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Florida Cold Cases

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Florida Murders

Several law enforcement and investigating agencies provide reports and statistics on their websites if you would like to know more about the number of murders in Florida by year. Every year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation publishes a Uniform Crime Report that details the crimes, crime rates, and crime locations in each state, county, and city, including Florida. Another resource that provides information regarding the number of unsolved homicides in each state is Project: Cold Case, which has not only provided a detailed database of many cold cases from all over the country, but also shares statistics about the many cases in the United States.

According to Project: Cold Case, there were roughly 55,895 unsolved murders between 1980 and 2019 in Florida. Looking further into this, according to the same page, roughly 36,831 of those cold cases have been solved, leaving around 19,064 unsolved homicides in Florida, and making the state’s homicide clearance rate around 66%. Project: Cold Case, as well as many other local, county, and state law enforcement and investigating agencies have lists of unsolved homicides and unsolved missing persons cases listed on their websites.

Included in these lists are the many unsolved murders in northern Florida, which include the 1986 murder of Howard “Kip” Evans, the 2009 murder of Tymon Ross, the 2004 murder of Kristin Dunn, the 1994 murder of Laralee Spear, and the 1978 murder of Carol Lynn Sullivan, among countless others. Additionally, some unsolved central Florida murders include the 1994 murder of Dallas Beard, the 1974 murder of Frances Hernandez, the 1988 murder of Nancy Foster, and the 2015 murder of April Mullins, among many others.

Also included in these lists are the many unsolved murders in Tallahassee, Florida, which include the 1974 murder of James Norris, the 2009 murder of Lenoris Rains, the 1957 murder of Dorothy Thomas, the 2005 murder of Tony Pierrelouis, and the 1987 murder of Donald Williams, among many others. Finally, a few unsolved murders in Leon County, Florida, include the 2014 murder of Jody Kilgore, the 1986 murder of Belinda Snowden, and the 2012 murder of Curtis Eugene Anderson, among others.

Unsolved Florida Murders

As of this year, there are roughly 19,064 Florida cold cases, according to Project: Cold Case, a not-for-profit organization with the goal of bringing all of the unsolved homicides in the United States to the public eye in an attempt to solve cold cases by linking the information in an organized database. Most, if not all, of the unsolved murders in Florida can be found organized by law enforcement and investigating agencies on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s unsolved cases website, as well as many additional local and county law enforcement websites.

A few of the countless northern Florida unsolved murders that are listed on this website and many others include the 1986 murer of Howard “Kip” Evans, the 2009 murder of Tymon Ross, the 2004 murder of Kristin Dunn, the 1994 murder of Laralee Spear, and the 1978 murder of Carol Lynn Sullivan, among many others. Also among these organized lists are the large numbers of unsolved murders Tallahassee, Florida, which include the 1957 murder of Dorothy Thomas, the 2005 murder of Tony Pierrelouis, and the 2006 murder of Ali I’isha Gilmore, among many others. In addition, some of the other unsolved murders Florida which are included in the long list of cold cases are the numerous east Florida unsolved murders. Some of these include the 2002 murder of Justin Brown, the 1980 murder of Pam McIntosh, the 1971 murder of Brenda Riley, the 1999 murder of Kathy Couillard, and the 1993 murder of Michael Capponi, among others.

Joseph Smedley
Joseph SmedleySuspicious Death, 2015
Asha Degree
Asha DegreeMissing, 2000

Consider this

More than 200,000 unsolved cases have gone cold since 1980, and murder clearance rates continue to drop. With equity for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other underserved victims not prioritized in the true crime community—together we can do better.

Famous Florida Murders

Do any specific cases or names come to your mind when you think of famous Florida murders? Most of the names on the list of murders in Florida that can be found on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s unsolved cases website may not sound familiar; however, a few of the names on the list of all murders in Florida, list of Florida murders, and notorious Florida criminals have seemingly become household names across the state.

