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Unidentified Person

2003 King County Jane Doe

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  • Last updated: March 13, 2023
  • Kent, WA
  • August 21, 2003

Overview of 2003 King County Jane Doe

The decedent, known as Jane Doe "B20", is a victim of serial killer Gary Leon Ridgway. She is one of four Ridgway has admitted killing but whose remains are unidentified.

In August 2003, Ridgway directed investigators to the 24000 block of Kent-Des Moines Road. Extensive search yielded about 25-30 scattered bones and three teeth in a ravine off the road.

Scientists concluded that the decedent's body was dumped at the site close to 30 years ago.

Based on Ridgway's recollections and other evidence, investigators believe that the decedent was 16-26 years old, white or of mixed race, thin or medium build, and had shoulder-length light brown hair.

The investigator speculated that the decedent might have been an "experimental" killing for Ridgway as he escalated from assault to murder. The investigator also believes the decedent may not have been a prostitute, which could explain why Ridgway had been reluctant to explain more about the murder.

In a video recording of an interview, Ridgway said he believed he killed the decedent in 1982 or 1983, but he could have killed her in the 1970s. He said he picked her up somewhere on Pacific Highway South, then brought her home. The next day, he brought her to a spot near the Kent-Des Moines Road, just east of Military Road South, and buried her, naked, after digging a makeshift grave with a shovel. Ridgway said he believed she was 16 to 20 years old.

Ridgeway pled guilty to the decedent's murder in 2004.

Estimated Date of Death: 30 years prior State of Remains: Not recognizable - Partial skeletal parts only Cause of Death: Unknown

Dentals: Unknown Fingerprints: Unavailable DNA: Unknown

Clothing: None Jewelry: None Additional Personal Items: None

The Doe Network Case Number: 1699UFWA


  1. Date Found:August 21, 2003
  2. NAMUS Number:9930
  3. Race:Unknown
  4. Gender:Female
  5. Height:Unknown
  6. Weight:Unknown
  7. Hair Color:Unknown
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