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Denise Ordene Frayley

Where is Denise?

  • Last updated: March 21, 2023
  • Cedar Rapids, IA
  • September 12, 1982

Overview of Denise Ordene Frayley

Denise was last seen alive at a party. Born Denise Stark on February 4th, 1952, Denise was a popular, valedictorian cheerleader. She meet her husband dave when she moved to Cedar Rapids in 1970 to live with her grandmother. She and her husband Dave were recently working through some marital issues and wanted to perform live music at a gathering in Cedar Rapids. They had a rocky, unhappy marriage rife with custody battles, legal issues, and alleged ties to the mafia for drug trafficking. Dave Frayley was hesitant to report her missing. He provided a slew of excuses for her dissappearance when questioned. He claimed that she ran away with a band, that she was hiding from the mafia after taking their drugs and money, or that she had wanted a fresh start on life. He was not quick to report Denise missing, so the case remained off police radar for over a month. Whenever someone called the landline for Denise, he'd simply hang up or say she was busy. This odd behavior led Denise's mother Nadine to file a missing persons' report about her over a month later after being unable to reach her. There is little to no information about evidence, leads, or Denise's current location. But family and friends suspect it has been Dave all along, and that his motive was to prevent Denise from getting full custody of their child, Hayley Jo.

If you have any tips, please call Cedar Rapids PD at (319) 286-5491.


  1. Date Missing:September 12, 1982
  2. Birthday:February 4, 1952
  3. Current Age:72
  4. Age at Incident:30
  5. NAMUS Number:17088
  6. Race:Caucasian / White
  7. Gender:Female
  8. Height:5'4
  9. Weight:115 pounds
  10. Hair Color:Brown

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