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Leichia Reilly

Everyone in Buffalo knows this case

  • Last updated: February 5, 2024
  • West Seneca, NY
  • January 31, 1985

Overview of Leichia Reilly

Leichia was a vibrant young woman who loved writing and art.

She attended Buffalo State College and was excited to further her education. Like most 21-year-old women, she also enjoyed going out with her friends to local bars and clubs, much like the Pierce Arrow Restaurant in West Seneca, New York. Leichia went out with her friend, who ended up not staying the entire time. Leichia was left to mingle with someone she just met, Daniel Rose, a state trooper.

Leichia was last seen alive leaving the club with Daniel Rose at 3:00 AM on January 31st, 1985.

Multiple witnesses have the pair leaving the club together, at that approximate time. Daniel's friends were surprised that he came back alone an hour later, and immediately dropped into the bathroom. When confronted with this timeline, Rose said he was with an unrelated female friend named Cathy for 20 minutes in the parking lot and had no idea who Leichia was.

Friends subsequently interviewed claimed that contrary to the statements Daniel had provided the police, he had left with Leichia at 3:00 a.m, and that Daniel left the club with his friends around 4:00 AM. One friend interviewed claimed he stayed over at Rose's apartment, and that he left shortly afterward to "go to some girl's house". Upon waking around 10:00 AM, Rose told the friend that the person he went to see was not home.

Rose was let go from the police department two weeks after Leichia's disappearance.

The police force claims that he was let go for unrelated charges. After his career for the state police force, Daniel became the president of the bricklayer's union in town and has racked up multiple criminal charges.

Leichia's father, Patrick, passed away in 2016.

He was a fierce advocate for her case, and always believed she was murdered and disposed of after refusing sexual advances that evening. Her case lives on in hope that one day more details about her disappearance will surface.

If you have any information on this case, please call the West Seneca PD's tip line at (716) 674-2280.


  1. Date Missing:January 31, 1985
  2. Birthday:October 5, 1963
  3. Current Age:60
  4. Age at Incident:21
  5. NAMUS Number:MP2885
  6. Race:Caucasian / White
  7. Gender:Female
  8. Height:5'5"
  9. Weight:120-125 lbs
  10. Hair Color:Brown

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