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Amy Mihaljevic

A girl disappears after agreeing to meet a stranger who promised to buy gifts for her and her mother

  • Last updated: May 25, 2023
  • Bay Village, OH
  • October 27, 1989

Overview of Amy Mihaljevic

The Amy Mihaljevic case is currently one of the FBI’s oldest cold cases. Can you identify the blanket below?

When Amy Mihaljevic disappeared in 1989 from Bay Village, Ohio, it rocked the local community. Bay Village was known as a small, but safe suburban town. Her family described Amy as a sweet child, who adored horseback riding. Amy was a 5th grader attending Bay Village Middle School and was incredibly bright, as she was in the school’s gifted program. Amy was known to be friendly with people she was familiar with, otherwise she would be more reserved; but was comfortable with adults.

Leading up to Amy’s disappearance.

A few weeks before Amy vanished, she got a phone call from an unknown man who claimed he was her mother’s co-worker. This unknown man told Amy that her mother, Margaret got a recent promotion at work and the two planned to meet on Friday, October 27th, at the Bay Village shopping center to get a present for Amy’s mother. Amy told two of her school friends about her after-school plans. The morning of Amy’s disappearance was typical; Amy told her mother, Margaret, that she would be home late from school because she had choir auditions. She rode her bike to school and went to class. By 2:20, Amy and a friend walked up the block to the Bay Village Shopping Center.

Amy doesn’t return home.

It was a rule in the Mihaljevic household that when the children return home from school they call their mother, Margaret at work. However, on October 27th, 1989, Amy’s brother, Jason returned home and called his mother at 3:15. He made sure to tell her that Amy was not home yet. By 3:30 he calls his mother again, and Amy is still not home. 10 minutes later, Amy calls her mother; this brief conversation would be the last time Margaret ever speaks with her daughter.

When Margaret returns home at 4:30, Jason immediately tells her that Amy is not home and panic sets in. Margaret retraces Amy’s route to school and discovers her bike is still locked up at the school. She knew instantly something was wrong and promptly reported her daughter missing with the Bay Village Police Department located down the block from Amy’s middle school. By 6PM that same night, Amy’s father, Mike Mihaljevic arrives home from a business trip to Cincinnati and wastes no time searching for his daughter.

Nearly four months later, Amy’s body was found by a jogger in the early hours of February 8th, 1990 near County Road 1811 in Ashland County - approximately 50 miles away from where she was kidnapped. The cause of death would show that Amy was killed by multiple stab wounds to the neck. She was found wearing the same clothes she wore the day she went missing.

Where the case stands today.

Can you identify this blanket? Source: City of Bay Village, Ohio

The FBI is still seeking information regarding Amy’s case. Currently it is one of the oldest active cases of the FBI. In conjunction with the Bay Village Police Department, authorities are asking the public if they can identify this home made quilted curtain and/or blanket. It was found near Amy’s body, along with her DNA and investigators believe that once identified it can provide more insight into Amy’s killer.


  1. Date Missing:October 27, 1989
  2. Date Found:February 8, 1990
  3. Date of Death:October 27, 1989
  4. Birthday:December 11, 1978
  5. Age at Incident:10
  6. Race:Caucasian / White
  7. Gender:Female
  8. Height:4'10"
  9. Weight:90 lbs
  10. Hair Color:Blonde

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