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Randisha Love

Who killed Randisha Love?

  • Last updated: January 8, 2024
  • East Point, GA
  • January 12, 2016

Overview of Randisha Love

Randisha Love, 17, was shot to death at her Fulton County, GA, home in 2016.

New to the area, Randisha's day on January 12, 2016, started out like it always had, she went to school, texted her mom that she was safe, and made it on the bus and to school. She would call her mom when she got home at about 4:30 p.m. to say she'd made it home. That day, Randisha's mom, picked up her other child from practice and got dinner to take home, but when she called to check on Randisha, as she headed home, Randisha's phone went straight to voice mail, which deeply concerned her mom. When they arrived home and walked in the door, Randisha's body was there, on the floor, with multiple gunshot wounds. She had been shot five times in the face and torso. Nothing was taken from the home, the teen hadn't been sexually assaulted, and there were no signs of forced entry.

If you have any information on the murder of Randisha Love, please contact the Fulton County Police at (404) 613-6529.


  1. Date Found:January 12, 2016
  2. Date of Death:January 12, 2016
  3. Birthday:December 3, 1998
  4. Age at Incident:17
  5. Race:Black / African American
  6. Gender:Female
  7. Hair Color:Black

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