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Jacqueline Brant

Was this 18 year old girl on spring break murdered by a serial killer?

  • Last updated: July 27, 2022
  • Panama City Beach, FL
  • April 15, 1986

Overview of Jacqueline Brant

In April of 1986, Jacqueline “Jackie” Brant traveled from her home in Illinois to Panama City Beach, FL for spring break.

Panama City Beach is a very popular vacation destination, especially during spring breaks, for high school and college students from all across the country.

Jackie was last seen some time in early April of 1986 while vacationing for spring break in Panama City Beach, FL. When her parents thought she had gone missing, they reported her missing on April 15, 1986.

Jackie's remains were found on November 30, 1986, by a hunter in a wooded area off Back Beach Road in Panama City Beach, FL. Her remains had been skeletonized, as she had been dead for many months, therefore they were difficult to recognize and decipher. Jackie’s case was quickly determined to be a homicide, though authorities were unable to determine a cause of death based on the state of her remains.

In 2007, serial killer Mark Riebe confessed to Jacqueline’s murder.

According to Mark’s claims, he met Jacqueline at a bar she frequently attended called "The Playground" and left with her. He further explains that he got angry with her and strangled her in the car before he buried her in a wooded area. Riebe was able to accurately describe her clothing and was able to direct police to where he remembered burying her, which is about ten feet away from where her remains had actually been found. Riebe later retracted his confession and Brant's case has been cold ever since.

"He knows several things that only the killer would know" - Panama City Beach Police Capt. Jimmy Stanford. 

Jackie's death was among 12 other murders committed within the span of 10 years that remain unsolved. However, these 12 other women were thought to have been related to the serial killer, Mark Riebe, of the Panama City Beach area. Nonetheless, Jaqueline’s cause of death remains undetermined and her case remains unsolved.


  1. Date Missing:April 15, 1986
  2. Date Found:November 30, 1986
  3. Age at Incident:18
  4. Race:Caucasian / White
  5. Gender:Female

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