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Jacqueline Martarella

A teenager disappears on her way to work and was later found strangled to death

  • Last updated: November 18, 2021
  • Oceanside, NY
  • March 26, 1985

Overview of Jacqueline Martarella

Jacqueline was last seen after she left a friends home in her hometown of Oceanside, she was going to walk to her job at a local Burger King. Her body was later found in a marshy area near Woodmere Country Club's golf course. 

Many have tied the cases of Jacqueline, Theresa Fusco and Kelly Morrissey together. Both Fusco and Morrisey had been friends. Morrisey was known to frequent the same roller rink where Fusco worked and both Martarella and Fusco were strangled and left nude. All three girls were walking when they were abducted.   


  1. Date Found:March 26, 1985
  2. Age at Incident:19

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