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Texas Cold Cases

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Texas Murders

If you want to take a closer look at the number of murders in Texas by year, you can visit the websites of many local, state, and even federal law enforcement agencies, which often publish comprehensive reports with more information on crimes committed in the area during specific periods of time. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, in addition to Texas’s numerous law enforcement agencies, compiles and publishes an annual Uniform Crime Report that provides detailed information and statistics on the various types of crimes and their crime rates for each state, including many counties and cities in every state. Another great resource is Project: Cold Case, which partnered with the Murder Accountability Project to compile a comprehensive list of all unsolved murders in every state between 1980 and 2019. According to this list, there were a staggering 86,484 homicides in Texas during that time period of almost 40 years. On closer inspection, approximately 63,903 of these murders have been solved during the same period, so law enforcement agencies have approximately 22,581 unsolved murders in Texas according to the latest website update.

The 1993 murder of Kimberly Groseclose, the 1993 murder of Stephane Henderson, the 1990 murder of Derrick Jackson, the 1987 murder of Martha McGraw, and the 1996 murder of Evangelina “Angie” Cruz are just a few examples of some of the unsolved murders in northern Texas which you can find on the websites of several local and statewide law enforcement organizations, as well as within the database being built by Project: Cold Case. Some unsolved central Texas murders also found within these lists and databases, as well as on Uncovered.com, include the 1992 murder of Toni Ann Ackerman, the 1983 murder of Charles Bates, the 1982 murder of Ruth Bettis, the 1981 murder of Carol Joyce Deleon, the 2016 murder of Terri “Missy” Bevers, and the 2009 murder of Maria Alcantar, along with the 2013 unsolved disappearance of Brandon Lawson.

Some of the unsolved murders in Houston, Texas, include the 1980 double murder of Andrew and Estella Salinas, the 1974 murder of Edward “Edd” Williams, the 2000 murder of Kenisha Shavonne Dixon, the 1997 murder of Erica Ann Garcia, and the 2019 murder of Elizabeth Barraza, which can also be found on the Uncovered website. Finally, the 2017 murder of Debarione “Brandi” Seals, the 1977 murder of Samarra Kaye Cribbs, the 1979 murder of Angela Kelly, the 1990 murder of Detta Dee Taylor Maris, and the 2001 murder of Daniel Whitehead are a few examples of some of the many unsolved murders in Harris County, Texas, included within various lists and databases.

Unsolved Texas Murders

As mentioned above, not only can you find murder statistics on various law enforcement websites, but you can also find a complete list of the number of unsolved murders in each state on the Project: Cold Case website. To reiterate, according to Project: Cold Case, there are currently approximately 22,581 Texas cold cases, a number that has dropped dramatically as law enforcement agencies continue to investigate unsolved cases. Most, if not all, unsolved Texas murders can generally be found on the websites of various local and state law enforcement agencies. In addition to the reports that you can find on these websites, the Texas Rangers unsolved homicides website also has a complete list of unsolved murders that have been committed in Texas.

A few of the many northern Texas unsolved murders that are listed on various law enforcement websites include the 1993 murder of Kimberly Groseclose, the 1993 murder of Stephane Henderson, the 1990 murder of Derrick Jackson, the 1987 murder of Martha McGraw, and the 1996 murder of Evangelina “Angie” Cruz, among many others. Additionally, the 2017 murder of Debarione “Brandi” Seals, the 1974 murder of Edward “Edd” Williams, the 2000 murder of Kenisha Shavonne Dixon, the 1997 murder of Erica Ann Garcia, and the 2019 murder of Elizabeth Barraza, can easily be found among the lists are unsolved murders Houston, Texas, which you may find on local law enforcement websites or on the Texas Rangers unsolved homicides website. Lastly, the 2001 murder of Tara Blue, the 1995 murder of Mary Catherine Edwards, the 1982 murder of Monica “Christie” Wilson, the 2002 murder of Jennifer Harris, and the 2001 murder of Travoski Johnson, are just a few examples of another form of unsolved murders Texas, which are almost always included on various law enforcement lists of cold cases, the category being east Texas unsolved murders.

