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Jeremiah Foco

A 34 year old man is last seen entering his Seattle, WA apartment

  • Last updated: September 9, 2022
  • Seattle, WA
  • July 22, 2015

Overview of Jeremiah Foco

Jeremiah is a dear son, brother, uncle, and friend. He is loved by many.

No one ever has anything bad to say about him as he is frequently described as being well liked, respected and overall very responsible. Those who know Jeremiah explain that he was always there for his friends and family. Jeremiah would go to an adult summer camp every year, where others always felt warmhearted when he arrived. Other attendees along with Jeremiah’s friends and family frequently say he lit up the room wherever he goes. Jeremiah’s loved ones explain in interviews that he loves snowboarding, video games, and golfing. His friends add that he never misses a social event.

Jeremiah is believed to have been heading to work when he mysteriously vanished.

Jeremiah typically worked from home, but on the afternoon of July 21, 2015, he contacted his boss to let him know that he would be coming into the office the following day to get his computer fixed. Later that evening at approximately 8:00 pm, what is believed to be Jeremiah’s car, is seen on surveillance footage entering the parking lot of his apartment complex in Seattle, WA. The following morning, July 22, 2015, at 12:07 am, Jeremiah is seen once again on surveillance footage entering the apartment complex.

Later that morning, although there is no surveillance of Jeremiah leaving the apartment complex, at 7:02 am, an individual believed to be Jeremiah is seen on surveillance at the King Street Bus Station in Seattle, WA. The footage shows the individual, who is wearing a black backpack, walking down the stairs into a tunnel. Strangely, Jeremiah’s Orca card is not scanned on any bus or train in Seattle on this day. Even stranger, a glitch in the surveillance system caused a lack of approximately 15 minutes of footage, which coincidentally would have shown which direction Jeremiah went once he got into the tunnel.

When Jeremiah failed to show up to work, Oracle, the company he worked for, contacted authorities to request a welfare check. When police knocked on his apartment door, no one answered. When no one hears from or sees Jeremiah the following day, his sister posts about his disappearance on Facebook and files a missing persons report with the Seattle Police Department. On the same day that Jeremiah is reported missing, July 23, 2015, his cell phone sends a ping to a cell tower in downtown Seattle, WA. Authorities, unfortunately, have been unable to pinpoint a more precise location for his cell phone.

"Every day I think that this can't be real yet every day I wake up and it's real.” - Renay Charchan, Jeremiah’s mother.

Authorities begin searching for clues.

On July 30, 2015, police visited Jeremiah’s apartment and collected DNA as “a part of an investigation into his whereabouts”. Inside his apartment, authorities note that everything was seemingly in order and his bed had been made. Additionally, his car, a gray 2010 Subaru Outback Sport was parked in the apartment complex’s parking garage.

"He got up, got ready for work and fell off the planet. I just hope and pray every day that they'll be some sign." - Renay Charchan, Jeremiah’s mother.

"His apartment looked like he left for work. His work laptop was not there, everything looked fine, it just looked like somebody made the bed and went to work." - Philip Grin, Jeremiah’s friend.

Where the case stands today.

Authorities have been unable to find any evidence, means, or motive for foul play in Jeremiah’s disappearance. There haven’t been many promising leads or tips in his case, especially in recent years, according to investigators, and his case remains unsolved.

"I try and tell people: This isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. We want him home now, but we have to be prepared to keep fighting long-term, if it comes to that, because no matter how long it takes, we won't give up." - Jocelyn Ciombre, Jeremiah’s friend.

Jeremiah is described as a caucasian male with brown hair and brown eyes. He stands 6”2 tall and weighs approximately 220 lbs. Jeremiah was last seen wearing tan shorts, a green shirt with yellow writing on the front, a red baseball cap, and white socks and sandals. He usually shaves his head, wears reading glasses, and may go by the nickname ‘Jay’. If you have any information, please contact the Seattle Police Department at (206) 684-5426 or the Washington State Police’s Missing Persons Unit at (800) 543-5678.

"Do as much as you can," Coimbre said. "Spread the word with the hashtag (#FindFoco) , with a page, a tweet, whatever you can do." - Jocelyn Ciombre, Jeremiah’s friend.


  1. Date Missing:July 22, 2015
  2. Birthday:August 15, 1980
  3. Current Age:43
  4. Age at Incident:34
  5. NAMUS Number:MP29570
  6. Race:Caucasian / White
  7. Gender:Male
  8. Height:6'2"
  9. Weight:220 lbs
  10. Hair Color:Brown

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