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Suspicious Death

Lexxi Tristram Sironen

A loving parent of two is found dead in a river in Maine

  • Last updated: April 7, 2023
  • Waterville, ME
  • September 1, 2016

Overview of Lexxi Tristram Sironen

Thursday, September 1, 2016, was a warm end-of-the-summer day in Waterville, Maine. That whole week, in fact, had beautiful weather — a wonderful way to close out the last week before the unofficial end of summer on Labor Day. Waterville Maine is almost at the northeastern tip of the US and sits on the West Bank of the Kennebec River. It’s a quaint historic town with a well-preserved downtown. It boasts excellent hiking trails and downhill skiing and is one of the finest art museums in the country.  

It’s no wonder then that Lexxi, a 43-year-old parent of two teens, wished to visit this beautiful summer spot in early September 2016. She had friends in the area and was spending the week with them. Lexxi was often on the move. Described as transient by law enforcement, her friends and family said that Lexi liked to move around a lot and stay in different places. She was known to stay in the Skowhegan area, with friends in Waterville and sometimes even down by the Riverfront. Lexxi is described as a kind and generous person with a big heart. Friends say “she’d do anything for anybody” - giving them money when they needed it and a place to stay if they were homeless. Another mentioned that “she had a good heart in her, and people played on it. She was never out to hurt anybody.”

The circumstances around Lexxi’s death are unclear and have led to much speculation; many debate between accidental death or homicide. On September 1, it is known that Lexxi spent time with her friend of 8 years, Chelsea. After that, Lexxi’s whereabouts are a mystery until her body is spotted floating in the Kennebec River. Lexxi’s case was closed after an autopsy ruled her death as undetermined. No suspects were named. The toxicology report founds drugs/alcohol in her system but failed to provide if they were recreational or prescription. Lexxi was found mostly dressed and had spent time in the water. Friends said they definitely believed Sironen’s death was not a suicide. “She loved her life,” Letourneau told the Journal. “She wanted a life, just like anybody else.”


  1. Date Missing:September 1, 2016
  2. Date Found:September 6, 2016
  3. Birthday:August 6, 1973
  4. Age at Incident:43
  5. Race:Caucasian / White
  6. Gender:Female

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