Joseph Smedley
Joseph SmedleySuspicious Death, 2015
Asha Degree
Asha DegreeMissing, 2000

Consider this

More than 200,000 unsolved cases have gone cold since 1980, and murder clearance rates continue to drop. With equity for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other underserved victims not prioritized in the true crime community—together we can do better.

Famous Texas Murders

If you are someone who is interested in true crime, you might be a little more interested in unsolved crimes in addition to solved crimes, several of which may be included in the the list of all murders in Texas, list of Texas murders, or even list of murders in Texas. Not only can you discover solved as well as unsolved crimes on such lists, but you can quite often find famous Texas murders, notorious Texas criminals, famous disappearances, and even prominent Texas serial killers.

The 1996 murder of Amber Hagerman, the 2016 murder of Terri “Missy” Bevers, the 1991 murders of Amy Ayers, Eliza Thomas, and Jennifer and Sarah Harbison, also known as the “Austin Yogurt Shop Murders,” and the 2019 murder of Elizabeth Barraza are examples of famous Texas murders. Also included in the lists of cold cases in Texas are the many strange and unexplained disappearances. A few of these strange disappearances include the 2013 disappearance of Brandon Lawson, the 2010 disappearance of Pauline Diaz, and the 2006 disappearance of Brandi Wells are some of the most infamous Texas murders and well-known disappearances which currently remain unsolved.

Homicide Rate in Texas

As per the 2019 Uniform Crime Report (UCR) from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the violent crime rate in Texas was about 428.9 per 100,000 people. In other words, about 430 people per 100,000 people in Texas were directly affected by violent crime in 2019. According to the same data, the homicide rate in Texas was sitting at approximately 4.9 per 100,000 people in 2019. This indicates that around 5 persons per 100,000 inhabitants in Texas were killed in 2019.

Houston is Texas’s largest metropolis, with a population of more than 6.49 million people. The violent crime rate in Houston, Texas, was about 1,026.11 per 100,000 people in 2018, while the Houston, Texas, murders rate was approximately 11.77 per 100,000 people. While there’s no exact way of knowing how many murders in Texas 2021 or how many murders in Houston, Texas, 2021, we can estimate that, based on archival records, the homicide rate and violent crime rate in both Houston and Texas as a whole appear to be growing every year.

Harris County Murders

As of the 2019 census, the total population of Harris County, Texas, was over 4.77 million, making it the most populous county in the entire state of Texas. With violent crime and homicide rates seemingly above average, more homicides remain unsolved longer than many other parts of the country. While we don’t know exactly how many Harris County murders have been committed in recent years, archived annual Uniform Crime Reports from the Federal Bureau of Investigation can shed some light on some accurate statistics. Based on these archived reports, there were 92 murders in Harris County in 2016, 92 in 2017, 86 in 2018, and 97 in 2019. Based on these figures, it appears that the number of murders in Harris County each year since 2016 has increased, but have been somewhat stable from 2016-2019. Occasionally, homicide investigators may collect enough Harris County murders evidence to arrest and prosecute a murder suspect before taking them to their Harris County murders trial. The most common types of evidence shown in Harris County homicide trials include DNA evidence, trace evidence, biological evidence, and even Harris County murders crime scene photos, depending on the type of crime.

Houston, Texas, Murders

Houston, Texas, murders seem to occur more frequently than most, if not all, other cities in the state, probably due to Houston’s size and population, as we can see from the Texas homicide clearance rate, which is around 74% according to Project: Cold Case. Based on this, it seems that most of the murders in Houston, Texas, are resolved quickly, thanks in part to law enforcement efforts and improvements, and improvements in forensic technology. Of course, authorities continue to investigate the state’s unsolved murders using every resource or tool available to them. As in any other state, the Houston murders discussion continues tirelessly on various social media platforms, presumably until all of the state’s murders are solved. Facebook, Websleuths, and Reddit are among the most popular in the true crime community, where users come together to speculate, share theories and information, and have conversations about every detail of a case, often with examples like Houston murders pictures, Houston murders crime scene photos, and sometimes even Houston, Texas, murders autopsy photos.

