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Mark Martin

What Happened to Mark Martin?

  • Last updated: August 8, 2023
  • Madison Heights, MI
  • August 31, 1981

Overview of Mark Martin

2-year-old Mark Steven Martin and his mother Carolyn Martin were last seen on 08/31/1981, in Hazel Park, Michigan as they set out to move from Madison Heights, Michigan, to San Antonio, Texas. The Victims began their journey traveling southbound on Interstate 75 and have not been heard from or seen since.

"Mark and his mother, Carolyn Martin, were last seen on August 31, 1981. Her family and friends went to her home in Madison Heights, Michigan that day to help them pack. Carolyn was planning to take Mark and drive to San Antonio, Texas to be with her fiance, Hamparsoum "Harry" Kirezian. Kirezian stated he had gotten a job in Texas and wanted Carolyn and Mark to join him.

She planned to travel in a caravan with her twin brother, Timothy, who was en route to Oklahoma to look for a work. That evening, Carolyn stopped at her mother's home in Hazel Park, Michigan to say goodbye. She said her travel plans had changed: she would be taking a different route to Texas and would not travel with Timothy. Her family never saw her or Mark again. They filed a missing persons report for them the following spring.

When questioned by police, Kirezian said Carolyn changed her mind and decided she didn't want to go to Texas. He stated he let her and Mark out of the car, his own 1979 Pontiac Grand Prix, near Toledo, Ohio. Carolyn and Mark had only one suitcase with them. Kirezian gave her $4,000 in cash and she told him to discard her belongings, and he says this is the last time he saw her.

Kirezian said he continued on the way to Texas, but changed his mind and turned back when he had car trouble. He reappeared in Michigan a short time later. Since Carolyn and Mark disappeared, he has changed his name twice, and he has refused to take a polygraph test. He is now known as Harry Kzirian.

Kirezian is Mark's father, but he had little contact with either his son or Carolyn until the summer of 1981, when Carolyn filed a paternity suit against him. In June 1981, the Macomb County Circuit Court ordered him to pay $30 a week in child support. Carolyn and Kirezian reconciled after that and he became a more involved father to Mark.

Carolyn was looking forward to beginning a new life with Kirezian. Because he was the last person known to have seen Carolyn and Mark, he is considered a person of interest in the disappearances, but there is no evidence to tie him to any crime.

Carolyn and Mark's Social Security numbers have not been used since 1981. Foul play is suspected in their disappearances, which remain unsolved." (Information Retrieved from FBI.gov and CharleyProject.org)

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Carolyn and Mark Martin, please contact the Madison Heights Police Department at (248) 837-2732, or FBI, ViCAP at (800) 634-4097 or vicap@leo.gov


  1. Date Missing:August 31, 1981
  2. Birthday:February 5, 1979
  3. Current Age:45
  4. Age at Incident:2
  5. NAMUS Number:MP7251
  6. Race:White / Caucasian
  7. Gender:Male
  8. Height:2'0"
  9. Weight:30 lbs
  10. Hair Color:Sandy Blonde

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