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Unidentified Person

1997 Marshall County John Doe

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  • Last updated: March 21, 2023
  • April 15, 1997

Overview of 1997 Marshall County John Doe

The decedent's dismembered body was found in a remote area northwest of Arab in a creek off Eagle Rock Drive. The hands, feet, head, spleen, and heart had been cut off and out of the victim. The body, described as "moderately decomposed", was believed to have been stabbed or shot, then dumped at the location found. His legs were bound together near the ankles with rope and wire ties. The head, hands, and feet were probably removed with some type of saw but medical examiners believe a more surgical-type skill was used to remove the heart and spleen. It is possible that he was not officially reported missing. Detectives believe the organs were removed from the body because there were wounds located there and the killer wanted to destroy potential evidence. It is also believed that the decedent was at the location where found for no more than 3 days prior to being found but that the decomposition didn't occur on the creek bank. He was killed, and decomposed somewhere else prior to being dumped at the site. The Marshall County Sheriff's Office has partnered with Parabon, a company that uses DNA to predict a person's appearance.

Estimated Date of Death: Possibly one week prior State of Remains: Decomposed with traumatic injuries Cause of Death: Stabbed or shot

Dentals: Unavailable Fingerprints: Unavailable DNA: Available; nuclear and mitochondrail DNA entered into CODIS

Clothing: Blue, green, and gray vertically striped Faded Glory short sleeve, pullover shirt; Levi Strauss 501 jeans, 32x30 Jewelry: Unknown. Additional Personal Items: Unknown.

The Doe Network Case Number:  1702UMAL


  1. Date Found:April 15, 1997
  2. NAMUS Number:888
  3. Race:White
  4. Gender:Male
  5. Height:5'9"
  6. Weight:120 lbs.
  7. Hair Color:Strawberry Blond/ Sandy/ Reddish.
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