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Harold Anthony

Two men gunned down in broad daylight

  • Last updated: September 14, 2022
  • Baton Rouge, LA
  • September 8, 2017

Overview of Harold Anthony

Harold Wayne Anthony was only 36 years old when he was killed. He was a son, father, brother, and friend to many people. He and his friend, Donovan Cummings, were chased down and murdered in broad daylight.

Harold and Donovan were renovating a home on Friday, 09/08/2017, at 2522 Thomas H. Delpit Dr. in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It had been one of the homes involved in the historic August 2016 floods that affected Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. Then, another disaster would occur three months later at that same address. Someone had set fire to the place, and investigators would rule it as arson. Needless to say, the house was in disarray and desperately needed repairs.

At about 9:45 that morning, as Harold and Donovan were working on the home, two to three men pulled up in a vehicle and began chasing them down; both men were shot. Harold was pronounced dead at the scene, and Donovan would die later that day in the hospital. Authorities would interview potential witnesses, but as usual with street code, no one saw a thing. Not even Harold Anthony's friend, David Walker, who lived on the same street as the home that they were working on. David kept insisting to authorities that he didn't know anything about the shooting when questioned. Several hours after the murders of Harold and Donovan, David Walker would end up dead himself, and authorities would now have three murders on their hands.

During the investigation, authorities discovered that Harold was involved in large-scale drug trafficking with an associate named Martrell Harris. They also learned that Harold's home in Greenwell Springs, Louisiana, was ransacked just hours after his murder. Surveillance footage at the house shows Martrell Harris, Harold's ex-girlfriend, Delita Jolla, and another man, Larry Smith, entering Harold's home. In the footage, Larry could be seen holding a crowbar as he entered the house. Martrell is then seen exiting the home with an unknown object he did not have when he went in. Multiple people told authorities that the item removed from the house was a pillowcase full of money. They believed the Harold Anthony and Donovan Cummings homicide suspects fled the scene in a gray or silver newer model Mazda CX-9. It would take several more years before authorities had enough to arrest Martrell Harris, Delita Jolla, and Larry Smith.

Only four days later, on 09/12/2017 at 2:00 in the morning, David Walker's home was set on fire and would also be ruled arson. While the fire and police personnel were on the scene, a man, Eric Earl Gray, kept trying to enter the home while it was actively on fire. After repeated warnings and the use of a stun gun, Eric was eventually arrested and charged with 2 counts of resisting an officer and one count of interfering with a firefighter. It is unknown why Eric was repeatedly trying to get inside the burning home.

Meanwhile, authorities were starting to piece together the timeline leading up to David Walker's death. On 09/08/2017, hours after Harold Anthony and Donovan Cummings were murdered, David Walker received a phone call from someone using a prepaid cellphone. The caller told him to go to 3615 Seneca Street, where he was found shot to death while sitting in his vehicle. That prepaid cellphone was eventually traced to Terrell Anthony, Harold Anthony's brother. It was rumored that David Walker had witnessed Harold and Donovan's shootings and Terrell Anthony was angry that David denied knowing anything about it. A confidential informant also told officers that David was lured to Seneca Street and shot to death by Terrell and his criminal associates.

Terrell Anthony was arrested on 10/11/2018 and charged with second-degree murder for the death of David Walker. However, sometime during the fall of 2019, he was released on a $300,000 bond. The judge also ordered that he be placed under house arrest and was required to wear a GPS ankle monitor. On or about 09/28/2019, Terrell removed the ankle monitor without notice. The company monitoring him should have been alerted and contacted the courts. However, no one noticed that he wasn't being tracked for nine days.

On that ninth day, 10/07/2019, Terrell drove to his ex-girlfriend's home in Watson, Louisiana, before she returned home from a weekend trip to Las Vegas. There, he found Jessica's two children and their nanny at home and took away their cell phones so they could not call for help. Terrell held them hostage and waited for approximately 11 hours until she returned home from her trip. Upon her arrival, he confronted her, and they began to argue. Terrell shot Jessica multiple times in front of her children. He continued shooting her while she was lying defenseless on the ground, then fled in her vehicle. Almost 24 hours later, Terrell turned himself in to authorities and was charged with first-degree murder for the killing of Jessica Clark.

