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Tammy Mahoney

Missing since May 8, 1981, from Oneida, New York

This 19-year-old had big dreams of becoming a veterinarian.  She was working as an animal groomer, but without a car, she had to hitchhike back and forth to work.  Five days before she vanished, she had quit her job because it was becoming too much for her.  Not wanting to share this with her boyfriend, she continued to go about her day as if she was still working.  On May 8, 1981, she was seen with a group of 4 men who gave her a ride to the Oneida Indian National Territory.  It is believed that she was sexually assaulted and murdered; however, law enforcement has been unable to recover her body. View the digital case file  


Daniel Barter

Missing since June 18, 1959, from Perdido Bay, Alabama

What started off as a fun and exciting family camping trip to Perdido Bay, Alabama, turned out to be a mystery that has yet to be solved. Daniel was last seen on the morning of July 18, 1959. He was barefoot and still wearing the clothing he slept in—gray boxer shorts.  Even though the area was searched extensively, no sign of Danny could be found.  Did Danny wander off or could he have been abducted by the stranger caught lurking around the Barter home just a month before? View the digital case file 


Blake Chappell

Murdered on October 16, 2011, in Newnan, Georgia

 At just 17 years old, Blake was the apple of his mother’s eye.  He was hilarious with an infectious laugh, easygoing, was always willing to help the people he cared about, and he always saw the best in people. Blake had just spent the “best night of his life” with his girlfriend at the East Coweta High School homecoming dance.  When Blake was not at his friend’s house the next morning, a search was launched to find him.  It wasn’t until two months later that he would be found wearing only an undershirt and underwear with a gunshot wound to the head.  What happened to Blake that night? View the digital case file 


Athena Curry

Missing since May 27, 2011, from Atlanta, GA

Athena Joy Curry was a mother, sister, daughter, and friend. Athena was the youngest of five siblings and enjoyed playing softball and running track. She was only 20 years old at the time of her disappearance.  The night that she disappeared, Athen and her young son were staying with her boyfriend, Yusef.  The pair had a tumultuous relationship and Yusef had been arrested in the past for hitting Athena.  Early in the morning of Yusef and Athena reportedly had an argument and Athena left, on foot, from the home.  She has not been seen since. View the digital case file 


Brent Gutheinz

Murdered in June 1997 in Van Alstyne, Texas

Brent was an incredibly energetic and outgoing person.  Unfortunately, his life came to an abrupt end.  In late June of 1997, a fisherman found Brent’s burnt body under a bridge near Squirrel Creek, near Van Alstyne. His body had been burned and mutilated: Brent’s lower jaw had been removed and was missing, as were his upper teeth, his spleen, and one kidney.  He was last seen alive three days before while running errands and going to the gym. View the digital case file  


Kathy Luongo-Nicastro

Missing since May 19, 1984, from Warwick, Rhode Island 

Kathy was 28 when she was murdered. She had been married two years and had a young son. She was energetic, very healthy, outgoing, a talented seamstress and her friends say she was an incredible mother.  Her husband told police that he and Kathy had an argument the day she went missing—she wanted to go out that night, but he did.  Kathy was reportedly considering a divorce.  Kathy’s car was found a few days later abandoned.  She has not been seen since. View the digital case file  


Libby Caswell

Died under suspicious circumstances on  December 11, 2017, in Independence, Missouri

Is it suicide or murder?  Experts in the field of strangulation say Libby was murdered; police ruled it a suicide. Elizabeth “Libby” Caswell was a bright, energetic, loving young woman. On the day of her death, Libby was staying with her on-again-off-again boyfriend in a motel.  Neighbors report hearing a scuffle and a woman saying “Please stop hurting me.” Her boyfriend, Devon, leaves unexpectedly and calls 911 to report she ended her life by hanging herself. An autopsy contradicts the story that Devon told to the police. Devon has been known to act violently towards Libby in the past. View the digital case file  


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