Breakthrough improvements in DNA technology have resolved hundreds, if not thousands, of cold cases of all ages in every state across the United States. Some examples of the various cases in which Houston murders DNA or DNA from crimes that took place in other parts of Texas has been used to clarify unsolved cases include: the 1995 murder of Mary Catherine Edwards, the 1983 murder of Laura Marie Purchase, the 1974 murder of Carla Walker, the 1982 murder of Velma Nesset, and the 1984 murder of Claretha “Coco” Gibbs, among many others.

Texas Serial Killers

If you are interested in the true crime genre, you may also have an interest in serial killers. If you’ve ever gone through any type of serial killer list, you most likely have come across one of several Texas serial killers without even recognizing their names. There are far more Texas killers than you can imagine, who are often included within any list of serial killers in Texas or Texas serial killer lists. Some of the more notorious Texas serial killers who frequent these lists include Angel Maturino Resendiz, also known as the “Railroad Killer,” who confessed to murdering 8 people in Texas, but 15 in total in the 1980s and 1990s; Joseph Ball, also known as “The Butcher of Elmendorf,” who murdered 5-14+ young women from 1936-1938; Henry Lee Lucas, also known as “The Confession Killer,” who confessed to killing up to 3,000 residents of Texas and Michigan, but was only convicted of killing 11; and Kenneth McDuff, also known as the “Broomstick Murderer,” who killed at least 14 individuals from 1966-1992.

Other well-known Texas serial killers include Genene Jones, who murdered at least 46 infants and children, and The Phantom Killer, who remains unidentified and who killed at least 5 people in Texarkana, Texas, in 1946. Finally, two of the few Houston, Texas, serial killers are Dean Corll, also known as “The Candy Man,” who killed at least 28 young men and boys from 1970-1973; and Carl “Coral” Eugene Watts, also known as “The Sunday Morning Slasher,” who was confirmed to have killed 12 Texas residents, but up to 100 total.

Crimes in Texas

Project: Cold Case, Murder Accountability Project, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Texas Rangers are excellent sources for learning more about crimes in Texas, particularly Texas’s crime statistics. The FBI Uniform Crime Report, in addition to the reports frequently released by the Texas Rangers, are perfect resources for studying exactly what types of crime in Texas take place across the state, as well as showing crime rates for each area.

While it may seem like Texas will never be able to put an end to every Texas homicide or true crime story in Texas, just think about how much progress the state has made in recent history. In summary, there were a staggering 86,484 homicides in Texas from 1980 to 2019. Around 63,903 of those cases have since been solved, leaving the state with approximately 22,581 unsolved murders in Texas. The progress made is largely due to advances in forensic technology, as well as the efforts and perseverance of law enforcement agencies even in the most difficult unsolved cases. Ultimately, investigators from various investigative and law enforcement agencies across the state will continue to investigate the remaining unsolved cases until they can solve all of Texas’s true crimes.

