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May 10, 1984 Cobb County Jane Doe

Cobb County Jane Doe was found in a wooded area, near the Chattahoochee River, in Southwest Cobb County.

  • Last updated: June 6, 2023
  • Mableton, GA
  • May 10, 1984

Overview of May 10, 1984 Cobb County Jane Doe

Cobb County Jane Doe was found on Thursday, May 10, 1984 in a wooded area near the Chattahoochee River in Southwest Cobb County.

A man walking near the edge of his property stumbled upon the skeletal remains of a human body and several pieces of clothing. He connected the police department and at 3:00 pm, Sergant Rogers and Officer Ward arrived at the scene on Nichols Dr. in Mableton.

Officer Ward’s incident report indicated that the body appeared to be a partially clothed female. Investigators were called to the scene and with the help of the Cobb County Medical Examiner, Dr. Joseph Burton, determined the remains belonged to a white female, with brown hair, between the ages of 18 and 25.

After examining her remains, Dr. Burton reported that she was between 5' and 5' 4" inches tall and weighed between 105 and 115 lbs. At some point in her life, she underwent reconstructive surgery (right side of her face) to repair a fractured maxilla and a crushed orbital bone. She also had metal pins in her left ankle. The medical examiner estimated that she had been deceased for at least 3 months. Investigators believe she may have been a sex worker. The exact cause of her death could not be determined, but it was ruled a homicide.

Several pieces of clothing were found on and near her body including a western style long sleeve blouse with ruffles on the front, a light blue t-shirt (size LG) with a Playboy bunny on the front, a man’s brown or rust colored Rich's brand size 40-corduroy coat, a work shirt with an embroidered name patch that read George and the company name, Doug Hyde Unlimited. A pack of camel lights and a manilla envelope, measuring 2 inches by 1 inch containing 2 hand-rolled butts were found in the shirt's pocket. Found on/near her feet was a pair of blue jeans and a single light colored calf or knee-high sock with vertical blue and brown stripes. On her left foot was a size 8 light-colored western style boot with a thick fleece lining. This boot contained a metal plate or lift. The right boot was lying over the lower portion of her body. Near her head was a synthetic auburn wig. No jewelry or other belongings were found at the scene.

In 2011, investigators sent her DNA to a Texas lab for testing. Upon completion of the testing, her completed profile was added to the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). In 2019, Detective John Dawes, Cobb County Cold Case Unit did a deep dive into her case. He reviewed witness statements, conducted background checks, re-interviewed people of interest, and discovered that several pieces of evidence, including the Playboy bunny shirt, had gone missing. In 2020, Dana Poll, host of the True Crime PI podcast, created a 7-episode series about this Doe.

In an interview with Detective John Dawes, he revealed that his investigation led him to Samuel Little, the man he calls "the most potential suspect" in this case. Where the case stands today: In 2021, the podcast inspired a task force, responsible for comparing Samuel Little's confessions to unsolved Georgia homicides, to re-examine this case. At the same time, Dana Poll reached out to the Cobb County Medical Examiner's office and shared Othram's contact information. In March 2023, Dana Poll received a message on her True Crime PI podcast Facebook page from a woman who has been identified as a relative of this Doe.

Currently, testing is being performed to confirm Cobb County Jane Doe's identity.

Dentals: Available

Fingerprint: Not available

DNA: Available


  1. Date Found:October 5, 1984
  2. Date of Death:May 10, 1984
  3. NAMUS Number:10724
  4. Race:Caucasian / White
  5. Gender:Female
  6. Height:5'-5'4
  7. Weight:105-115 lbs
  8. Hair Color:Brown



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