Some of the most infamous Florida murders which can be found on these lists include the still unsolved 1966 triple homicide of Robert, Helen, and Joy Sims. More famous Florida murders which have been solved include the 2008 murder of Caylee Anthony, Ted Bundy’s 1978 murders of Lisa Levy, Margaret Bowman, and Kimberly Leach, and the year-long murder spree of Aileen Wuornos.

Homicide Rate in Florida

According to the 2019 Uniform Crime Report (UCR) from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the violent crime rate in Florida was roughly 378.4 per 100,000 people. In simple terms, this indicates that 378 persons per 100,000 people living in Florida were directly impacted by violent crime in 2019 alone. The homicide rate in Florida was roughly 5.2 per 100,000 population, according to the same data, meaning that in 2019, roughly 5 people per 100,000 were murdered in Florida.

Tallahassee, Florida’s capital, is also one of the state’s largest cities. Tallahassee is home to more than 197,900 people. The violent crime rate in Tallahassee, Florida, was approximately 729.57 per 100,000 residents in 2018, and the murder rate in Tallahassee, Florida, was 8.31 per 100,000 residents. Although there is no way to determine how many murders Florida in 2021 as well as how many murders in Tallahassee, Florida 2021, we do know that, based on past annual reports, the homicide rate in both the state as a whole, as well as its capital city, appears to be rising yearly.

Leon County Murders

Leon County, Florida, has a population of approximately 297,400 inhabitants. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement estimates that there were around 20 murders in Leon County in 2018 and 21 murders in 2019. As per the website’s archived Uniform Crime Reports, the number of homicides in Leon County is progressively increasing, likely due to the area’s population increase.

In many homicide cases, investigators are able to collect enough Leon County murders evidence to charge the perpetrator with the crime and take them to Leon County murders trial. Evidence used throughout Leon County homicide trials is entirely based on the nature or severity of the crime. For example, evidence can range from fingerprints, blood, skin cells, or other DNA evidence, to gunpowder residue, and most often includes Leon County murders crime scene photos, to illustrate to the jurors the crime’s surrounding environment, possibly the circumstances of the crime, and other details about the crime and crime scene.

Tallahassee, Florida Murders

Murders are much more common in Tallahassee, Florida, given its size and population, than in other Florida cities. The majority of the recent and decades-old murders in Tallahassee, Florida, have remained unsolved, and authorities continue to thoroughly investigate them. Tallahassee murders discussion will continue on social media sites until these murders are solved, as expected. Sites including Reddit, Facebook, and Websleuths are all full of posts, comments, and threads containing speculation and the sharing of information about Tallahassee murders pictures, Tallahassee murders crime scene photos, and Tallahassee, Florida, murders autopsy photos.

In recent years, DNA technology has resulted in the resolution of hundreds, if not thousands, of decades-old cold cases, and Florida is no different. Although there are not many examples of cases where Tallahassee murders DNA has been used in order to solve cold cases, there are plenty of solved cold cases in the remainder of Florida. Some examples of the many solved cases include the 1988 murder of Rocky Taylor, the 1987 murder of Janet Marie Robinson, the 1990 murder of Sharon Gill, the 1978 murder of Carolyn Cox Rose, and the 1985 murder of Tonya McKinley, among many others around Florida.

Florida Serial Killers

All throughout its history, Florida saw more than its fair share of Florida killers. Many of the most famous Florida serial killers can easily be found on any top ten or other form of serial killer list, including, but not limited to, list of serial killers in Florida and Florida serial killer list. Without a doubt, the most famous Florida serial killers include Danny Rolling, Ted Bundy, David Alan Gore, Gerard Schaefer, also known as “The Killer Cop,” Aileen Wuornos, Bobby Joe Long, and “The Flat-Tire Murderer,” who has remained unidentified since at least 1975.

Crimes in Florida

f you’re curious to know more about the statistics regarding crimes in Florida, several law enforcement organizations publish yearly reports on their websites that detail the crimes in the state. Annually, the Federal Bureau of Investigation publishes a Uniform Crime Report which details the crimes, crime rates, and crime locations in every state, county, and city, including Florida.

