You might be able to help solve a cold case! These five cases were recently added to the growing Uncovered database of the unsolved cases of the missing and murdered; with the help of the public. With more than 200,000 unsolved cases in the US—and a number that grows by nearly 6,000 every year; your insights might help contribute to the next big break in a case.

Alice Ida Looney

Missing since August 16, 2004, from Wapato, Washington

Alice Ida Looney went missing after she was dropped off at a local gas station near the Yakama Indian Reservation in Washington state. A year later her body was discovered less than half an hour from where she was last seen. Alice’s case is still unsolved, and her family still actively fights for answers. Were you near the Legends Casino, in Toppenish, Washington on August 16, 2004? Perhaps you stopped for gas at the Roadrunner later that night and saw Alice in Wapato? If you have any information regarding Alice Ida Looney’s case, please contact the Yakama Nation Police Department at (509) 865-2933, or the Yakama FBI Office at (509) 453-4859. View the digital case file 


Brittany Hammond

Missing since December 12, 2018, from Patriot, Indiana.

Brittany Hammond, a 30-year-old mother of 5 left her home to go to a store on the evening of December 12, 2018. Although she had told a friend that she would be back in an hour, tragically, Brittany never returned. Brittany was last seen getting into an unidentified car with an unknown individual, her phone was turned off that evening, and has seen no activity since. Brittany has remained missing for more than three years, and her children, who were all between the ages of 3 and 8 years old at the time, have had to grow up without their mother. If you have any information regarding Brittany’s whereabouts or regarding the individual(s) responsible for her disappearance, please contact Detective Joe Spilman with the Switzerland County Sheriff’s Office at (812) 427-3636. View the digital case file 


Alicia Markovich

Missing since April 26, 1987, from Blairsville, Pennsylvania

On Sunday, April 26, 1987, Alicia’s father, John Markovich, picked her up in Windber around 9:45 am for an unscheduled day visit to his home 45 minutes away in Blairsville, Pennsylvania. Alicia’s father alleges that he and Alicia had gotten into an argument about her school grades, choice of friends, Alicia’s boyfriend, and her mother’s request for an increase in child support from $100 a month to $200 a month. John Markovich then told authorities that Alicia walked out of his residence abruptly and never looked back towards the house. Alicia was reported missing the next day. Pennsylvania State Police say the investigation has always been active and open, and that they do a follow-up on any tips or leads submitted. View the digital case file 


Amir Jennings

Missing since November 24, 2011, from Columbia, South Carolina

18-month-old Amir Jennings was seen on November 23, 2011, in Columbia, South Carolina with his mother, Zinah Jennings. Police were not able to locate Amir or Zinah until December 24, 2011, when Zinah crashes her car, and Amir was not with her. Upon further discussions with the mother, she would be arrested for ‘unlawful conduct’ and ‘cruelty to children’ when she refuses to tell police Amir’s whereabouts. After her arrest, Zinah tells investigators multiple stories about her son’s whereabouts, including being with friends in North Carolina and later Georgia, and even telling investigators that he was with a man named ‘Ernest Robinson,’ who does not exist. When police receive a warrant to search Zinah’s house and car, they discover various items of evidence, indicating possible foul play in Amir’s disappearance. In her car, they find a blanket and clothing with Amir’s blood on them, and in the backyard of the home, they find a shovel, which a witness states Zinah had spent time in her backyard with the shovel around the time Amir went missing. Today, Amir would be 11 years old. There is currently a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the whereabouts of Amir Jennings. View the digital case file 


Andrea Knabel

Missing since August 13, 2019, from Louisville, Kentucky

Andrea was an active member of Missing In America, a group that focuses on finding missing people in the Louisville area. She recently fell on hard times, having been laid off from her job at Humana and then got into a hit and run car accident leaving her without a vehicle. On the night of her disappearance, Andrea searches for a place to spend the night but family disagreements and missed calls leave her shuffling between locations. The last active ping on Andrea’s cell phone was at 6:31 AM but there is no data location available. At the time of Andrea’s disappearance, her two boys were staying with their respective fathers, both men were quickly ruled out as suspects. If you have any information, please contact private investigator Tracy Leonard (502) 618-9337 OR Louisville Metro Police Department: Missing Persons Division 502-574-7120. There is a $5,000 reward. View the digital case file