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SonJuan Leon LaurelesJeanetta LavalaisIeshia LawhorneBrandon LawsonAna Lazo GonzalezKim LeggettYanin LeivaDennis LeivaFelix Leja JuracanKevin LemondsHector Lemus PerezBirdie LeonardEdgar Eladio LermaBilly LewisLeroy LewisClinton LewisLoraine LightTELETA LIGHTFOOTThomas LimeIsidro Limon, Jr.Almond LittleMaria LlamasJeanie LoftonCarolyn LongRena LongoriaSonia LopezCrystal LopezAmparo LopezAlexis LopezJUAN LOPEZIgnacio Lopez AngelBenjamin Lopez-ArriagaOlga Lopez BarrenoAdinson López BolañosJuan Adolfo Lopez CortezAntonio Lopez CotiyJesler Lopez EspanaRosalina Lopez LemusDaria Lopez LopezWesther Lopez LopezWayner Lopez LucasArcenio Lopez SotoHugo Lopez VargasJose LoredoJordan LoucksBrandon LouisMisty LowderDavid LoweCharles LowellTommie LoweryAlexandria LowitzerPatricia LoyaBianca LozanoBeatrice Lozano-RodriguezEveraldo Loza SalazarSilvestre LucasFrancisco LucioJohn LudolphJorge LugoJosue Lugo CamposMerlyn Luna ReyesBenjamin LundAntonio Lxquiactap PerechuCarlos Manuel Macario-VelasquezJuan Machic ZapilJason MaciasStephen MackeyStacie MadisonJuan Madrid-BuesoCruz MagallanCecilia MagdalenoElian MajanoKimberlee MallardAdam Mallard Jr.Anna MallariLaura Mancera ReyesJulio Mancia PenaGhadi MandarJorge MandujanoDuane ManeyRobin MangrumSyam MantralaCarmen MaresCarlos Marin ChaconFrancisco MarquezMaria Marrufo NavaKimberly MarshallWilliam MarshallJohn MartensDavid MartinJim MartinMaria MartinezJaime MartinezJesus MartinezVeronica MartinezVicki MartinezRicardo MartinezEvangelina MartinezGeronimo MartinezGabriel MartinezRogelio Martinez BolanosCarlos Martinez BorjaLuis Martinez De JesusLuis Martinez MaciasUbaldo Martinez QuintanillaRafael Martinez-TovarRobert MassKeith MastellDarrell MathenyEdward MathewsBrenda MatissenLillie MaxeyVannita MayberryJames Mayberry JrKenan MayerLogan MayfieldAndrew MayorgaJose MazariegosRaymond McbrideNovice McCartKay MccoyGlenn McCoyLluvia MccrawRobert MccullarSharon McCullyTamera McCurryCarl McdonaldJane McDonald-CroneAndrew McelwaineMary McfadyenThomas McfarlinMisty McGinnRichard McGrathRoxanne McGreehanLatroy McgriffSam Mcilhaney JrDoris McIntoshChristopher MckayDeangelo McneilAllen McpeakBeverly MeadowsJose Medellin TorresSenovia MedinaJose MedinaMariano Medina-FunesJuan Medina GuillenAlexis Medina QuijadaRichard MedleyHector Mejia DiazManuel Mejia DominguezAnderson Mejia SarmientoJose Melchor EstradaCharles MelendezEdwin Melgar MaldonadoShaiel MelloulDeysi MembrenoSergio MendezBenedicto Mendez HernandezOscar Mendez RiveraFidencio MendozaJesus MendozaJoseline Mendoza-LopezGraciela Mendoza LunaLucia Mendoza PerezRaul MerazMark MerrittDeanna MerryfieldPatroba MichiekaBo Young MickensCole MiddletonNellwyn MiddletonOvando Milian AyalaClinton MillerBrian MillerTommy MillerPatricia MillerLee Minner Jr.Paulina MirandaJavier MirandaLisa MirelesMaryam MohammedJavier Monico AlcocerBarre MonigoldMichael MontelongoMario MonzonTina MoodyAvis MooneyWayne MooreNicole MooreHope MooreBrenda MooreWestley MooreKenneth MooreGlenda MooreheadNorma MoralesTomas Amilcar