Alas, seemingly there may never be a solid conclusion to the massive and growing number of Florida homicide and true crime stories in Florida. As reported by Project: Cold Case, there were around 55,895 murders in Florida from 1965 to 2019. Over time, roughly 36,831 of those homicides were solved, leaving Florida with around 19,064 unsolved murders. Nevertheless, the multiple law enforcement and investigating agencies in Florida will never give up their mission to solve all of Florida’s true crimes, using any and all resources available.

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Additional Florida Cold Cases

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County Jane Doe 2003 Palm Beach County Jane Doe1982 Indian River Count Jane Doe1996 Palm Beach County Jane Doe2003 Alachua County Jane Doe2003 Broward County Jane Doe2003 Duval County Jane Doe2003 Orange County Jane Doe1988 Duval County Jane Doe1981 Miami-Dade County Jane Doe1980 Brevard County Jane Doe1980 Miami-Dade County Jane Doe1980 Palm Beach County Jane Doe1979 Miami-Dade County Jane Doe2001 Indian River County Jane Doe1979 Monroe County Jane Doe2001 Indian River County Jane Doe1975 Monroe County Jane Doe1975 Collier Count Jane Doe2005 Palm Beach County Jane Doe1974 Broward County Jane Doe1980 Broward County Jane Doe1986 Nassau County Jane Doe1972 Hernando County Jane Doe2006 Orange County Jane Doe1971 Miami-Dade County Jane Doe1969 Pinellas County Jane Doe2005 Palm Beach County Jane Doe1983 Broward Count Jane Doe1986 Broward County Jane Doe1967 Marion County Jane Doe1961 Pinellas County Jane Doe2005 Broward County Jane Doe2004 Miami-Dade County Jane Doe1993 Volusia County Jane Doe1990 Dixie County Jane Doe2016 Miami-Dade County Jane Doe2014 Miami-Dade County Jane Doe1979 Hillsborough County Jane Doe1986 Santa Rosa County Jane Doe2004 Monroe County Jane Doe1961 Polk County Jane Doe2007 Sarasota County Jane Doe1999 Miami-Dade County Jane Doe2004 Duval County Jane Doe2004 Palm Beach County Jane Doe1975 Hillsborough Count Jane Doe1985 St. Johns County Jane Doe1994 Duval County Jane Doe1989 Nassau County Jane Doe1994 Okaloosa County Jane Doe1984 Jackson County Jane Doe2012 Miami-Dade County Jane Doe1981 Broward County Jane Doe2000 Volusia County Jane Doe 1974 Boward County Jane Doe 1974 Seminole County Jane Doe 1977 Orange County Jane Doe 1973 Palm Beach County Jane Doe 1973 Seminole County Jane Doe 1978 Jane Doe 1978 Collier County Jane Doe 1978 Levy County Jane Doe 1972 Pinellas County Jane Doe 2004 Collier County Jane Doe 1971 Sumter County Jane Doe 1971 Lake County Jane Doe 1982 Palm Beach County Jane Doe 11982 Broward County Jane Doe 11973 Miami-Dade County Jane Doe 11980 Volusia County Jane Doe 11991 Palm Beach County Jane Doe 11973 Broward County Jane Doe 11988 Broward County Jane Doe 11990 Miami-Dade County Jane Doe 11973 Broward County Jane Doe 21984 Orange County Jane Doe 21982 Palm Beach County Jane Doe 21982 Broward County Jane Doe 21988 Broward County Jane Doe 21991 Palm Beach County