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Clarence Eric Dawson

A businessman's remains are found in a shallow grave under a layer of concrete

  • Last updated: July 28, 2022
  • Estero, FL
  • September 9, 1988

Overview of Clarence Eric Dawson

Clarence Eric Dawson was a 43 year old man who had a loving wife named Susan Dawson and three children; two sons and a daughter. He was a business owner and a real estate agent living in Fort Myers, FL.

The Dawson Family

"The things that transpired from my father's demise have affected my family for the last 30 years" - Jason Dawson, Clarence's son.

Clarence was last seen alive on September 9, 1988.

Clarence left his home at around 4:30 pm to meet an unidentified individual for a showing scheduled for 5:45 pm at a property he owned in Estero, FL. Eric never returned home from the showing. The following day, Clarence’s car was found parked at the Southwest Florida International Airport, but there was no trace of him anywhere. Later that day, Clarence’s wife, Susan, reported him missing to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

His body was found November 20th, 1988.

A hog hunter found Clarence’s body on the property he went to visit on September 9th in Lee County, FL. His body was found in a shallow grave and it appeared that premixed concrete was poured over the grave and was left to solidify in the rain. His cause of death was later determined to be a .22 caliber gunshot wound to the back of the head.

"Once we attached the gravesite to Eric Dawson's missing person's report it became very clear to me and other investigators that whomever was responsible for Eric's death was very organized. They intended for this body to never be found" - Thomas Kontinos, former Lee County Sheriff’s Office investigator.

Where the case stands today.

Clarence’s case remains unsolved as the 34th anniversary of his death approaches. Authorities continue investigating his death, but fear that his death may have been conducted by ‘professionals’.

"In that sense, it had all the trademarks of a mob hit” - Thomas Kontinos, former Lee County Sheriff’s Office investigator.

Meanwhile, if you have information regarding Clarence’s case, please contact the Lee County Sheriff’s office at (239) 477-1000 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 780-TIPS (8477).


  1. Date Missing:September 9, 1988
  2. Date Found:November 20, 1988
  3. Birthday:November 16, 1944
  4. Age at Incident:43
  5. Race:Caucasian / White
  6. Gender:Male

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