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Christine Marcelin

A 15 year old girl is found murdered 3 days after her boyfriend was shot to death

  • Last updated: June 17, 2022
  • New Orleans, LA
  • April 30, 2012

Overview of Christine Marcelin

Christine Domonique Marcelin was a 15 year old student in the 8th grade who played the clarinet and saxophone. She was a mentor at an afterschool program, had dreams of starting a non-profit, and hoped to become a veterinarian one day.

It was a Friday evening on 04/27/2012 when Christine met up with Brandon, her boyfriend, at Sampson Park. While at the park, Christine stated that Brandon got into an argument with 2 young men. They were bullying him and telling him he wasn't from there and wasn't welcome there. Christine said that Brandon just ignored them. After a couple of hours had passed, Eric, Brandon's older brother, showed up at the park to get Brandon to go home. They parted ways, and Christine said she watched as the two brothers walked away before heading to her friend or cousin's house. On their walk home, 2 masked men ambushed the brothers and shot at both of them, killing Brandon. Christine went to Brandon's home to comfort his mother and family the following day. That Sunday, they also held a vigil in Brandon's name. It was late Sunday evening when Christine reached out to her family because she needed a ride home. Eventually, Christine contacted them again and told them that she was going to catch a ride with Eric and he would drop her off at home after they picked up Eric's great aunt. However, Christine never made it home that night.

On Monday morning, around 7 am, a homeless person happened upon a dead body in a heavily wooded area on Fortier Blvd. The deceased person did not have an ID on the body, but police soon learned that it was that of 15 year old Christin Marcelin, Brandon Adam's girlfriend. Eric was charged with Christine's murder, but the jury acquitted him on all counts except for hiding a cell phone.

Eric Adams, Brandon's older brother, was the prime suspect in Christine's murder. Authorities believed that Eric kidnapped, then killed Christine as payback since he felt she set Brandon up and blamed her for his murder. Jailhouse informants also played a part in the trial and knew that Eric was good for Christine's death as they noted that Eric bragged about killing her. Eric was charged with second-degree kidnapping, second-degree murder, conspiracy to commit second-degree murder, and obstruction of justice and was facing life in prison. He was accused of lying to authorities when he deliberately provided detectives with the wrong cellphone when served with a search warrant. Eric was ultimately acquitted on all charges, except for the obstruction of justice charge. He was given 20 years in prison, and, to date, his cell phone has never been found. There have been no other suspects in this case.


  1. Date Found:April 30, 2012
  2. Date of Death:April 30, 2012
  3. Birthday:April 8, 1997
  4. Age at Incident:15
  5. Race:African-American / Black
  6. Gender:Female

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