Jane Doe 21980 Volusia County Jane Doe 21990 Miami-Dade County Jane Doe 21973 Miami-Dade County Jane Doe 21988 Broward County Jane Doe 31982 Palm Beach County Jane Doe 31982 Palm Beach County Jane Doe 41982 Palm Beach County Jane Doe 5Sigifredo JaramilloPhillip JeanJohane JeannitonKenny JeffersonMaurice JeffersonZygmont JeroszkoDeborah JessieSabine JeunneOscar JimenezEstefani Jimenez Sandoval1974 Duval County John Do1972 Volusia County John Doe1982 St. Johns County John Doe1982 Brevard County John Doe1982 Volusia County John Doe1982 Lake County John Doe1982 Palm Beach County John Doe1982 Miami-Dade County John Doe1981 Collier County John Doe1981 Orange County John Doe1981 Brevard County John Doe1981 Hillsborough County John Doe1981 Broward County John Doe1981 Pasco County John Doe1980 Lee County John Doe1980 Putnam County John Doe1980 Glades County John Doe1980 Collier County John Doe1980 Pinellas County John Doe1980 Pasco County John Doe1980 Miami-Dade County John Doe1979 Collier County John Doe1980 Madison County John Doe1979 Monroe County John Doe1979 Collier County John Doe1979 Broward County John Doe1979 Palm Beach County John Doe1978 Columbia County John Doe1978 Volusia County John Doe1978 Duval County John Doe1978 Hendry County John Doe1978 Broward County John Doe1978 Marion County John Doe1977 Collier County John Doe1977 Sumter County John Doe1976 Palm Beach County John Doe1976 Miami-Dade County John Doe1976 Hillsborough County John Doe1976 Collier County John Doe1975 Duval County John Doe1982 Broward County John Doe1975 Monroe County John Doe1974 Duval County John Doe1973 Okaloosa County John Doe1974 Collier County John Doe1973 Miami-Dade County John Doe1974 St. John's County John Doe1973 Collier County John Doe 1982 Orange County John Doe1972 Collier County John Doe1972 Hendry County John Doe1972 Polk County John Doe1971 Miami-Dade County John Doe1970 Escambia County John Doe1975 Pinellas County John Doe1974 Monroe County John Doe1973 Orange County John Doe1973 Volusia County John Doe1978 Miami-Dade County John Doe1981 Lake County John Doe1957 Miami-Dade County John Doe1957 Miami-Dade County John Doe1967 Miami-Dade County John Doe1967 Broward County John Doe1968 Miami-Dade County John Doe1980 Flagler County John Doe1980 Broward County John Doe1979 Brevard County John Doe1978 Palm Beach County John Doe1977 Miami-Dade County John Doe1975 Miami-Dade County John Doe1973 Sumter County John Doe1966 Miami-Dade County John Doe1961 Miami-Dade County John Doe1959 Miami-Dade County John Doe1958 Miami-Dade Count John Doe1979 Duval County John Doe 1975 Broward County John Doe 1969 Miami-Dade County John Doe 1982 Palm Beach County John Doe 1 1982 St. Johns County John Doe 11982 Palm Beach County John Doe 21982 Broward, County John Doe 21969 Miami-Dade County John Doe 21982 Palm Beach County John Doe 31982 Palm Beach County John Doe 41982 Palm Beach County John Doe 51982 Palm Beach County John Doe 61982 Palm Beach County John Doe 71982 Palm Beach County John Doe 8Jimmie