enforcement to handle, Project: Cold Case’s unsolved homicide statistic webpage shows how much progress they have made in the last 40 years. From 1980-2019, New York police have been able to solve approximately 47,218 of the state’s unsolved homicides in New York, starting with 77,534 in the time frame, leaving only 30,316 cold case murders today. Although it may seem that progress has moved slowly in most cases, and the number of current cold cases may seem overwhelming, New York law enforcement and investigators will never stop their investigations into the remaining unsolved cases, making it their mission to solve every one of New York true crimes.

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