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Stephanie Crane

Do you know what happened to Stephanie Crane?

  • Last updated: April 14, 2023
  • Challis, ID
  • October 11, 1993

Overview of Stephanie Crane

Stephanie Crane disappeared on October 11, 1993, after leaving Challis Bowling Alley in Challis, Idaho. The then-13-year-old girl was last seen walking on Highway 93 towards Challis High School, where she may have been going for soccer practice or to her family's residence, about 500 yards away. When she failed to return home that night, her parents notified the police, and an extensive search over 7,000 square miles in two counties turned up no trace of her. A yellow pickup truck with red pinstripes seen in the area at the time of her disappearance may be linked to the case.

Over the years, several persons of interest have been investigated in connection with Stephanie's disappearance, including Keith Glenn "Mark" Hescock, who was also considered a suspect in the disappearance of Amber Hoopes. Hescock was known to have been in the area at the time of Stephanie's disappearance and owned a yellow pickup truck similar to the one seen in the area. He was later involved in the kidnapping of a 14-year-old girl in 2002 and a high-speed police chase that ended in a shootout, where he committed suicide.

Authorities have interviewed five to ten persons of interest in the case, including a woman who refused to answer questions without an attorney and a man whose polygraph answers were inconclusive. However, no one has been officially charged in Stephanie's disappearance. Investigators believe that she was taken against her will by a stranger. Stephanie is described as a tomboy who enjoyed hunting, fishing, and bowling with her family. Her case remains unsolved, but her sisters and many members of her extended family are still hoping for answers.


  1. Date Missing:October 11, 1993
  2. Birthday:September 28, 1984
  3. Current Age:39
  4. Age at Incident:9
  5. NAMUS Number:MP2081
  6. Race:White / Caucasian
  7. Gender:Female
  8. Height:4' 2"
  9. Weight:85 lbs
  10. Hair Color:Brown
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