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Barbara Breidor

Four women are found in a drainage ditch in Atlantic City, New Jersey

  • Last updated: February 7, 2024
  • Atlantic City, NJ
  • October 17, 2006

Overview of Barbara Breidor

Barbara Breidor was the third of four victims to be identified from remains found behind the Golden Key Motel on Black Horse Pike in Egg Harbor Township on November 20, 2006.

The victims, ranging in age from 20 to 42 years old, were found lying face-down in a watery ditch, heads pointing east. All of the victims, found in various stages of decomposition, were fully clothed, but barefoot. Investigators believe that Barbara was murdered in the time before Tracy Roberts and Kim Raffo, and after Molly Dilts. While it is believed that Barbara was the second victim of the four to die, investigators were unable to determine an exact cause of death due to the state of her remains. Authorities were also unable to determine a cause of death for Molly Dilts, who had been in the ditch for up to 6 weeks. Tracy Roberts, who had been in the ditch for at least a week, died due to asphyxia, though the exact method is unclear; and Kim Raffo, the most recent victim, had been strangled with either a rope or a cord. Toxicology reports revealed large amounts of cocaine in Kim and Tracy's bodies, alcohol in Molly’s, and a potentially lethal dose of heroin in Barbara’s, raising the theory that the killer sedated the victims with alcohol or drugs. Despite their diverse backgrounds, the victims, all having experienced divorce or the death of a loved one, had fallen into heavy drug use and prostitution.

Barbara’s addiction began when she took a pain pill to ease her menstrual cramps in 1998; the pills were prescribed to her boyfriend, Stanley Frizzell, who had his own addiction. When doctors cut off Frizzell’s supply, the pair turned to heroin. Barbara’s life slowly deteriorated over the next 8 years as the couple’s addiction consumed them. In 2001, the couple sent their 4-year-old daughter to live in Florida with Barbara’s sister, Valerie Antsey, and less than a year later, Barbara was working as a prostitute on the streets of Atlantic City. For Barbara's family, her death was a terrible end for a woman who once seemed certain of success.

Barbara and Dominique see each other for the last time
Barbara Breidor and her daughter Dominique

Barbara came from a “prestigious, well-to-do family” in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania where she grew up with two sisters and a half-brother. They all attended Catholic school, and her father was a school counselor. Family members called her the smartest of her siblings and a sure "Jeopardy!" winner if only she had tried. She was popular throughout high school, known for her quick wit and broad smile. She seemed to know a little bit about everything and could awe her sisters with her speedy responses when "Jeopardy!" was on TV. Barbara was intelligent and well-educated, even attending Penn State for two years. After college, Barbara went to work for her mother, also named Barbara, who launched the Sante Fe Trading Company, a small, lucrative chain of stores selling Native American art and clothing. Barbara’s father died in the early 1980’s from aortic valve disease, and her half-brother died in 2000; her mother sold the business and moved to Florida around that same time. Barbara, who wanted to stay in the area, got a job as a cocktail waitress at the Copacabana casino hotel on the boardwalk, where she met Steve Frizzell years earlier. After her mother sold the business, Barbara plunged deeper into heroin and addiction; her sisters don't believe she ever held a steady job again. Barbara and Frizzell remained together until 2002, when Frizzell was arrested on burglary and drug possession charges.

Barbara Breidor and Steve
Barbara Breidor and Steve

While serving his year-long sentence at Southern State Correctional Facility, Steve Frizzell heard from friends that Barbara was using crack cocaine and working as a prostitute in Atlantic City. Barbara was arrested and convicted for soliciting a police officer in Atlantic City on two different occasions, serving at least 30 days in jail. At the time of her murder, Barbara was staying with her friend Lori and Lori’s dad, Richard Adams, in a duplex on North Lafayette Avenue in Ventnor, NJ where she did chores in exchange for free room and board. Barbara, who was last seen leaving the N Lafayette duplex on October 17th, 2006, was not heard from again, until her body was discovered behind the Golden Key Motel on November 20th, 2006. Two women walking along the dirt access road behind the Golden Key Motel discovered the remains of a woman at around 3:00 pm on November 20. Upon arrival, authorities discovered 3 more bodies, all of whom were identified over the next week.

Golden Key Motel
Golden Key Motel

Authorities scoured the marshes behind the motel but ultimately came up empty handed. A man named Terry Oleson did emerge as a person of interest during this time, however. He was a guest at the Golden Key Motel during the times of the murders, and he even told investigators about a pair of construction boots he found on the motel’s roof. He believes his ex-girlfriend reported him to authorities in an attempt to get back at him for kicking her out. Oleson has provided hair and DNA samples in addition to volunteering for a polygraph test, but he has never been charged in connection to these crimes.

While the identification of Long Island serial killer Rex Heuermann has led many to suspect his involvement in the 2006 Atlantic City murders, authorities say there is no apparent connection. Detectives investigating the Black Horse Pike killings have met with authorities in Long Island to compare timelines, dates, methodologies, etc., and have concluded that "there does not seem to be a connection."

The cases of Barbara Breidor, Kim Raffo, Molly Dilts, and Tracy Roberts remain unsolved to this day. The victims were mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends, and they were deeply loved.

If you have any information on the murders of Barbara Breidor, Kim Raffo, Molly Dilts, or Tracy Roberts please contact the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office at [email protected] or (609) 909-7800.


  1. Date Missing:October 17, 2006
  2. Date Found:November 20, 2006
  3. Birthday:June 5, 1964
  4. Age at Incident:42
  5. Race:White / Caucasian
  6. Gender:Female
  7. Height:5'7"
  8. Weight:140 - 150 lbs
  9. Hair Color:Brown


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