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Anna Maciejewska

Could newly uncovered text messages solve this strange disappearance?

  • Last updated: January 31, 2024
  • Malvern, PA
  • April 12, 2017

Overview of Anna Maciejewska

Anna was a kindhearted, lovable mother who would do anything for anyone.

Anna Maciejewska emigrated from Poland in 1997 to continue her education at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, pursuing a master’s degree in actuarial mathematics. Anna was knowledgeable and held 2 bachelor's degrees from Warsaw University. Anna followed her boyfriend over from Poland, but they ended the relationship when she started a job at ING now known as Voya Financial. Shortly after, Anna met her husband Allen Gould during a ski trip in the 2000s and the pair married in 2006.

Anna’s parents describe their marriage as a happy one, but a miscarriage in 2016 took a toll on Anna’s mental health and the relationship. Anna didn’t feel supported by her husband as most of his attention was going to their at the time, four-year-old son.

Anna’s four-year-old son was the light of her life, and before her disappearance, Anna was working to get a Polish passport so he could spend more time with Anna’s family, whom she visited as often as she could. However, Anna’s friends say that Allen was unhappy with this plan and did not want his son to obtain dual citizenship. Prior to her disappearance, Anna was finding strength in support groups, facing emotional battles that even her closest friends and coworkers weren't aware of.

The days leading up to Anna’s disappearance.

On March 28th, 2017 Anna called her mother and said she wanted to fly to Poland to surprise her dad for his birthday on March 30th. Anna was planning to bring her 4-year-old son and Anna’s husband, Allen, was also thinking about joining. Anna told her parents she would let them know the details about her trip within the next day, but on March 29th, Anna sent a text message to her parents saying that she was unable to come to Poland. The text was sent in Polish and reads “Sorry. I can’t come. Kisses, Anna.”

On March 30, Anna’s father gets a text message from Anna that translates to “Daddy, wishing you a happy birthday, we love you. Anna, Allen, and (son.)” The text message was sent in broken Polish, with many mistakes not typical of Anna, considering Polish was her native tongue.

“We think the text message was not written by Anna..”. says Anna’s mother, Janina.

In the following days, Anna’s mother tries to get in contact with Anna but is unsuccessful, and Allen tells her that Anna is sick and will call her back when she is feeling better. From April 3rd to April 7th, Anna does not show up for work at Voya Financial. Anna sent text messages to her manager, letting him know that she was sick and would not be coming in to work that week, but coworkers said it was unusual of Anna to take off many days in a row without at least calling.

On April 10, Allen stated that Anna was feeling better to return to work, but left the house panicked and in a rush. However, Anna failed to show up for work after leaving the house that morning. Concerned that something more was going on, Anna's manager contacted the police to do a welfare check, but they found no one was home, not even Allen. The next day, on April 11, after still not hearing from Anna, her manager reported her missing to the Pennsylvania State Police.

That same day, Allen called Anna’s parents and informed them that Anna failed to return home from work the previous evening and he hadn’t seen or heard from her but did not want to report her missing yet. On April 12, 2017, Allen reported his wife missing to the police.

Anna’s car is found abandoned.

Initial investigation into Anna’s disappearance found that her phone, wallet, and passport never left her home the morning of April 10, unusual for Anna. Anna’s friends decided to make a Facebook page to see if anyone in the surrounding area had seen anything that could help find Anna, but Allen was strongly against this idea and refused to participate in any social media posts relating to Anna.

Almost a month after her disappearance, on May 8th, Anna’s 2011 navy blue Audi A4 is found abandoned in the parking lot of a walking trail in the Charlestown Meadows Development — a private community. Anna's car was found backed into the parking space which friends say is out of the ordinary for Anna. Police searched the car and walking trails but found no traces of her. Multiple ground searches within the community came up empty as well. On July 20, Anna and Allen’s home was searched. Allen cooperated with the search but no leads emerged from this.

Anna’s disappearance becomes a homicide investigation.

Despite investigators releasing little details about the case, by 2018, Anna's disappearance became a homicide investigation rather than a missing person's case.

Investigators gained a search warrant for Anna’s second home being used as storage in January of 2019. That same month, police revealed that they believed Anna was a victim of a homicide, with her husband, Allen, being the primary person of interest.

Where the case stands today.

Allen stopped cooperating with the police early into the investigation and without the information he has regarding Anna, this case is unable to move forward.

“I still have hope. In Poland we say ‘hope dies last’…”

Anna’s family still has hope that Anna is alive somewhere and despite her parent's health declining, they are still fighting for answers and justice for their daughter.

Anna’s case is still unsolved and her body has not been found. Anna is described as 5’4” tall, weighing 160 lbs., with brown shoulder-length hair, and hazel-colored eyes. Anna’s family and Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers are offering $30,000 for any information that leads to an arrest, conviction, or identification of the individuals responsible for Anna’s disappearance.

If you know something regarding Anna’s disappearance, please contact the Pennsylvania State Police at (610) 486-6280.


  1. Date Missing:April 12, 2017
  2. Age at Incident:43
  3. NAMUS Number:MP38570
  4. Race:White / Caucasian
  5. Gender:Female
  6. Height:64
  7. Weight:160
  8. Hair Color:Brown


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