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Unidentified Person

1993 Orange County Jane Doe

Can you help identify this Jane Doe?

  • Last updated: March 27, 2023
  • Apopka, FL
  • April 22, 1993

Overview of 1993 Orange County Jane Doe

The victim was located at Piedmont Wekiva Road approximately half a mile north of 441, Apopka, FL. A man was looking for scrap metal in a wooded area and decided to walk away from the pathway to use the bathroom. He saw a large piece of what appeared to be galvanized roof metal, and lifted it. He found the decent underneath.

Estimated Date of Death: 3-6 weeks prior State of Remains: Not recognizable - Decomposing/putrefaction Cause of Death: Homicide by gunshot

Dentals: Available. Poor dental health. She had several fillings but had several untreated cavities, possible tooth loss, periodontal disease and an abscess towards the bottom right of her jaw. Fingerprints: Not available. DNA: Available.

Clothing: T-shirt, size large (42-44), with ;New York Giants; on the front and a football helmet with the inscription; Super Bowl Champions XXV.; Shorts present, teal in color, Krayan brand, 100% pure silk. Single piece swimsuit, light blue in appearance, bikini type with strings attaching bra and panties. Two sandals, both size 8 with an inscription Gitanoe Casuals; on the soles of the shoes. They had a leather sole with a posterior side strap and a single inter-digital toe strap. Jewelry: 14K gold ring on left ring finger. She wore two other gold rings; one with the center stone setting empty and the other was an AVON ring with a clear center stone. Square-shaped hoop earrings. Additional Personal Items: Unknown

The Doe Network Case Number: 599UFFL


  1. Date Found:April 22, 1993
  2. NAMUS Number:554
  3. Race:White and/or mixed ancestry
  4. Gender:Female
  5. Height:4'11" to 5'5"
  6. Weight:100-110 lbs
  7. Hair Color:Dark brown
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