Christopher Milton "Choo Choo" Dansby

A 2-year-old is abducted from a playground, potentially connected to two similar cases

Missing May 18, 1989 • Last updated: March 22, 2021

  • LocationNew York, New York
  • Date MissingMay 18, 1989
  • BirthdayMarch 30, 1987

Christopher Milton Dansby was born on March 30, 1987. Affectionately nicknamed “Choo choo”, he was just 2-years-old at the time of his disappearance. He was last seen wearing a blue jacket over a floral print shirt as well as blue jeans and white and green sneakers.

On May 18, 1989, Allison Dansby, Christopher's mother, took Choo choo and his brother, Levon, to a playground located at the Martin Luther King Jr. Towers building l at 114th Street...

Featured SourceThe Disappearance of Shane Walker & Christopher DansbyThe Disappearance of Shane Walker & Christopher Dansby

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