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Sandra Lee Smiscon

An indigenous Yakama woman is a victim of a random senseless murder

  • Last updated: September 7, 2022
  • Seattle , WA
  • July 12, 2003

Overview of Sandra Lee Smiscon

Sandra Smiscon was born in Toppenish, Washington, and frequently traveled back and forth from the Yakama Reservation to Seattle throughout her life. The Yakama Reservation is located in central Washington near the Columbia River. Many in the Yakama tribe have established roots going back for centuries and value the rich history shared by their elders. Sandra came from a large family, being one of twelve children. The Yakima Herald described Sandra as “a petite woman with a big family, a broad smile and an adventurous nature, she relished her traditional upbringing, attending powwows and other special events when she came home”.

In the early morning hours of July 12th, 2003, Sandra Lee Smiscon was shot in the abdomen at an overpass at approximately 3:30 AM. An unknown male companion was with her and was also shot in the leg. The unknown individual was rushed to the hospital and survived. The alleged suspect is in his 30s/40s and has not been arrested or publicly identified. It is suspected that the shooting was a random act of violence. At the time of her death, Sandra was 45 and homeless - it is unclear how long she was homeless. Sandra had three children; two daughters and one son.

Some of her relationships were fractured as a result of losing custody of her children. It was also reported that Sandra frequently used drugs, and her mother warned her that it would hurt her body and brain. Sandra was a member of the Yakama tribe and one of the numerous missing and murdered indigenous women throughout the United States. Prior to her death, it is alleged that she had a powwow with her family. There have been no arrests or publicly named suspects at this time.


  1. Date Found:July 12, 2003
  2. Date of Death:July 12, 2003
  3. Birthday:February 23, 1958
  4. Age at Incident:45
  5. Race:Native American / Indigenous
  6. Gender:Female
  7. Hair Color:Brown

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