Morales-CalderonJohanna Morales CetinaHenry Morales MendozaJohn MorelandMaria MorenoAbraham MorenoSophia MorenoJessica MorenoBryan Moreno-AlfaroRocio Moreno-SosaCasey MorganGilbert MorganJack MorrisWillie MorrisJulie Ann MoseleyFred MoseleyKathy MosgroveRobert MosherSamwel MosiomaAndre Moten JrJulie MottCatherine "Catrina" MowreyLinda MueggeJuanita MullinsSergio Mundaca ArancibiaJudie MunguiaJuan MunizAndres Muniz OrtaSalvador MunozMaria Jose MurilloLuis Murillo GonzalesDuane MurphyKathleen MurphyJesse MurphyThomas Murray Jr.Faith MwauraTammy Myers-EsquivelJames MyreMichael NajarGracie NashArmando Nava MunozRicardo NeriaBaudel Nevarez MarquezTrung NgoThanh NguyenHOP NGUYENJavier Nicolas RamirezRamon NietoVicki NisbettBrandy NobleDavid NogalskiCristobal Nolasco VenturaShaila Noormohamed-HoltALICE NORRISEKimberly NorwoodAdolfo Nunez GarciaAlfredo Nunez-HernandezRebeca NunoJames OakryJustin O'BrienJuan Och CuxilOscar OchoaNya O'DonnellHarry OkoroegbeRoman OldacreMark OldburyIsaac OlivaresAriza OlivaresBernadino Olivares-CruzAubrey OlivarezEmmett Oliver Jr.Jonathan OrandayKimberly OrellanaDanny Orellana AcostaLuis Orellana HenriquezJaime Orellana PortilloGerald OrlandoYessenia OroniaNoelia Orozco - MirandaWilmer Orozco MontoyaMisty OrtegaCrystal OrtegaMauricio OrtizSergio Ortiz PerezRosa Ortuno CoraizacaRoberto Amaya OsorioJose Osorio MelgarEric OteroAlfredo OviedoEric OwensManuel Pacheco-DiazKatherine Padilla-AvilaJennifer Padilla-AvilaJesus Padilla SanchezMaria PahlMario Paiz SuhulKimberly PalmerKatie PalmerRoxanne PaltaufInes ParedesEsmeralda PargasArionna ParhamRichard ParkerCarey ParkerJoshua ParkerDavid ParkerMichael ParksRicky ParsonsMarcos PascualJorge Pascual PerezParesh PatelWilliam PattersonCalvin PattersonMargaret PattersonMaritza Pavon RiveraRoszan PayneRuben Dario Paz GomezGloria PeckAmado Pedraza GonzalezInti Pedraza VillafanaPedro Pedroza LozanoRaul Peña FernandezPrisma Peralta ReyesReyes Peregrino Sr.Phillip PerezDarwin PerezJohnny PerezPablo PerezDenise PerezEli PerezJuan Perez DiazCamelia Perez-HernandezFredy Yovani Perez-IxcoyTimoteo Perez-JaimesAristeo Perez-LeuraCarlos Perez MartinezMauricio Perez PerlaVictor Daniel Perez y PerezBrett PerryMarion PerryChad PetersBarbara PetersonTracy PettyElizabeth PfeiferDonald PhillipsThomas PhillipsWillie PickensAmy PickeralUbaldo Piedra ~Christopher PineTony PinedaMarco PinedaFrancisco Pineda BrizuelaFrancis Pineda MartinezCarlos Pineda MendezSharon PinegarPhillip PinnockWilliam Pinto OrellanaAlfredo Pinto TeoNicholas PlazaWaldo Plaza GomezJose PlazolaKay PoirierEpifanio PopocaIrene PorrasRichard PowellMichelle PrasekNorman PraterJon PriceJoseph PriceWanda PriddyJudy ProudIvan PuchoteThomas PulaskiWayder Quevedo PerezTomas Quim LopezCelestino QuinterroSondra RamberLorenzo RamirezEmily RamirezRuben RamirezJesus Ramirez CastanonCarol Vanessa Ramirez RaudalesAntonio RamosJuan RamosRaul RamosRichard RamosGabriel RamosJose Ramos LópezGabriel Ramos MartinezKathleen RanftAmalio RangelCarlos Rangel-AlvaradoTerry RawdonSamuel RawlsLinda ReateguiSonja RedbirdLawrence