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Tina Slaughter

A young mother is killed during a burglary in Minneapolis

  • Last updated: June 14, 2022
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • July 11, 1985

Overview of Tina Slaughter

Murdered While Her Children Slept, Tina Slaughter's Still Unsolved 1985 Murder Continues to Baffle Minneapolis

Tina Slaughter, a mother of two young boys, was attacked in her home on the evening of July 11, 1985. Only 27 years old, Tina was home with her children when an intruder broke in and stabbed her multiple times in the very early morning.

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The day Tina was attacked

Having just celebrated her mother's birthday the day before, Tina and her boys were at home asleep when an intruder broke in. Tina was first attacked in her bed and then managed to make it to another room where she was continually stabbed. Detectives say that Tina was able to escape the home and run to the neighbor's home, where they called 911, although a newspaper report from 1985 reports that Tina made the initial call from her phone and then a neighbor called.

Thankfully, her two sons, Duane and Marcellus, were unharmed in the home—and found asleep by police who canvassed the home. A suspect was seen running from the apartment building, and it is believed that Tina's case may be linked to a series of other robberies in the area, as her TV was taken.

Source: Minneapolis Police

Where the case stands today

In 2016, after a re-examination of the case, DNA was discovered and subsequently tested from an item found at the scene. Part of the challenge now is to compare the DNA discovered to whoever was in the building that night. Investigators are hoping that the last 30+ years will prove that someone has talked to someone about this crime and they are willing to come forward. Tina's family is still searching for answers in her 1985 murder, and unfortunately, her oldest son Duane was killed in 2001.

Do you know someone who lived in the apartment building where Tina was murdered at 1712 Fremont Avenue North in 1985

Please contact MPD Tip Line at 612-692-TIPS (8477), or submit a tip through Crime Stoppers by texting “Tip747 plus your tip” to 274637 if you have information about Tina’s death.


  1. Date of Death:July 11, 1985
  2. Age at Incident:27
  3. Race:African-American / Black
  4. Gender:Female

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