There are more than 200K unsolved cases of the murdered and missing in the US. Here is a snapshot of cases added this week to our growing interactive database by the Uncovered team and community.

Visit these case pages and help crowdsource gaps in the public timelines, contribute sources, or provide feedback on data collection. All cases have ways you can easily contribute information listed. Your help to piece together details can help uncover answers. You can make an immediate impact by sharing these cases with your network, and help keep their stories in the public which will help lead to more information.

Khoi Vu

Missing since April 7, 2007, in Vancouver, WA
A 25-year-old man with developmental disabilities disappears from his home in the middle of the night on foot. View the digital case file 


Erica Hunt

Murdered in Opelousas, LA
A young mother vanishes from a family barbecue on 4th of July weekend in 2016. Two years later her remains are found while searching for another missing person. View the digital case file 


Patricia Wagner

Missing since October 20, 1972, in New Jersey City, NJ
A young mother of two children, Patrica left for a date with a man named Dennis and never returned. View the digital case file 


Nancy Medina

Missing since August 3, 1984, in Oklahoma City, OK
Nancy made plans to meet up with her oldest daughter in August of 1984. After dropping her children off at a babysitter, Nancy was never seen again. View the digital case file 


Vincent Grant

Murdered on September 22, 2016, in Indianapolis, IN
On an early morning in fall 2016, Vincent along with his friend Victoria Valdez were murdered in Victoria’s home. Their bodies wouldn’t be discovered until later that evening by a friend of Victoria’s son. View the digital case file 


Phoenix Coldon

Missing since December 18, 2011, in Spanish Lake, MO
A young woman’s car was found abandoned in the middle of the road with the door open. Some have speculated that she was a victim of human trafficking, while others think she may have voluntarily disappeared. View the digital case file 


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