JohnsonKatrina JohnsonShikinah JohnsonClarence JohnsonLabaron JohnsonDarlene JohnsonJoseph JohnsonClara JohnsonRenisia JohnsonDave JohnsonTheresa JohnsonAnthony JohnsonDonyelle JohnsonJames JohnsonJim Johnson JrGail JoinerBrian JonesLacey JonesKerry JonesJay JonesShamika JonesAdam JonesGeanna JonesOdell JonesCarey JonesTina JonesNorman JonesWatson JonesSuzettte JonesKeylin JorqueraReny JoseAndres JuanJose Juan-GasparYansis JuarezGuadalupe Juarez-FigueroaRobert Julian Jr.Edward JunitzVincent JurusTheresa KaiserSteven KalmarAllan KaplanHiromi KazuniRobert KeeneJulian KeithGolden KempJohn KendrickAlonza KentElizabeth KenyonLinda KerrWalter KerseyWinnie KerseyJennifer KesseNam Simran KhalsaThomas KilianRicky KimballRoger KimberlyDonald KimberlyCharles KindredJulie KingJaime KiriakisMargaret KirklandCarl Kizer IiBrian KlechaFern KleinHeather KlettLeah KlineMichael KnapsteinKhiva KniffenCandyce KnoxPaul KorbelakPhillip KossGene KrabillAshley KramerSusan KraussShaniyah KressinDaniel KrizKelsi KrumKelli KrumGeorge KuehneScott KurlandMary KushtoAlejandro LagoKaren LairdBhagwan LallTimothy LambMartha Jean LambertBrooke LandersFrank LanganIsolina LarealDeborah LarkinDannielle LauramoreCharles LawsonMichael LawsonKevin LawyaJanet LayAntonio Laynez-cabaTimothy LearyJeffrey LeeBrenda LeflerCharles LefloreAshley LegareNancy LeichnerBrian LeidyCullen LeithSandra LemireKaycee LemireClifton LeonardTa'Niyah LeonardRomina LeoneFrank LeoneTammy LeppertPatricia LeventhalStanley LevyBooker LewisKelly LewisJack LewisPrince Lewis Jr.Lizzette LimaPeter LindenfeldJarrick LindseyBernard LipscombLinda LittleYakelin LlanesSabino Llona-SaenzCawana LoganJustin LondonTamala LongwayJuan LopezSandra LopezReyner LopezAlberto LopezYunier LopezHenry LopezDesiree LopezDorca LopezOsvaldo LopezRichard LopezJairo Lopez ContrerasAmy LovelyRomulus LovensDebora LoweSteven LowerySkylar LoweryYessenia Loy AmbrocioYordin Lucas JoaquinKatheryne LugoMarjorie Christina LunaIrielys Luna-CamachoStephen LundTina LurieAngela LuttrellMarsha LyleJacob LyonLarry LytleHeather MacCrossenDouglas MackenzieEvelyn MackeySteven MackrellLarisa MacrielloPeter MadisonNehemiah MagneyAshlynn MaioGaudencio MalagonSantos Maldonado PintoValentino MalloggiNelson MaloneJohn ManigaultDonald ManleySandra MannDouglas MannErnest ManzanaresGabriella MarengoJacquelyn MarkhamJesse MarkhamRobin MarlowTimothy MarloweReina MarroquinNastassia MarshJennifer MartelizJose MartinSharon MartinMorgan MartinRoxanne MartinElissa MartinCharles MartinGinger MartinMario MartinezBelinda MartinezAbraham MartinezJonathan MartinezEmanuel MartinezRoberto MartinezCayetano Martinez GarayJuan Martinez GonzalezAnn MasonPedro MateoIrene MathesonMyair MathisRobert MathisAlphonso MathisPedro MatonBarry MatsonAshley MauldinTheresa MaxwellVernon McavoyRobert McCabeBrian MccluneyJeffrey McClureAutumn McClureChristopher MccoyMarinthia McCoyLeslie McCoyPatty McDanielDebra McDanielBenjamin McDanielPeggy McDanielPatrick McDonaldJames McDonaldPatricia McGillStephen McgovernDetra