Citizen Detective Guide

Refine your unique skills, test your expertise, and uncover new talents.

While the podcast Serial may have ignited new interest in true crime in the last few years, people are switching from entertainment consumption to a passion for activism to help solve cold cases.


We’ve created a step-by-step guide to develop your unique abilities, test your knowledge, and even discover new talents. We need more Citizen Detectives to polish their skills to join us at Uncovered!

Citizen Detective Guide Cover

What you’ll learn with this guide

  • Spark new insights for how you perceive information

  • Understand key components to request public information and records

  • Support further education and skill development

  • Evaluate key processes for data collection

  • Engage diverse methods in desktop research

The guide also comes with workspace so you can map out your next case and prepare for the launch of Uncovered to combine publicly available information, with the ever-growing wisdom of the crowd, to do something that matters and find the intersection of justice, peace, and closure for families.

Download the free step-by-step guide