While Terrell Anthony was back in jail and charged with the first-degree murder of Jessica Clark and the previous charge of second-degree murder of David Walker, authorities were still working on gathering evidence in the David Walker case.

During their investigation, authorities learned that Martrell Harris hired Dexter Collins as the hitman to shoot and kill David Walker. A witness claimed they saw money exchanged between someone and Dexter Collins for killing David. They claimed the motive for the killing was because David had firsthand knowledge of the shooting deaths of Harold Anthony and Donovan Cummings. As such, an arrest warrant was issued on 12/07/2019 for Martrell Harris. But Martrell would not turn himself in for another 15 months.

Dexter Collins was arrested on 02/06/2020 and charged with first-degree murder for David's death. However, the charges would not stick and would later be dropped due to a lack of evidence. Dexter would remain in custody as he was also charged with a separate alleged murder-for-hire plot in the shooting death of Lorenzo Dixon.

Lorenzo Dixon, aka Zoe Realla, was a well-known rapper throughout the Baton Rouge area. Around 2:00 pm on 04/22/2017, Lorenzo was sitting in a white Honda Accord outside a business at 4149 Winbourne Avenue in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Witnesses said masked individuals pulled up to the business in a gray Chevy Impala and started firing on Lorenzo. He was struck multiple times but still managed to get out of the car and onto the pavement. That's when they began firing at him again, at close range. Lorenzo was rushed to the hospital but would pass away from his injuries on 04/28/2017.

Authorities believed Martrell Harris ordered and paid the hits for multiple killings within the East Baton Rouge Parish, including Lorenzo's. The shooters named in Lorenzo's case were Dexter Collins and Patrick Carter, and the getaway driver was Kelvin Phillips.

A witness also claimed Dexter admitted that they were paid by the same person to shoot and kill Lorenzo Dixon and Jornell Keelen. Jornell is allegedly the person who lured Lorenzo to the crime scene and was also present when he was shot. However, a witness saw an argument between Dexter and Patrick where Dexter was mad at Patrick for not shooting and killing Jornell as he was shooting Lorenzo.

Kelvin Phillips was arrested on 02/06/2020, the same day as Dexter Collins, and charged with the first-degree murder of Lorenzo Dixon. Just like Dexter, the charges would also be dropped due to a lack of evidence in Lorenzo's murder.

In February 2021, Dexter Collins was released from jail due to a lack of evidence in the murder of Lorenzo Dixon and David Walker.

Martrell Harris finally turned himself in to Baton Rouge authorities on 03/17/2021. He was charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Lorenzo Dixon and David Walker. Yet again, he would be released less than two months later due to a lack of evidence in both cases.

In July 2021, The East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury found insufficient evidence to indict Marrell Harris for the murder of Lorenzo Dixon and David Walker. Less than a week later, Martrell Harris, Deleta Jolla, and Larry Smith were charged with simple burglary for breaking and entering Harold Anthony's home and taking a pillowcase full of money on 09/08/2017.

Terrell Anthony was initially indicted for the murder of David Walker, but those charges would later be dismissed after he was taken in to custody for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. On 09/06/2022, Terrell was found guilty of the murder of Jessica Clark and will be sentenced on 09/22/2022.

Where the case stands today

To date, no one has been charged for the shooting deaths of Harold Anthony, Donovan Cummings, and David Walker that occurred on 09/08/2017 and for the murder of Lorenzo Dixon on 04/28/2017.

The East Baton Rouge District Attorney said law enforcement agencies are still investigating the homicides. The grand jury will reconvene and re-evaluate the case if they uncover substantial new evidence. As for now, all cases are still open.


  1. Date Found:September 8, 2017
  2. Date of Death:September 8, 2017
  3. Age at Incident:36
  4. Race:African-American / Black
  5. Gender:Male

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