McGuireCarol McHughJeanne McinerneyRaissa McIntoshStephen McKeeFrancis McKennaBrian MckenzieLacie MckinnieRobert McLaughlinJadekiss McNealJackie McWatersCaleb MedinaGabriela MedinaMalachi MedinaJorge Medina-cobarrubiasNancy MeitherMelinda MeleGertrude MenacherRandall MenardNaum MendezLuis Mendez VasquezFrancisco MendozaMarcus MercadoMaria MercyJarvis MerricksJames Meulemans IiRusty MeyeWilson MicklerPolly MicleanChristopher MilfortCharles MillerJerry MillerRalph MillerMark MillerLillie MillerMatthew MiltonKimberly MimmovichGregory MitchellLeonard MitchellKamrie MitchellLeslie MoakJamal MohammedPenny MollettJean-Marie MonfortJoel MontalvoJuan MontoyaApril MoodyThomas MooneyKenneth MooreKaren MooreJohn MooreTrevor MooreJoseph MoraJesse MoralesEmilia Morales MoralesHeber Morales VargasRudy Morales VargasAndelka MorariuJonathan MordocheMario MordocheDaniela MorenoLiliana Moreno RamirezJohn MorfordRobert MorganThomas MorganVincent MorganFrance Morgan HughesKelly MoriartyWilliam MorlockPortesha MorrisTheresa MorrisJames MorseEugene MorskiBriya MosleyJay-Quan MosleyJohn MoulisMichelle MulcahyDonna MullenPatrick Lee MullinsWilliam MullinsJose MunguiaAman MuradiKimberly MurilloKeisha MurrayElla MurrayPaul MurrayDennis MurrayGwendolyn Murray-SmithJack MurrianCarrin MyersDori MyersMark MyhreFanny NarvaezVernon Nash JrPamela NaterJon NeffLarry NelsonNick NelsonNicholas NelsonTekla NesplicWillie NewmanJoanna NewmanVinh NguyenMark NichterSimorali NievesLaura NimbachOscar Nivicela-lojasThomas NogalskiSelvin Nolasco ManuelezJanice NoratCaroline NorrisIsabella Novo VianaTracy OcasioKim O'ConnellJohn O'ConnorAda OdellGermaine OdiusMarc OestrikeGregory OliverJacob OlivierRicky OlsenDana OlsonMichael OlsonMary OpitzLois OppenheimerMaribel Oquendo-CarreroBrittany OrmsbyJuan Ortega-MondragonHuberto OrtizJackson OrvinJeffery OsborneTinia OsborneBernardo Osorio-LugoJudith OsteenMichelle OtterWilliam OttoThalia OttoMichael OttoJoanna OttoBrenda OvalleAlicia PadillaMarianela Padron-PalmaStephen PaolettiJules ParisShimulla ParkerMichelle ParkerJack ParkerNatasha ParrisAndrea ParsonsRenee PastorePaula Pastor HernandezEugeniusz PastulaErik PatchinWilliam PatientRayman PatramVictoria PattersonJoseph PattonAnnie PaulKevin PayneJeremiah PayneAlfred PearsonBrook Lynn PeckBrook PeckFelix PedrajaTremaine PeekEileen PeluffoSylvia PennimanBriana PereiraRoselyn PereiraLester Pereira Jr.Rigoberto PerezJohn PerezAngel PerezNatanalie PerezAntonio PerezOrestes PerezEusebio PerezAgustin PerezManuel Perez-GarciaDebora Perez JuarezNoe Perez MatomColleen PerrisJaymez PerryJennifer PerryKevin PersadCharles PershoSherry PetersonFreddie PetersonLakerian Peters-ThomasMatthew PettersenDustin PhamPhouvong PhasavathMartha PhillipsJoseph PhillipsMargie PhillipsRobert PicardChristine PicciniFritznol PierreJustine PierreJorge PintadoChristopher PittsleyAda PlaMary PlavnickSilvia PocoraJohn PodniestrzanskiDeborah PoeRobert PoissantGerald PolkChristopher PollenKyla PorterJose Portillo OteroPatricia PottsAndrew PrakMegan Lee