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Unidentified Person

1978 Pierce County Jane Doe

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  • Last updated: March 12, 2023
  • Eatonville, WA
  • August 29, 1978

Overview of 1978 Pierce County Jane Doe

Two fishermen found a skull southwest of Eatonville on the north side of Mashell River where it crosses Mt. Highway. Investigators found additional remains and clothing.

Missing persons cases were compared with the unidentified case without success.

It isn't clear what happened to the remains. There is no indication in the Sheriff's Office records and the Coroner's records on the case are missing. The remains and clothing were destroyed on May 10, 1985.

There is speculation that the remains belong to Donna Gail Manson, a victim of serial killer Ted Bundy. Manson disappeared in 1974 from Olympia, Washington and wore similar clothing to this unidentified female. She could not conclusively be identified as Manson, yet could not be excluded based on dental records.

Despite the similarity with the clothing and some features, Manson was reportedly shorter. Bundy also claimed to have destroyed Manson's skull.

Estimated Date of Death: 1976 - 1978 State of Remains: Partial skeletal Cause of Death: Possible homicide

Dentals: Available: Mandible not recovered. Fingerprints: Not available. DNA: Not available.

Clothing: Blue sweater with pink shoulders and a zipper in front, Pat, On The Back multi-colored striped T-shirt with button front. Colored stripes consist of red, yellow, white, green, two shades of blue, black, and lavender. Blue denim pants, green Sportscaster windbreaker jacket with inside pockets (size medium), panties (size 7), and blue Trax tennis shoes with white chevron (Size 6). Jewelry: Unknown Additional Personal Items: Marlboro cigarette pack.

The Doe Network Case Number: 917UFWA


  1. Date Found:August 29, 1978
  2. NAMUS Number:5706
  3. Race:Caucasian / White
  4. Gender:Female
  5. Height:5'7"
  6. Weight:Unknown
  7. Hair Color:Brown with blonde highlights
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