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Andrea Knabel

A mother of two who works with Missing in America goes missing herself

  • Last updated: August 15, 2022
  • Louisville, KY
  • August 13, 2019


Andrea Michelle Knabel (pronounced kuh-nay-bel) was a 37-year-old mother of two when she went missing. Andrea was an active member of Missing In America, a group that focuses on finding missing people in the Louisville area.  She recently fell on hard times, having been laid off from her job at Humana and then got into a hit-and-run car accident leaving her without a vehicle. She was living at her mother Cheryl's house with her sister, Sarah, and Sarah's fiance, Ethan Bates. Although at the time, Cheryl was not staying at the residence while Sarah and Ethan were renovating the house. There were frequent disagreements between Andrea, Sarah, and Ethan as a result of their living situation. 

The day Andrea went missing. The events leading up to her disappearance on August 12th, 2019 were seemingly average. Andrea went to McDonald's with her nephew and sister's fiance, Ethan. After McDonald's, Ethan brings Andrea to the Kentucky One Medical Center for treatment for injuries from a face infection around 9:50 PM.  By 11:22 pm she was released from the hospital and took a Lyft back to her mother's house returning at 11:34 pm. Andrea cannot enter the home because she doesn't have a key. By midnight she walked to her sister, Erin's home. Upon arriving at Erin's home, it was clear that Andrea was visibly upset and told Erin about a fight between Sarah, Ethan, and their mom. Andrea said she felt ganged up on because they were unhappy with Andrea's choices. Erin tried to console her sister and offered to drive her back to their mom's.  Andrea did not have a key to the home and couldn't get in which prompted Andrea to walk back to Erin's house.  When Andrea arrived and asked Erin if she could sleep over, Erin said no which led to a disagreement between the two. Andrea left Erin's home for the final time and returned back to her mom's house on foot at 1:34 AM on August 13th. Per Andrea's cell data, she arrived at her mother's home at 1:54 am. In a follow-up interview conducted by Joe Fanciuli,  a neighbor recalls hearing construction noise in the middle of the night at the mother's home. Additionally, per the original timeline, it was assumed that Andrea was not let into the home because Sarah and Ethan were sleeping. When they were reinterviewed, they were awake and didn't let her in because they were fearful of Andrea being too upset. Andrea's cell phone was active at 3:51 am showing at her mother's house. 

Andrea called around to her friends to see if anyone could pick her up, including trying to Facetime Suzette around 2:12 AM, but Suzette missed the call.  Each member of Missing in America is required to keep their Google locations on for safety purposes. Investigators were able to build a timeline based on her Google location and her cell phone GPS data. Fanciuli conducts several follow-up interviews with neighbors and discovers that neighbors were able to hear what sounded like construction noise "in the middle of the night" and fighting at the mother's home on the night of Andrea's disappearance, but no one called the police at the time. The last active ping on Andrea's cell phone was at 6:31 AM but there is no data location available. At the time of Andrea's disappearance, her two boys were staying with their respective fathers, both men were quickly ruled out as suspects.

  On November 27, 2019,  Andrea's family noticed a gold Chevy Impala believed to be a 2004 or 2005 model with license plate 637 ZLA. was seen repeatedly driving past Erin's home. The windows were tinted but they could see "a "thin white male was driving" and a "thin white woman was in the passenger seat.". When the plates were run by authorities they came back as stolen but have not recovered the car. It would later be determined that this was the drug dealer that Andrea allegedly owed money to. 

Where the case stands today. The case remains unsolved. There was a recent four-part docu-series on Discovery Plus called "Finding Andrea '' which has brought more attention to the case in recent weeks. There have been alleged recent sightings in the Clarksonville/Jeffersonville area. Andrea was last seen wearing a  light-colored tank top, white shorts and light-colored Nike shoes. She is 5'7", and weighs approximately 180 pounds, with brown hair, and hazel eyes. Andrea's ears are pierced. She may have scarring on her face.  Erin and her father Michael are still actively advocating for Andrea and conduct frequent searches. If you have any information, please contact private investigator Tracy Leonard (502) 618-9337 OR Louisville Metro Police Department: Missing Persons Division 502-574-7120. There is a $10,000 reward.


  1. Date Missing:August 13, 2019
  2. Birthday:January 7, 1982
  3. Current Age:40
  4. Age at Incident:37
  5. NAMUS Number:MP60009
  6. Race:Caucasian / White
  7. Gender:Female
  8. Height:5'7"
  9. Weight:190 lbs
  10. Hair Color:Light Brown with Blonde Highlights

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Cheryl and Sarah Knabel's Home

Louisville, KY

Andrea's mother's home, but Sarah was living there and Cheryl was living elsewhere while the house was undergoing construction.

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