PrattElizabeth PrescottSandra PrinceEdwin PritchardDebbie ProsserMabel PugliesePaul PurcellWilliam PutulBehdokht PykePablo Quiema-TziquinInes QuintanillaJohn RadabaughPeggy RahnRuby Ramirez-GarciaSaidy Ramirez-MelendezManuel Ramirez-PerezSitlaly Ramirez RamirezKalee Ramkissoon MahadeoLuis Ramos-EngrobaAlex Ramos HernandezJosefina Ramos MoralesLazaro Ramos QuesadaLorie RamseyAngela RamseyNorman RandallDanny RattonWilliam RaulersonPamela RaySophie ReederAngela ReederDavid ReesBryce ReevesMargo RegisterJennie RehbinderRobert RemmerAndrew RentonMichael ReyesManuel ReyesIdida Reyes LopezArturo Reyes-SalmeronChad ReynoldsLeonardo RezendeDestry RhinehartDavid RhodesHeidi RhodesRobbin RicciDeborah RiceKhori RichardsVerna RichardsonDiana RichardsonBaby RichardsonBriona RichardsonRobert RichterEva RidallJeffery RiddleRichard Rider Jr.Heather RiggioKenneth RileyKenneth RitchieJose RivasAngel RiveraPatricia RiversValorie RobbinsCarla RobersonShirlene RobertsLatonya RobertsCarol RobertsStephen RobertsonMary RobertsonJames RobinsonRobert RobinsonJasmine RobinsonTrinity RobinsonEllis RobinsonCynthia RobinsonTrevor RocaMae RockerBarry RoddenMary RoderickLuz RodriguezPilar RodriguezChristina RodriguezArahsette RodriguezReynaldo RodriguezLonnie RodriguezRogelio RodriguezIsabel RodriguezMaria RodriguezJose RodriguezOsilia RodriguezYismel Rodriguez-HernandezIvan Rodriguez-jimenezJorge Rodriguez RodriguezLaurel RogersKristy RogersDiane RohbeckUlises RoldanPaul RollinsRuss RolnickRichard RomanoDaniel RomeroPerlita RomeroVivian RosalesJony Rosales TzulKristy RosarioLissy RosarioLuis RosarioAlan RosenblumDaniil RostvinschiiKelly RothwellJohn RowanAmanda RowleyYulieth Rubio GuzmanLaura RudnikRichard RuestRafael RuizGuadalupe RuizRaymond RuppGail RusselEdward RussellPhilistin SaintcyrDaniel SajkoPERTIZ SALAZARRogelio SalgadoFabiola SalomonHermann SamitschKarina SamsJohnathan SanchezJairo SanchezAlicia Sanchez SerranoPatrick SandersWhitney SandersJonathan SandovalNaidelin SandovalSofia SandovalFelipe SantosSimon Santos-VargasArthur SassoneClaude SaulTosia SavoyRoger SawyerTom SayrePatricia ScalaRosann ScarfoJacqueline SchaeferRita SchingsSandy SchlamannMark SchleyErnest SchmidtJean SchoenPatricia SchuldtSuzanne SchultzGuy Schwark IIIJavonte SchwartzAnnelise SchweickardtDorothy ScofieldTrukita ScottJennifer Scott-brownSharon ScutnikDonnel SearsJulie SeaySean SeebarranDouglas SelbySandy SeligmanPhillip SellewFernando Senties NietoXavier SepulvedaMelissa SermonsTiffany SessionsUma SewpersaudClinton SeymoreElizabeth ShalleyRevern SharpStanley SheffieldOscar ShellClaudia ShepherdKelley ShermanMaureen ShermanYvonne ShingletonEldon ShoreJames ShumakerMichael SiegristPeter SiemsMichael SillsDavid SimonPrentiss SimpsonLeuvrias SiriusJames SkeltonJohn SkirtaLelisia SladeCharles SlaterMelissa SloanKai SmaalandJohn SmithJoshua SmithChristopher SmithCindy SmithNicole SmithEdwin SmithDonald SmithWilliam SmithJames SmithStephanie SmithMichael SmithLavontaye SmithTracy SmithDonetha Snead-haileGertrude SnedegarJoshua