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Daniel Barter

A young boy on vacation with his family vanishes

  • Last updated: February 4, 2023
  • Perdido Bay, AL
  • June 18, 1959

Overview of Daniel Barter

Did a Stalker Snatch this 4-year-old?

Daniel Barter, or as some called him "Danny", was only 4 years old when he vanished while on a camping trip with his family in Alabama on July 18, 1959. He came from a large family, being one of seven children in the Barter family. He is described as a young and happy child.

What started off being an exciting family camping trip at Perdido Bay, Alabama, turned out to be a mystery that has yet to be solved.

Daniel was last seen during the morning of July 18, 1959. Daniel and his father, Paul, ran to the store to grab drinks for the family. Daniel was barefoot and still wearing the clothing he slept in- gray boxer shorts. It was believed that Daniel had wandered away on the campgrounds. But it was not until 10 to 15 minutes later that his mom, Maxine Barter, went to look for him.

The campground the Barter family was staying at was searched extensively; even a few alligators in the swampy lake nearby were gutted and inspected in hopes of finding any remains of Daniel. The search effort for Daniel included various law enforcement, Marines, sailors, and multiple civilian volunteers.

Sadly, There was virtually no evidence to be found in order to progress the case, not even the Nehi soda bottle he was carrying with him at the time. There were a few suspicious people around the Barter family leading up to the event and after, but no official suspects were ever identified or pursued.

The case was reopened nearly 50 years after Daniel Barter disappeared, but most of the files have been lost or destroyed over time.

It is possible that Daniel was being stalked before his disappearance.

A month before he vanished, an unidentified man was seen parked in front of the Barter home. A neighbor recalls seeing this individual peering into one of the boy's bedrooms. When Maxine attempted to approach the vehicle, the individual covered his face with a newspaper and drove off.

There is still hope that one day the whereabouts of Danny will be found and that the case can be solved.


  1. Date Missing:June 18, 1959
  2. Birthday:December 12, 1954
  3. Current Age:69
  4. Age at Incident:4
  5. NAMUS Number:MP2688
  6. Race:Caucasian / White
  7. Gender:Male
  8. Height:3'0"
  9. Weight:50 lbs
  10. Hair Color:Brown


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