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William Sircy

A State Football champion is gunned down while chatting with friends

  • Last updated: July 14, 2022
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • August 20, 2005

Overview of William Sircy

"Hey uncle Stryker. I just want to say I miss you and I cry all the time when I think of you and I know it has been more than a year since you died but every time I think of you I start to cry. I know if you were here you would tell me not to cry but you know how it is. Man, I love you, uncle Stryker. We were so close and then you had to go and die. Why you of all people? You were to [sic] young to go. Well I'll see ya soon. Love you." --A tribute note from William's nephew.

William Stryker Sircy was only 20 years old when he was gunned down on the Westside of Indianapolis. William graduated from Ben Davis High School where he was on the State Champion football team. Friends and family say that he loved to spend time writing lyrics, and driving his Chevy Caprice with the Yung Vets 317 Car Club. He was engaged to be married.

On the day of his death, William and some friends went to Indianapolis' far west side to meet with a man that had reportedly been causing him some problems. Sircy's friends told police that the pair had hoped to work out the disagreement. Sircy and the other man walked off privately to speak. He was later discovered by friends in a building with three gunshot wounds to his upper body. He was taken to the hospital but ultimately succumbed to his injuries.

Police have said that the man that William left with was known as "Little Mike". He is described as black, 18 years old (in 2005), 6'1", light to medium complexion, with a thin build. He reportedly has a southern accent and had recently moved to the Indianapolis area. He frequented the Pebble Point Apartments near I-465 and Crawfordsville Rd.

If you know anything about Little Mike, please call 317-262-8477.


  1. Date of Death:August 20, 2005
  2. Birthday:January 19, 1985
  3. Age at Incident:20
  4. Race:Caucasian / White
  5. Gender:Male

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