SneedBrenda SnoufferRobert SnowbergerSantos Soch-GarciaAriana SolanoDawn SolenskyCarol SotoSusan SoucheckKeith SpelhaugDewey SpencerSandra SpinkCalvin SpoonMary SpragueWilliam StaggsCalandra StallworthAndrea StanekAlan StanfillDelores StantonLucetta StarkieEmma StatenGerald SteinerClaudette StellonAustin StephanosChriscinda StephensRonald StevensWendy StevensonAlice StewartMark StrawnThomas StumpYessenia SuarezDeborah SucherCarol SullivanDonna SumnersMirko SusacChampagne SuttlesGlenn Sylvester JrLeo SzaryMargarita TacheNelson Taffur RodriguezDavid TaitLeonard TakuFred TangretiAaron TapasoaAndres TapiaXavier TarrandToney TavaresRick TaylorCieha TaylorJessie TaylorDaniel TaylorWesley TedderDesmond TempfliElizabeth TerrizziJoan TetterJonathan TewRachel ThomasNehemiah Thomas Jr.Dock ThompsonSandra ThompsonJohn ThompsonRobert ThompsonMark ThompsonBonnie Thompson-KramerEubah ThorntonDaniel ThroneGary TillemanLa'Zavier TillmanTeresa TindaleKareem TisdaleHarry ToddESTEBAN TOMASMigdalia TorresAlicia TorresVilet TorrezAmanda TowneDebra TownselJason TownsendTamara ToyRoberta TrahernAutumn TraubMabel TresnerMark TriplettWanda TrotmanVivian TroutJohn TruettRang TruongDanielle TuckerAlan TuottJeanette TurleyTiffany TurnerJerome TysonSandra Tzul-CocSusan UphamCristina ValasquezGilbert Valdes JrJames ValentinAlfredo ValentinTaarana ValkyrieEnrique VallesHelen VanbeekIrene Van BurenArend Van Der HovenLoretta VannLeah Van SchoickAdelaida VargasKeren VargasJessica Vargas BeatrizEmma VaughnLaureye Vazquez-VelazquezMoises VelasquezGuillermo VelazcoDiana VenegasCarlos Ventura-SantosNery Ventura-SantosPaul Viars JrIsabella Vibe EnerMaria VilchizYair VillatorroMarcus VirginDale ViselPatti VolanskyChristina VoltaireGloria WadeElisabeth WagnerPaula WaidCharles WaldenKimberly WalkerTammy WalkerFloyd WalkerJustin WalkerRicky WalkerLinton WalkerCleveland WallaceGregory WallenBruce WallsKathleen WandahsegaRandall WardLenton WardMark WardRebecca WareJohn WarfTiffany WarringtonMichael WasikRichard WatchempinoGeorge WatersJacey WatsonJohn WatsonViolet WatzulikGary WeaverCherry WeaverDarlene WebbRobert WebbNehemiah WeedonLeanne WeggeKayla WelcomeJohn WeltyOK Sun Kim WestAngela WestberryChester WetmoreBeatriz WheelerJames WhetzelNewton WhiddenKelly WhiddonDavid WhitehurstGregory WilcoxRobert WilesJanay WileyScott WilliamsTerrance WilliamsJulia WilliamsBradley WilliamsTricia WilliamsKeri WilliamsLloyd WilliamsWade WilliamsLarry WilliamsRobert Williams IITammy WillisGeorge WillisonVirginia WilsonDamien WilsonRoyce WilsonLottie WilsonJeremy WilsonMarjorie WilsonRilya WilsonLilah WinterDavid WirthlinLottie WiseJonathan WittColleen WoodJames WoodardCynthia WoolardCarol WoolsoncroftTabbetha WorfordJuanita WrightBritney WrightDoris WurstCaren WurstChristopher YantRachel YatesYlianet YbanezRichard YerexAnthony YorkSherry YoungDebra YoungTarnesa YoungsDanielle ZacotStephen ZagarellaSarah ZambranoLuz Zamora-AlferezEvander Zamorano VazquezHeidi ZampellMary ZedalisIsadore ZeesmanGeorge ZelayaRuth Zornes-Elliott