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Unidentified Person

1998 Hidalgo County Jane Doe

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  • Last updated: March 9, 2023
  • McAllen, TX
  • May 1, 1998

Overview of 1998 Hidalgo County Jane Doe

The birth mother of the child, a Mexican woman made her way across the border near McAllen, Texas. She was unable to provide additional care to the child afterward. She gave the child to a Spanish woman, who reluctantly accepted her.

In May of 1998, the woman was looking for a good home for the child, as she was leaving the country and could not take her. She left the child with a registered nurse at a migrant clinic and signed a letter giving the child up for adoption.

The whereabouts of the birth mother and the woman she initially left the child with are unknown.

The child, known as "Paloma," now lives with a couple in Illinois who has guardianship over her. The couple has tried to adopt her, but has been unable to, since she has no birth certificate, and so little is known about her background.

Estimated Date of Death: N/A - living State of Remains: N/A - living Cause of Death: N/A - living

Dentals: Unknown Fingerprints: Unknown DNA: Unknown

Clothing: Unknown Jewelry: Unknown Additional Personal Items: Unknown

The Doe Network Case Number: 219UFTX


  1. Date Found:May 1, 1998
  2. NAMUS Number:Not entered
  3. Race:Hispanic / Latino
  4. Gender:Female
  5. Height:2'10" in 1998
  6. Weight:23 lbs in 1998
  7. Hair Color:Brown
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