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Unidentified Person

1987 King County John Doe

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  • Last updated: March 14, 2023
  • Washington Ship Canal, WA
  • June 15, 1987

Overview of 1987 King County John Doe

The victim was found floating in the Lake Washington Ship Canal quarter-mile west of the Aurora Bridge. He shopped or dined in Fremont shortly before his death. The owner of M&S Deli on North 36th Street remembered seeing the man come into the store alone two or three times, he thought the man lived in the area because he never saw him driving a car. There was no wallet, identification or watch. He could have been robbed, or it could have been a gangland hit. Because his clothes were not ripped it is believed he did not jump from the bridge. Police think the man was murdered, although accidental drowning is listed as the cause of death because there were no wounds or evidence to prove otherwise.

Estimated Date of Death: Unknown State of Remains: Unknown Cause of Death: Drowning

Dentals: Not available. Fingerprints: Unknown DNA: Unknown

Clothing: He was wearing designer clothing: a light blue long-sleeve Monte Carlo shirt, Jon Peters black wool trousers with a black belt and reversible yellow metal buckle, dark-brown socks and Florsheim mahogany dress shoes size 9E. Jewelry: Unknown Additional Personal Items: Unknown

The Doe Network Case Number: 369UMWA


  1. Date Found:June 15, 1987
  2. NAMUS Number:N/A
  3. Race:Caucasian / White
  4. Gender:Male
  5. Height:5'8"
  6. Weight:180 lbs
  7. Hair Color:Dark brown
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