RediessTamina ReedAshley ReedDeanna ReedJose Rehbach de LeonRoger ReinhardElsa RendonAlvin RenfroMarcos Reveles Jr.Denis Revolorio PerezFelipe ReyesAaron Reyes-RuizAna ReynaManuel Reynoso RodriguezRichard RhyneMary RichardDorothy RichardsonMichelle RichardsonCharles RichardsonSuzanne RichersonCynthia RicoJudith RiemsDanny RileyRichard RinehartAndres RinkRaul RiosCristian Rios-EucedoCarlos RivasSonia RivasTristan RiveraAlvaro RiveraElsha RiveraAngel RiveraSilvia Rivera-AlvarezStefanny Rivera-FuntesOscar Rivera MendezJenna RobbinsSoveida Robelo-AlvarezBlanca RobersonSteven RobersonNatasha RobertsEdward RobertsPhillip RobertsAlexandria RobertsonJerome RobinsonBrittney RobledoModesto RoblesClay RodmanMoises RodriguezRudolph RodriguezGuillermo RodriguezJasmine RodriguezPearl RodriguezClaudia RodriguezEdward RodriguezSaphire RodriguezMiranda RodriguezBenito RodriguezWilmer RodriguezSuzanna RodriguezTeresa RodriguezEdwin RogersDennis RogersAlthea RogersMartin RojasGuadalupe RojoHarold RolandShanyea RolleHomero RomanJacobo RomeroBrenda RomeroWalter Romero MelgarMelisa Romero PiedrasantaElizabeth RomoSonia RonquilloJoseph RosaHamil RossWarner Ross IIIMarta RubalcabaFrancisco RubioJeronimo Rubio HernandezRaul RuelasKyle RuggMiguel RuizSusie RuizJOSE RUIZRobert Ruiz Jr.Cierra RundallMarcus RunnelsCrystal RussConcepcion SagastumeMaria SaguayLuis SalazarJohn SalazarIsrael Salazar GonzalezLuis Salazar MaldonadoJesus SaldanaLeonzo Sales - CabreraAbigail Salinas-PadillaJuan Salinas ZunigaJuan Carlos Salvador-QuinoArnaldo SalvatiJulian SamJuan Saminez JulajujEric SamoraCathy SampsonDavid SanchezAlegandro SanchezRafael SanchezJennifer SanchezJonnathan Sanchez AndradeCelvin Sanchez BetrandFederico Sanchez, Jr.Demetrio Sanchez-LopezDiego Sanchez SateyChristopher SandersScott SandersRichard SandersVeronda SandersMaria Sandoval ~Elizabeth Santos LopezJeder Santos MazariegosLucero SarabiaMarlon SarmientoScott SartainAmnoun SayphanyaMelinda SchmidtNoah ScisneyThomas ScottMark ScottJimmy ScottPatricia ScottDudley ScottBrandi SealsOrville SeatonJose Sedano PosadasJames SeguineDaniel SekulaBrandy SellersJo SendejasRuth SeveranceJon ShaddenMartha ShaferRyan SharpBreanna SheltonLeonarda SherwinCandice ShieldsDina ShoemakeCourtney SholarKshitiz ShresthaJeremy ShultsNorma ShultzCesar Sierra CaalElias Siguina-MatiasShelley SikesSalvador Silas-HernandezJuan SilvaJosue Silva-AriasSandra SilverioScott SimsMilton SimsJeremy SirkelJames SkeltonCarol SkidmoreDanielle SleeperPatricia SmallSusan SmalleyAmelia SmithTiffany SmithRoderick SmithKristen SmithBettie SmithGilbert SmithAndres Smith MarceloKelly SnyderCarol SnyderManuel SohomManuel Sohom TambrizLuis Solis Garcia ~Saul Solis Garcia ~Denis Solis HernandezHerlinda SotoAllazay SotoAbraham SotoRex SpakesRobert SparksSharon SpenceWilliam SpencerDwayne StancilJames StathamGeorge SteemerMarvin StephensJewell StephensonTeresa Stephens / RoofMarqeise StevensChristopher StevensonJohnnie StevensonBarbara StewartBarbara StewartDebra StewartHarry StewartKatherine StobaughRodney StokleyKaren StoltzLisa StoneMax