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Christine Marie Eastin

Missing since January 18, 1971, in Hayward, California

On the evening of January 18, 1971, Christine told her parents that she was going to wash her car, a 1969 Ford Maverick, which she was borrowing from her ex-boyfriend, George Sponsel, before going to pick him up at his job at a local Jack In The Box.  Christine never arrived at George’s house. Her car was found the following morning at a car wash with all her personal belongings inside the vehicle. Police suspect foul play. View the digital case file 


Pravin Varughese

Murdered in February 2014, in Carbondale, Illinois

Pravin left a party on February 12, 2014, with another Southern Illinois University student, Gaege Bethunem. Later that night, Gaege’s truck is found pulled over on the shoulder of Illinois Route 13 by a State Trooper.Gaege, already outside of the car, tells the officer he had been in a fight with another individual who was intoxicated, and that the other person had just run off into the woods. Dashcam footage shows the state trooper spoke with Gaege for 10 minutes, did a light foot-search but turned up empty-handed, and left the scene without filing a report. Pravin is found 5 days later.  An autopsy indicates  there are 22 injuries on Pravin’s body, and that the underlying cause of death is “significant blunt force trauma to the head.” View the digital case file 


Tyarra Williams

Missing since January 7, 2016, from Greensboro, North Carolina

Tyarra Williams was kind, nurturing, and had a big heart. She had decided in her junior year of high school that she wanted to work with children, specifically those with special needs as she felt like she could give them the love and compassion they deserve. On the evening of January 7, 2016, Tyarra told her boyfriend that she was going to meet a friend, Travis, who lived within the apartment complex, and that she would return within an hour. She has not been seen since. View the digital case file 


Janteyl Johnson

Missing since February 3, 2010, from Newark, Deleware

Like any other 15 year old, Janteyl Danielle Johnson had big dreams, specifically of going to beauty school in Philadelphia to train to be a hairstylist.  It was surprising then when Janteyl seemingly disappeared after school one day.  Janteyl called her mother at around noon to let her know that she wasn’t feeling well, and would be leaving the school to go home and rest. Janteyl was planning on going back to the school later in the day for some after-school activities before she would be picked up by her brother so they could go meet their mother in Philadelphia to attend a church service. Tragically, something would happen between the time Janteyl arrived at her home and when her brother arrived home. View the digital case file 


Margaret Ellen Fox

Missing since June 24, 1974, from Mount Holly, New Jersey

On June 18, 1974, Margaret and her cousin placed an ad in the local newspaper to offer their babysitting services, which read “BABYSITTERS – Experienced. Teen girls. Love Kids. Work at your house. Later that day, Margaret received a phone call from the same man, who identified himself as John Marshall, and requested that Margaret babysit his 5-year-old son starting that Friday, offering $40 a week for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. Margaret boarded a bus to go to the job but was never seen again. View the digital case file 


Cayce Lynn McDaniel

Missing since July 14, 1982, from Milan, Tennessee

Cayce Lynn McDaniel, 14,  had just completed her first day as a freshman at Milan High School in Tennessee. That night, there was a back-to-school party at the Double Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Milan, TN. Cayce attended and was driven home by a family friend. When her mom arrived later, she would find the back door ajar and Cayce was gone. It wasn’t until the next day, August 17, that Cindy couldn’t get a hold of Cayce at friends’ homes or by calling that she grew worried, and reported Cayce missing to the police. View the digital case file 


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