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Ivory Henry III

A 28 year old Zaxby's manager is shot and killed at work in Florence, SC

  • Last updated: October 20, 2022
  • Florence, SC
  • May 9, 2015

Overview of Ivory Henry III

Ivory “Man” Henry III was a beloved son, husband and father of four.

Ivory was known by those who knew him to be a sweet, loving, kind, and humble person. Ivory was married to the love of his life, Angie, who he was raising four young children with. Ivory was a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and was known to have never bothered anyone, mostly keeping to himself. He prioritized family over everything,

"He was a loving, kind, humble, sweet-spirited person. As a teenager he was never in any trouble, never had any confrontations with anybody.” - Teresa Harley, Ivory’s aunt.
Ivory Henry III

Ivory reported to work overnight on May 9, 2015.

Ivory, who worked as a night shift manager at Zaxby’s, reported to work in Florence, SC at a Zaxby’s overnight on May 9, 2015. Ivory did not usually work at this location, but volunteered to help out at this restaurant on this specific evening. Some time after arriving, the last employee left the restaurant at 1:20 am, leaving Ivory alone inside.

Zaxby's restaurant where Ivory was working on the night of his death.

Sometime that night, Zaxby’s is robbed and Ivory is shot.

Sometime after the final employee left the restaurant, an unidentified suspect(s) entered and robbed the restaurant of an undisclosed amount of money. While inside, the suspect(s) shot Ivory multiple times, killing him instantly. Authorities determine that either the door had been left unlocked or that Ivory had let the suspect(s) inside voluntarily.

Authorities reported to the Zaxby's after a morning manager found Ivory's body.

Surveillance footage from a truck stop across the street shows a red truck or SUV that police believe may have been a getaway vehicle. Around 8:00 am that morning, the morning shift manager arrived at the restaurant and found Ivory inside.

"That person that you think you took? You didn't just take someone that works at Zaxby's. You didn't just take another person off the street. You took someone who wanted to change the world. You took somebody who loved his kids, his family, more than anything. You took my soulmate." - Angie Henry, Ivory’s wife.

Where the case stands today.

Today, it has been more than seven years since Ivory was senselessly murdered and his case remains unsolved. Authorities have said that they’ve polygraphed several potential persons of interest, though at this time they have no suspects.

"I don't know what to think. I'm still looking for some closure. Hopefully this will refresh somebody's memories and hopefully somebody will come forward with something.” - Angie Henry, Ivory’s wife.

If you have any information regarding Ivory’s case, please contact the Florence County Sheriff’s Office at (843) 665-2121.


  1. Date of Death:May 9, 2015
  2. Birthday:October 17, 1986
  3. Age at Incident:28
  4. Race:African-American / Black
  5. Gender:Male

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