StoneWilliam StonecipherKenneth StootKenneth StottConstance StreifGwendolyn SuchyRebecca SuhrheinrichDavid SumnerJeremy SuretteGinger SutherlandRichard SutorisManuel Sut PacajojSandra SuttlarPatti SwinburneArturo TabaresAxel Domingo Talavera MunozEsteban Tambriz CarrilloSamantha TappMaría Tasej GononMeagan TatumJames TaylorRichard TaylorSidney TaylorJoshua TaylorDonald TaylorKathryn TaylorJose TellezMario Tellez EliasDebra TerrellJohn TerryJohn Christopher TerryAmanda ThackerOulay ThanavongMarie Theresa CherryRiley ThomasLee ThomasEliza ThomasMichelle ThomasZoey ThomasDorien ThomasWindsor ThomasonMary ThompsonNancy ThompsonClinton ThompsonLauren ThompsonRobbie ThompsonJames ThroneberryJames TidwellRobert Tisdell JrThomas TollesonDevine TollettChristine TorresStephanie TorresPeter TorresJesus TorresIsmeralda TorresWerner Torres TzunPorfirio TovarSenora TovarGlenn ToweryPaulson TranBetty TraylorJohnny TrevinoMary Rachel TrlicaTyrone TrotterEdgar Tucubal - MuchClara TurnerLarry TurnerLa Shone TurnerBernabe TurrubiartesRicardo Tuy - TautiuJuan Tzaj XocolRene TzinaYeny TzoyRajat UpadhyayMartin UriasPedro UriosteguiGuillermo UrrietaFrancisco Us ImulUche UwagwuAntonio Vail LopezJose ValadezHubert ValdezGustavo ValdovinosEdgar Valenzuela del CidCristian Valladares GonzalezJosue Vallecillo RamosDorlyn Valle EnrriquezJose Valles MendozaHugo Vanegas-RamirezJuan VaraBriana VargasBrian VargoRamon VasquezCheryl VasquezPablo Vasquez LopezSaul Vasquez LopezJuan Vasquez MazariegosAntonio Vega RamirezAngel VelaAntonio Vela Jr.Adan VelascoTina VelascoEvaristo VelasquezAleida VelasquezMaria VelasquezMartha VelasquezNorman Velasquez AguilarJuan Velasquez - SolisJesus Velazquez RiosMartin Velez AndradeMarvin Veliz-ValdezCarlos Vences RiveraMaximiliano Vicente AjanelRogelio Vicente VicenteRon VicknairArnoldo VillarrealNelson VillegasBeatrice VillelaChance WackerhagenLee WackerhagenAlbert WadeWilliam Wade Jr.David WaggonerDonte WalkerTristan WalkerFloradean WalkerJacob WallaceJeremy WarrenJames WarrenAdrian WashingtonGrace WaterhouseVickie WatersTanisha WatkinsJeanette WatsonDora WattsDaisja WeaverRobert WebbDennis WeeksBruce WeirMark WeismanBrandi WellsBeatrice WellsLawrence Wells IIIRoland Welsh JrTheodore WenkBrian WentzShonna WesleyFaye WhatleyJohn WhatleyLinda WheelerGloria WheelerDanielyelle WhiteGeorge WhiteMichael WhiteLeo WhiteheadTammy WhitfieldGordon WilderElizabeth WileyLadana WileyJennifer WilkersonJoann WilkinsJoanne WilkinsJulie WilkinsonTimothy WillardTanya WilliamsGary WilliamsCassandra WilliamsSebrena WilliamsCarstromers WilliamsLeperry Williams JrJasper WilliamsonLisa WilsonTravis WilsonHoward WilsonChristopher WilsonKelly WilsonLisa Renee WilsonJennifer WinklerBreanna WoodJerry WoodardAnthony WoodsonBenita WoodyCarl WoolseyJustin WrightTracy WrightPatrick WrightTasha WrightScott WynneVilma Xitumul LuisWilliam XuSegundo YanesOdis YatesMichelle YbarraSeferino YbarraGerald YeagerIsmael YebraJuan Carlos Zapeta CanizMarcos ZavalaBryan Zavala ~Arturo Zavala HilerioElias Zet ParWensheng ZhengMichael ZipfelCarlos ZunigaJose Zuniga