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Unidentified Person

1973 Harris County John Doe

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  • Last updated: April 18, 2023
  • Houston, TX
  • August 9, 1973

Overview of 1973 Harris County John Doe

This victim was one of 29 known victims of serial killer Dean Corll. His remains were located in Corll's boat shed in Houston, Texas on August 8, 1973.

The victims were all young males, ranging in age from 13 to 20. Police believe were assaulted and slain in a killing spree that began in 1972.

Dean Corll was a 33-year-old Houston Lighting & Power technician, who served in the United States Army and assisted with running his family's candy company.

Corll buried most of his victims in the shed. The location was disclosed to police after a teenager confessed to killing Corll.

On August 8, 1973 Elmer Wayne Henley, then 16, told authorities he had shot and killed a man at the man's Pasadena home after hours of drinking and glue-sniffing.

Henley told investigators about luring young boys to Corll's apartment, where Corll assaulted and killed them.

Henley was convicted in connection with six of the deaths and sentenced to concurrent 99-year prison terms. He led police to the bodies, buried in shallow graves at Corll's southwest Houston boat shed, along a Galveston beach and near Lake Sam Rayburn.

An accomplice, David Owen Brooks, then 18, admitted he helped Henley lure victims for Corll. He received a 99-year sentence in one slaying.

This unidentified male is the last unidentified victim recovered from the scene. Two others, Randell Harvey and Michael Baulch, were identified in 2008 and 2010, respectively.

Additional Information:

Estimated Date of Death: 1 year or longer

State of Remains: Skeletal

Cause of Death: Homicide

Dentals: Available. Natural teeth with no fillings.

Fingerprints: Not available.

DNA: Available.

Clothing: Brown leather cowboy boots that were 12” in length and had the word “NEOLITE” on the heel; multicolored swim trunks with a belt that had gold-colored wings and the letter “C” on the silver buckle; a khaki long-sleeved t-shirt that tied in front and had a large peace symbol and the letters “USMC” and “L84MF” on the back; and dark blue corduroys, size 32x30.

Jewelry: Knotted leather ankle bracelet.

Additional Personal Items: Unknown

The Doe Network Case Number: 1010UMTX


  1. Date Found:August 9, 1973
  2. NAMUS Number:4547
  3. Race:Caucasian / White
  4. Gender:Male
  5. Height:5'2" to 5'7"
  6. Weight:Unknown
  7. Hair Color:Brown
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